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all that cum!

I really do love cum. My name is Alice, I'm 23, not too bad looking and absolutely crazy about eating cum. I figured this out at a pretty early age. If you read my other three stories about "The Life of Alice" you'll find out that I got off to playing with cocks and eating cum at a pretty early age.
The first time I watched my b*****r masturbate and climax there was no cum, but as he got older, it started to appear. I was naturally a bit curious and wanted to see what it tasted like, so, the next time he was horny he came in my mouth and it was love at first taste. I don't know why ... Continue»
Posted by aliceinwonderland 3 years ago

I love the feel of a hard cock in my mouth

Many girls I talk to do not like to suck cock...what's wrong with them? I love the feel and taste of a nice thick, hard cock in my mouth!

I like to start by gently caressing the balls; rubbing them one at a time between my fingers and my thumb, rolling them around. Then I'll take them both in my hand and give a squeeze.

When I take them into my mouth, I enjoy the musty, sweaty aroma as I lick each ball and suck on them. Intentionally ignoring the cock I continue to work on the balls until they have turned from soft to hard and swollen.

Then I like to start at the base of the cock (r... Continue»
Posted by ruffredmuff 3 years ago