A Wet Story... shower time. ;)

After weeks of exchanging emails, and the occasional hottt phone call, you tell me to be at your house at 2pm on Tuesday. You've taken the day off, and your man is going to be out of town. You tell me to ring the door bell when I arrive, the door will be unlocked, and that I should let myself in and find you.

A bit nervous, excited, aroused, and unsure, I look up the address you gave me and make my way. I drive over to your house. Park on the street. One last check of my breath as I walk up to your front door. I ring the bell. I check the door and it's indeed unlocked, just as you described. I enter and call for you. No answer. I walk to the kitchen and see a note telling me how to find you. "I'm all wet. Search for me and you will find water." My senses are tingling and I set out to look for you. I look downstairs and find it empty. I cautiously walk up the stairs and can hear the shower running. I enter your bedroom and see the blinds drawn and candles lit. I walk into the bathroom and see you through the shower door. Your body is a silhouette through the glass and you look amazing. you see me and say, "there's room for two in here." Accepting the invitation, I undress as quick as I can.

There you stand. We say "hi" as our eyes meet for the first time. Standing before each other, we take a moment our eyes scan each other's bodies. A smile appears on my face, as I see you bit your lower lip as you stare at my fully erect friend. I think he's happy to meet you. Feeling a bit cold, I move closer to you to share the water from the shower. "gonna share?" My hands rest on the small of your back as we stand just inches from each other. You feel my hardon touch your belly. I lean in for our first kiss. Our lips meet, and the nervousness washes away and passion takes over.

You move closer, pressing your naked body against mine, as our tongues explore each other's mouth. Your soft skin feels soo good against me, and I can't help put run my hands up and down your back, caressing your ass, neck, and back.

I kiss down your neck, as you let out a gasp. I move lower to your chest and find your perky tits. You feel my mouth, lips, tongue, hungrily envelope your left nipple. I suck, pull, nibble on it, and I feel it harden between my lips. I then move over to your right breast. Licking all around it until I reach your nipple. Spending time here proves fruitful, as I feel your hands on the back of my head, holding me in place and I hear your soft moans over the sounds of the shower. I nibble, lick, kiss my way down your stomach. Your flesh tastes soo good, as water from the shower dribbles down your skin.

I kneel down on the shower floor, and lean in to kiss around your pelvis area. You lean back against the wall, as i pull your left leg up onto my right shoulder. Your wanton spot is now exposed to me and I kiss a further down. I kiss, nibble, tug as your freshly trimmed pubic hair. You tilt your hips to meet my hungry mouth. I move past your hott spot to your left inner thigh. I then move to your right inner thigh. Teasing you, as each time I pass right over your honey hole. You next feel the tip of my tongue parting your sweet lips. I drag my tongue all the way up, gently passing right over your now throbbing little nub. then again, I do the same thing. Parting your lips even wider; they open as pedals on a flower. This time I dip my tongue a bit deeper in you and for the first time I taste your sweetness. This makes my dick throb. I drag my tongue up to your clit and with just the tip, I begin to steadily lick it. First up and down, up and down, up and down. Then, right to left, left to right, right to left, left to right. I hear you moan with approval. I then circle just the base of your nub. round and round; clockwise. A little faster now, round and round. Then I place my lips around your swollen nub. Pursing them, I suck your clit into my mouth. You feel the tip of my tongue dance across the top of it. You squirm, then start to grind your pussy against my chin and mouth. I try to keep up, as flatten my tongue against your throbbing nub, letting your grind against me. Your breathing is rapid. Your chest is reddened, and your fingers are digging into the back of my head holding me in place as you fuck my face. You then pull away, and say "I need you. I need it inside of me." Just then I push two of my fingers deep into you. You throw your head back and gasp as my fingers pump in and out of your tight, hott, wet pussy. You feel my fingers rub your little spongy spot, making your g-spot swell. In and out. My tongue reaches out to tickle your clit. Fingers in and out, I feel your body tighten, as you let out a sigh of pure pleasure. The first wave hits you, and I move away, keeping my fingers buried deep inside of you. I watch as another wave washes over. Your eyes are tightly shut. holding your breath, then gasping as the wave crashes. Your whole body twitches, convulses, and writhes in pure pleasure. I stand up and hold you, as you come back down to earth, panting and trying to catch your breath.

I hungrily kiss your mouth and you can taste some of your sweetness. My cock is dying for attention and you instinctively reach down and grab a hold of it and give a few rhythmic tugs. I hear a groan and realize it came from me. I spin you around and you place your hands on the wall in front of you. You point your ass up at me. That's all the invitation I need as with one hand on your hip, and the other on my dick, I guide it inside of you. Slowly sinking inch after inch deeper and deeper in you. Filling your still quivering hole. With both hands on your hips, you feel my red hot dick pull out, then drive back in. We both moan as the feelings are just too overwhelming. Gawd your pussy feels soo good wrapped around my tool. I find a slow pace. Pushing in and pulling out. In and out. I pick up the speed and with each thrust I slap against your wet ass cheeks. in and out. Each stroke more powerful than the last. You grunt with pleasure as my cock pistons powerfully in and out of your pussy. The pace quickens, and I hear a low guttural moan from you. I think you're on the verge of cumming again. I reach up and play with your nipples. I one of your hands come off the way, and go in between your legs to vigorously rub your clit. In and out. I feel my balls begin to tighten as I cross into the point of no return. Just then your toes curl as another set of waves overcome you. One last thrust, pushing deep into you, I feel your pussy walls spasm around me, and then I can't hold it anymore and let go. You feel hot spurt of my seed splash inside of you as my cock swells and twitches inside of you. Holding you in place, tight against me, as I continue to cum, filling your hole with my jizz. I pull you up, and with my cock still buried, hold you tight against me.

Breathless, and still lingering twitches, I'm able to say "hi. It's very nice to meet you."
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3 years ago
Love your story1 You are so talented . I felt your cock inside me ... mmmm