Being married for 10 years or longer leads to a boring sex life, and as with most married men you’re happy if you just get a monthly screw.

Funny how you’re happy with sex just once a month, if it’s more than that you a screaming with joy.

Well for our tenth wedding anniversary the wife and I decided that we would by a computer, nothing fancy well not back in the 90’s anyway. Remember those old computers back in the late 90’s? There was no high speed internet just dial up, like AOL. And how it took all day to set the damn things up! And then most of the night on dial up for the computer to do its updates, but soon there it was a real computer setting in the living room.

So now what?

What’s it good for?

That was the question we started to ask ourselves.

What’s it good for? Porn, boy oh boy, the porn even back in the 90’s, the porn.

Soon we started to search the internet just looking for all the things that were out there on the net and it was fun maybe, too fun soon we were spending 4 to 8 hours a day on the devils box. Soon the TV was regulated to the k**s. It was all about the computer, checking email, instant messaging co-workers friends and f****y, looking at the free porn but soon that got boring.

Then someone suggested that we try AOL’s chat rooms so you can talk to people all over the world. Sounded like fun so we started with the local chat rooms and then it soon went downhill to raunchier and stranger chat rooms, chat rooms for adults only.

Some of the things we read in those chat rooms were crazy, really crazy, but none the less spicy.

But because we were using our real screen name soon we were spammed, spammed by web sites selling aluminum siding and shit like that. But we quickly got into how to do it and made up new chat room names to stop all the spam, and Nippin’Kitten was born.

Nippin’Kitten was my wife’s chat room screen name, a name for the raunchier chat rooms and the private chats. Nippin allowed her to be any body she wanted to be. Now we set up a few rules about the chat rooms. First not while the k**s were awake. Second we both would get to play. And the third no secrets, we would share. With that and our k**s in bed, Saturday night we decided to play.

After about an hour of goofing around in the adult chat rooms, Nippin’Kitten got an invite to a private chat room. It was just stupid no excitement so she popped out and went to another adult room. And then she got a winner this guy was good, he had her feeling randy and ready to go in about 10 minutes. Just smooth flowing conversation not to crass, Barry White smooth with a side of raunchy sauce. Soon I could see she was wiggling around in her chair looking at the monitor, reeding the lines he had written for her. So being a dutiful husband I stepped over to read and see if I could help her with what she was experiencing.

At first I just read a few lines but soon I was feeling a growing desire to touch my wife. I put my hand in her hair and pulled her head to the side to kiss her neck as she read, slowly turning the kisses to biting on the side of the neck and shoulder as she read. She was responding to what she was reading and to the attention that I was paying to her smooth skin.

Pulling her hair biting her neck and kissing her over and over on the neck and shoulders, soon she was feeling a growing warmth and looked at me and said go get a towel I’m soaking through my clothes.

I did as I was asked; when I returned she had taken her clothes off and was setting in the chair writing what had just happened to her so the person on the other end could share in her enjoyment. Looking at her naked form from behind, I was filling with lust, and wanting. My wife stood up so I could put the towel down for her to sit on.

Returning to kissing her neck and shoulders from behind I now had a unencumbered set of breasts that I could squeeze as she tried to type what was happening.

My hands worked on her body, shoulders, breasts, belly and thighs which she spread so that I could rub her pussy. While still behind her rubbing her with my arms around her waist rubbing the mound between her legs. Pushing and rubbing her mound but not entering it, her hairy mound was hot to the touch and wet very wet, I could feel that her inner lips were swollen and starting to peek through her outer lips. My other hand was feeling her nipples they were hard and knotted up stiff and sticking straight out and wanting to be pulled and pinched.

While my hands are doing this she is still reading, and typing responses to the guy in the chat room.

I’m behind her licking and biting her back and sides down to her hips moving from one side to the other. All the while my hands are still working on her front pulling on her breasts working the nipples. While biting on her hips I noticed her body was producing a musky odor, man I love that smell. While still biting her hips I moved both of my hand to her inner thighs and pulled them from behind to spread them as wide as she could spread.

Nippin was writing to the person on the other side that I was spreading her and starting to finger her from behind, so he typed that she should get out of the chair and get on her knees and have me lay under her and suck her pussy as she continue the write what’s going on. So I left and got some more towels one for me to lie on, and one to support my head. Putting my head between her thighs I started to lick her inner thighs working up to her outer lips. Working on both thighs with my tongue and lips biting as I went, Nippin was so excited that her natural lube was running down her thighs, literally running down in little streams. Looking at her pussy I could see that her inner lips have become engorged and are starting to hang out of her, now I reached up with my tongue and touched her opening and for the first time in ten years she squirted, she cum just as I touched her pussy with my tongue!

I had just placed my tongue on her pussy, made my tongue as wide as I could to start to lick her and having just touched her lips and whoosh she let go of her orgasm. Damn I was wet from my nose to my chest. Her body was salty and hot as she cum, her thighs shook as she cum, she leaned forward to brace herself on the computer desk as she cum.

Looking down at me smiling as she started to recover and said you have made me cum many times but never that hard. Never ever that hard I’ve never squirted before ever it was so hot to cum on you.

So she started to write what had happened, I started to suck on her lips and bite her clit again. Several times Nippin reached down and grabbed my hair as I sucked her clit between my lips, biting at it with my teeth. Putting my thumbs on her pussys lips and spreading them as I ate her clit, thumbing her pussy open and a little of the juice that had been trapped by her lips dripped out on my chin.

I could hear her moan and type on the key board faster as I continued to lick and suck her pussy.

Nippin was gapped on my face so I pulled my head back and put first one finger in her opening then two, she was so wet a slick with her lube that I soon had three of my fingers in her body, then I had all four of my fingers in her pussy. As my fingers explored her body as I have never been able to before, she let loose another orgasm, another wet flooding salty squirting orgasm. This time it took her a lot longer to recover as I kept my thumb rubbing her clit as she cum.

Nippin’s body was coming down from this orgasm so I move my thumb and for the first time in her life I slipped my hand in to her body, her pussy was so wet and she had cum so hard so many times that my hand slipped right in, here I was fisting my wife of 10 years I could feel her muscles pushing against my hand as it slid into her body, she started to gasp for breath as I slipped in and soon I had my hand past her opening and I had my hand next to her cervix.

Holding the computer desk for support and breathing heavily, she looked at me and said I've never felt so full and it feels so good please don’t stop what you are doing I feel like I’m about to cum again. So for the first time I was fisting this woman, the woman of my c***dren. I’m up to my wrist in her and she is shaking and dripping and crying and I moved my hand in making a fist and straightening my fingers touching her g-spot over and over bumping into her cervix making her cum again and again, she squirted for the 3rd time in a short while, and was shaking so hard that she fell back across my body legs spread and my hand in her pussy.

I unclenched my hand and pulled it out of her, there she was lying across my chest with her legs spread and her beautiful pussy spread open so I can see inside her, I could see her swollen clit and her piss tube and her cervix. I could smell the well-used smell that all pussy gets after you fuck it for a while.

Finally Nippin got control of her breathing and looked up at my face between her legs and said you have made me cum so much, now I'm going to make you cum.

By now my balls were throbbing and as blue as hell and needing to be emptied and emptied bad. So Nippin typed that she was going to service her husband now and she would chat later and signed off.

Then she started now my wife has never really been into the whole suck your cock thing, so when she got ahold of my cock in her hand I was surprised and when she started to put my cock into her mouth I was surprised even more. But that’s what she did, and she did it good putting just my head in her mouth and locking her lips around the head tight she started to suck f***efully as her tongue licked the slit, almost tongue fucking the slit in the end of my cock.

With her hand she pulled the shaft but never did her lips leave the rim of my cocks head. With her other hand she cupped my balls and started to squeeze harder and harder soon it was very painful as my balls were so full and needing to release. But she let go and started to squeeze them again. All the while she tongued my cocks slit soon as she did this I felt her teeth slowly clamp down on the head of my cock as her tongue worked its way around my gland and her hand worked my swollen balls she only moved her mouth a little bit not much. Her teeth would pop past the rim of my head as she moved up and down my cock felt like it was pumping pre-cum with each squeeze of her hand on my balls. This felt like it went on for a long time but reality it may have been 5 minutes.

My balls started to bunch up and feel the need to cum I told my wife I’m about to cum, she’s never like cum in her mouth, but she didn’t let go she just worked my cock harder. I let loose with the biggest orgasm in my life, I cum and cum, but my wife never let go of my cock as I cum I could feel her kneading my balls as her tongue went around and around on the end of my cock never letting go.

There is my beautiful wife attached to my cock with a mouthful of cum and still working my head and pulling my balls, not spilling a drop of my cum. My cock was softening and soon she let go of my cock, letting it fall as she moved up to my face she opened her mouth and showed me her mouth was full of cum and her spit, then she swallowed, swallowed every drop. Oh My God that was hot, so fucking hot. She just swallowed my load.

This became our hobby, at least once a week we would pick a victim to torture in a chat room as we would suck and fuck each other as we typed what we were doing
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