Break Time - Fucking a friendly nurse

I wrote this story for a friend of mine. She recently sent it to me, and I now share with you. Enjoy!


As I hang up the phone, I try to think of anything but you. I still need to walk through the parking lot, and you've gotten me so wound up, my hardon is straining against my jeans.



49ers football.


There is goes... slightly less engorged. Enough to leave the privacy of my truck and walk thru the parking lot, into your work's lobby, the hospital lobby.

We've been chatting online for months, talking on cells occasionally.. each time turning each other on so much that we can barely contain ourselves. Well today is no different. We were chatting about what we'd do with each other, working ourselves into a frenzy. Then you exclaim... "I gotta have you. My pussy is too fucking wet. I can't be teased anymore. Meet me at the hospital lobby. I'll find a place where we can be alone. I go on break in 30 minutes. Meet me then!"

I walk into the lobby and see you waiting; almost fidgeting in anticipation. Our eyes meet as I walk toward you. I shot of electricity shoots through me. You look fucking fantastic. .. standing there in your nursing scrubs. I can see the outline your nipples straining through the material of your bra and shirt. There's an unmistakable look of lust in your eyes.

We greet with a simple ‘hi’ and a hug. You say… follow me. As you walk me down the hall to an awaiting elevator. You press the button floor 4 and the doors close. “On 4, there’s a bathroom where we can have some privacy… I wish there was an open room, but the bathroom will have to due” I lean in and whisper, “sounds good to me”… then our lips meet. Your lips are even softer than I remember, yet this time there is a hunger, a passion, almost a****listic tone to our kissing. You press your body against mine as our mouths hungrily explore each other’s. You can feel my hard cock pressing against you, especially since my hands are now on your ass cheeks pulling you tightly against me.

Ding.. we reach the 4th floor.

I follow you down the hall… We enter a room and find what is surprisingly a spacious bathroom. You tell me that your break ends in 20 minutes as you step towards me and place your hand on the outline of my throbbing dick. Our lips meet again… and our tongues immediately dart into each other’s mouth. You feel my hands go under your shirt and run against your soft, sensitive skin. I unhook your bra and continue rubbing my hands up and down your back. You unzip my jeans and I feel your hands reach in to get a better feel of my dick. I lean back and pull your shirt up and over your head. You let your bra fall off your shoulders exposing your beautiful tits. I reach for each of them and feel your naked chest for the first time. You look and feel so damm good…. I kiss my way down your neck to your chest. Walking you back towards the sink, you lean against it for stability as my tongue teasingly circles your hard left nipple. I roll your right nipple between my fingers. You let out a muffled moan. I pull this nipple into my mouth, sucking on it harder… Gawd you taste good… with my free hand I reach down and tug at your waist band. You get the right idea and help me pull off your scrub bottoms, exposing your wet panties.

I move my mouth to your right nipple… and indulge. My left hand slowly finds itself between your parted legs, rubbing flat against your wetness. You let out another moan as you grind against my hand.

My cock is throbbing now, straining against my boxes and unzipped jeans. I can’t believe this.. I have one of your breasts in my mouth, and am rubbing your sweet, wet pussy… finally!

I kiss down your stomach and with both hands on your hips, I tug at your panties elastic… slowly… gently pulling them down; exposing your freshly shaven pussy. I look up and our eyes meet… You sit up on the sink and spread your legs. You know how I like to look. Your pussy looks amazing. So wet, so swollen. Your lips are open like a beautiful flower. I have to taste you… I want to tease you more, bring you closer and closer … but all the months of pent of sexual energy between us is too much for me to handle.. a****l instinct takes over and I dive right in… You feel my tongue feverishly darting in and out of your wetness… slurping your lips.. licking your clit. You seem to be enjoying it as your nails are dug into the back of my head, holding me against you as you fuck my face.

You grind against me harder… pushing your puss against my mouth… your breathing is heavy. My cock is so fucking hard. You keep grinding against my wet tongue.. whispering “yes, oh gawd, yes” I am able to slowly insert two fingers inside of your tightness. I hear you inhale deeply as my fingers penetrate you deeper. You grind against me…. Squeezing your pussy against my fingers. You sound like your close to cumming… Please do.. please cum on my fingers…. Cum on my mouth… I look up at you… your eyes tightly shut as you inhale deeply. An orgasmic wave crashes against you and you violently shudder as you exhale loudly. You continue to shake, tremble, and quiver as wave after wonderful wave racks your body. You look fucking awesome when you cum… It is so hot.

I give you just a moment to come back down to earth as I pull down my jeans and boxers…I turn you around, bend you over, stand behind you and place the tip of my swollen cock against your wet and quivering pussy lips. The heat coming from your loins is unbelievable. I look down and see the head of my cock is purplish. It’s too f’ing hard. It needs to be inside of you. I push and let the head slip inside of you. You can feel me throbbing. You look back and say “fuck me. Fuck me now dammit!” And with that I sink the entire length inside of you. Long, slow stroke. Balls deep, I feel how tight you are; how wet you are; … I feel you squeeze and am amazed at how tighter you got. Holy shit, you’re going to make me explode. But not before I give you a good fucking. I pull my cock out, leaving just the head, the push all the way back in… hard. You let out a gasp. I do this again. All the way out, letting you feel every throbbing vein. Then slamming back in. Again… now in a fluid motion. In and out. Pistoning my rigid pole in and out of your tight pussy. The sensations are amazing. I grunt with each thrust… in and out. In and out.

Damm you feel good. Our eyes meet in the mirror. I can see you’re enjoying this as much as I am. Too much built up tension… I fuck you faster now. Unabashed fucking. In and fucking out. “Yes, fuck me, fuck my pussy” you say. I feel my balls begin to tighten. My hands grip you’re hips even tighter. I few more thrusts. Until the last one, where I drive my cock inside of you and hold it there... as deep as it will go... you hear me gasp, then grunt as I unleash spurt after spurt of my hot load... “That’s it.. I’m fucking Cumming, baby!” You feel my cock throb with each Grunt, with each jet of creamy spunk. Splashing deep inside of you, this sends you over the edge and you begin cumming too. I feel your pussy contract around my quivering cock. “Yes baby… cum with me”

I collapse against your back. We are both panting, trying to catch our breath… basking in the afterglow.

“Good break?” I say. You reply with a kiss, “No, that was a fucking GREAT break”

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