Tease, you finally said Yes to Anal...

I’ve always found you sexy and attractive. Your curves in all the right places make my pecker come to life. Tonight was a special night, and I can’t believe what you whispered in my ear earlier this morning. I haven’t been able to keep my mind off of you, and what you whispered, all day.

The morning was no different than most weekday mornings. Shower, shave, quick breakfast, and as we shared the plans for the day over a cup of coffee, you seemed to have this devilish look in your eyes. I didn’t know what you were thinking, but I loved how you looked at me over the rim of your coffee cup when you took another sip. It was as if you were undressing me with your eyes. It was turning me on. Then as I finished the last drop of my coffee, I stood to grab my car keys. Walked over to you to give you a quick kiss before I headed out the door. As I lean down, you give me more than just a peck on the lips. There was definitely more passion. You then pulled away and looked me in the eyes and whispered, “Tonight, I was you to deflower my ass.” My jaw almost hit the floor. I couldn’t believe what I heard. All I could do was smile and walk away wondering how am I going to make it through the day with a raging hardon. “See you tonight, sexy.”

I had been asking her to try anal for the past year, each time she said “no way”. She told me it would hurt too much. It wasn’t that she didn’t like anal play. When I would eat her out, she would squirm when my finger would lazily, but deliberately, circle her puckered asshole. Occasionally, I’d slip half the length of my finger inside. She’d love it, but the idea of my 7” cock buried deep in her arse, was not her idea of a good time.

“What changed?”, I thought to myself. Who cares. This is going to awesome. The day was a blur. From one meeting to the next, I couldn’t keep my mind from wandering. How will her tight ass receive my cock? How good is going to feel being buried balls deep into her once forbidden hole. Finally, 5pm arrived and it was time to get home. Needless to say, I drove to her place pretty darn quick.

Walking in, I expect you to be waiting at the door like a puppy. If you were as turned on as I was, all damn day, I’d be waiting at the door for you. But you weren’t there. I say… “Hi. You here?” I hear your reply from down the hall, “I’m in the tub. Come here.” I walk in and see you in the middle of taking a bubble bath. The half of a bottle of wine tells me you’ve been here for awhile. You look at me as I admire your soft wet skin with that same look as this morning. You look down and see my dick straining against my pants. “Aw poor thing. Have you had that ‘infliction’ all day?” you say with a devilish smile, knowing full well that with what you told me this morning, I’d be a walking hardon. “Yup. All I can think about is you. All day.”

I sit on the side of the tub and take a sip of your wine. You tell me, “well, I got home early, and decided to relax and get in the mood for what’s coming next.” I reach into the warm water and gently fondle your nearest tit. You moan and tell me “my freshly, and completely, shaved pussy has been wet all day. It’s taken all my energy not to pull out my toys and play with myself.” I reply, “I’m glad you waited”, and with that, I give your nipple a slight pinch. You moan. My cock throbs. Thankfully, you reach over and unzip my pants. “Take those off, baby.” You don’t have to tell me twice, and I strip naked as fast as I can. I sit back down next to you and you take my cock in your hand and start to stroke it. Your hand is wet and warm from the bath water. I lean down and our lips meet. Hot passionate kiss. My hand goes under water and finds your legs spread open. I cup your pussy and rub it in time with the stroking of my dick. You tell me to stop, because you want to cum with my cock in your ass. I say “you will baby, but I want you to cum for me now too.” I focus on your clit with my thumb as two fingers slide inside of your aching pussy. You moan, “oh yessss” and begin to stroke me faster. I find your g spot and hit it with each thrust of my two fingers fucking you. My thumb remains firmly against your clit, and you can’t help be rock your hips in time with me. I sense you’re getting close as you rub my cock even faster. Then with your free hand you grab my hand and hold it against your pussy, keeping my fingers buried deep. I feel the walls inside of you spasm. The hand around my dick squeezes me tightly, as if you’re hanging on from slipping into the water.

I’m always amazed when I see you cum. Your chest becomes flushed, eyes tightly shut, mouth gaping, as wave after wave of pleasure washes over you. As you come back to earth, you ask me to get you a towel. Time to get out of the tub. As you stand there, water dripping from every inch of your body, I can't help but stare at your puffy pussy lips. My cock throbs seeing your wet, naked body.

After drying off, you lead me to the bed. Laying next to you, we being passionate kissing and you flip me onto my back and straddle my stomach. You sit up and say, "I want to feel your rock hard cock in my ass." You reach behind you and find my shaft and start stroking it. "Yes, baby, I want this stiff, throbbing dick, balls deep inside of me." You know that every time you talk dirty like that, my cock swells. Rubbing my cock faster now, you say, "I want it, and I want it now".

Flipping you off of me, I have you get on all fours. Moving behind you, I see your pretty puckered little rosebud wink at me, but what I'm after is the cleanly shaven pussy.

Leaning down behind you, you feel my tongue drag up between your puffy pussy lips. You let out a moan. Tasting your wetness makes my cock jump. Nibbling on your soft ass cheeks, and giving your once forbidden asshole a lick, I can't seem to get enough. You look back and say "feed me. Feed me that cock."

You then feel my cock drag between your pussy lips and as I pause against your hole, you push back and my dick enters. We both moan. You are so wet and hot that I enter you with ease. I push another couple of inches in. "Gawd you feel good baby."

But that's not the goal. I need to deflower that ass. I push all the way in, and with my hands I grab both of your tits pulling you up to me. Our lips meet and we hungrily kiss as my cock stays firmly buried in your hottt twat. I pull my cock out, and you go back to all fours. I grab the tube of lube sitting on the side table. I liberally squirt a big load of lube on your asshole. Then I lean down and begin to lick your pussy again. This time you feel my finger start to circle your puckered asshole, working the lube. I push in a knuckle deep inside of you and you moan with approval. I start to focus my tongue on your clit and I sink my whole finger inside your hot ass. You squirm with the sensations of pleasure. As I attempt to insert another finger, preping you for my cock, you whimper with pleasure. Looking back at me as both fingers enter, you bite your lower lip with lust in your eyes. All I can think about is how hotttt this moment is.

I lay you onto your side and I get behind you in a spoon position. With some hott kissing, tongues dancing, I lift your leg up. "Baby, I need to be inside of you" I whisper as I nibble on your ear. Then you feel the head of my throbbing cock press against your ass. "Yes baby. Pleasssee" you reply.

The head slips in pretty easily. The bath, my finger work, and the lube worked well. Yes, two fingers are no match for my dick, but it got your ass prepared properly. I push another inch inside of you and press against your spincter. I stop there and begin kissing your nipple. It's so hard. Nibbling it. Licking it. Moans from you increase as my free hand drops between your legs and methodically circles your clit, then dips inbetween your lips, and then back to your clit, then back to your lips. Your pussy is dripping wettt. My fingers dip inside of your honey hole with my cock still just a few inches inside of your tight virgin asshole. I press against your sphincter, and you grown as it hurts a bit. I feel that my dick is opening your sphincter, but I stop pushing, allowing you to get used to the feeling. I release your nipple from my mouth and look into your eyes. They are still lust filled, but contain a bit of worry. I give you a reassuring look and push my hips slowly, and my cock slips past your tight sphincter muscle. You're eyes shut tightly as you get past the discomfort. I push a bit more, then stop.

Your eyes open and see me staring at you. My green eyes look at you lovingly. "I'm all the way in baby." You reply, "fuck me. fuck me slowly." And with that, I begin to thrust my cock only an inch or so in and out of your tight ass, careful to not go past your sphincter. My fingers slowly circle your swollen and throbbing clit. Your ass feels so tight around my cock. And your sphincter feels like a cock ring, riding up and down my shaft, stopping each time at my mushroom head. Your breathing quickens and I feel you relax more around me. I start to pump my dick faster. With your hand on my ass pushing me into you in rhythm to my thrusts, I can tell you're liking your ass filled with my meat. The pace quickens, and your hand guides mine in rubbing your clit. I can tell you're close. Our a****l instincts take over and I begin to thrust wildly... fully fucking your deflowered ass. "Yes, baby... fuck me!" you say. We both grunt with each thrust, and then I can't hold out any longer... My balls tighten, my toes curl, my breathing stops, and I unleash a huge load of cum into your ass. You feel the hot stream land inside your bowels, as my cock throbs with each spurt. This sends you over the top and you begin to cum with me. Both of our bodies quiver with pleasure.

We both finish. My cock firmly planted deep inside of you. You tell me "that was amazing. I can't believe how hard I came with your cock in my ass. Was I worth the day's wait?" I only answer with a long, deep, passionate kiss. "You are amazing baby."

I slowly withdraw and some of my jizz seeps out of your ass and down your ass. You say to me, "I want to do that again. This time, let's use one of my toys too. I want to be filled in both holes."

Sounds like fun. :)

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3 years ago
Yet another steamy story to heat up my night. Keep em coming!
3 years ago
Wow that was a super hot and sexy story. How many more times did she let you fuck her ass after that?
3 years ago
what every man wants, a nice tight asshole to fuck