Handle my package

So I'm going to check the mail one day and the postal worker is still there and I am surprised to see that it is a woman. I told her that it was rare to have a postwoman delivering the mail. She laughed about it and said I don't see why not we are the best at handling packages. At that very moment I had to decide which way to go, should I let her see how freaky I am or laugh it off and thank her for delivering my mail. Of course I had to try the former. I smiled and asked her if she always handled her packages with care because mine could use some TLC. She looked a little serious for a second so I assumed I failed until she asked me what size the package was because if it fits it ships. So I replied its a relatively thick package about 8 inches in length but if you have the time I would love to just show it to you. I could tell she was contemplating it and looked like she might be in a hurry but she was nice enough to come check it out and walked into my house. As soon as we hit the door I knew that this was going to have to be quick but I could not pass it up. Her breast were almost bursting through her blue short sleeve button down with the top button loosened just enough to see the right amount of cleavage and her short blue pants tighter than anyone should wear to work. I saw her glance down at my pants as my dick was getting bigger and I couldn't waste any more time and said, look I want to be honest the package I was talking about was my thick black dick and I want you...before I could even finish my sentence she was pulling down my sweats and stroking my dick I could tell by how big her eyes got that it was thicker than what she imagined it to be from then on there were hardly any words exchanged between us she started to suck on my dick taking in as much as she could handling it with the care of a postal worker. My dick was dripping with spit so frothy i started to wonder if I had cum and didn't know it. She was pleasing me so much i picked her up and brought her to my couch and had to taste her chocolate pussy. It tasted like imaginations mixed with fantasies. Her hands squeezed tighter on my head almost forcing my tongue deeper into the pussy I could barely breathe but I wasn't coming up for air until I felt her body vibrate and I know I didn't want her to cum without her feeling my dick inside her. I get up and put one leg over my shoulder and slide my dick into her pussy and I love that first gasp that she makes once the tip of my dick is in and we both know its going to be good. I do it slow and deep, no bunny rabbit sex, I want her to cum hard from the slow stroke. She is biting on her bottom lip so hard I'm scared she's going to cut herself. I pick her up off the couch and let her bounce on my dick while i'm holding her up. I can tell this is not the type of package she thought she was going to pick up on her route today. I try not to show it but her tight wet pussy is making this cum feeling come fast. So I arouse her by sliding a nipple into my mouth and gently sucking on it she lets out a moan and whispers my favorite sentence "you're going to make me cum" and within the next few seconds I feel a rush of liquid drip down on my dick and not a moment to soon so i lay her back down lick up what i can of her cum while shes sliding her hand up and down my dick keeping my hard until she f***es my dick into her mouth and her tongue is stroking my balls and caressing my dick. I let her know i was about to cum and she grabbed my ass and kept me close and i knew I pleased her so much she was going to taste my cum..
85% (10/2)
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2 years ago
Really glad you both found it entertaining
2 years ago
Can't argue with her^