Dive bar

Dive Bar.

Not being a big drinker there are not many bar stories that I can tell but I do have this one that is just so out there it’s hard to believe.

And I was there.

I’ve always been a motorcycle rider, it started out that I need transportation that was cheap starting a f****y on a retail pay limits your budget. So 10 year old Hondas or Kawasaki’s were what I could get.

Well after riding in any weather cold, wet, sleet and snow most people that I worked with or passed me on the road or were passed by thought that I was crazy or just one hard ass.

And I never corrected either idea.

Now when you work at a place for a while you click up with a group of people, like when you were in high school, I had the 3 buddies and we hung out and did the old chit chat at lunch, talk about this cashers ass or that one tits. You know the mostly guy stuff.

The four of us, Buda, Red, Mountainman and Mark, Mark just never got a nick name, so he remained Mark. Now Buda got his nickname well because he looked like a Buda doll. Red now he’s a red head and 6’4” muscled surfer type guy and a bar bouncer on the weekends. Myself I got the Mountain man tag because I didn’t shave ever, and could be a bear.

Each one of my buds got a motorcycle in turn and we started riding on our days off together.

Well Mark got a new job and I went to work for a new place to and the other guys found better jobs so we decided to do a big ride blowout, well that is if the she’s whom must be obeyed said it was okay that is. We got the okay and we planned a big trip. Now none of these guys had ridden more than 5 or 10 miles to work on their bikes. Me I’ve pull and iron butt, and did a mad dash to the Dakotas and back for a rally. So I’m cool with a long ride 4 hours in the saddle no big deal for me but these guys?

We made our plans to go to Wichita, Ks that’s about 4 hours from Tulsa Ok and they got real strip clubs there, tops and bottoms. You see Oklahoma is a dry state that is to say no strip clubs with nudity, and only 3.2 beers. The only way it could be worst is it was warm and flat.

We got on the internet and got a map of Wichita from all places the Chamber of Commerce that showed where all the strip clubs where, like they were proud of the shit of something.

And like a bunch of cowboys off us took, 3 ½ hour later, bam there were bars everywhere.

Some places just like the Titty Twister in Dusk till Dawn with door barkers and all:

“All right, pussy, pussy, pussy!

Come on in pussy lovers!

Here at the Titty Twister we're slashing pussy in half!

Give us an offer on our vast selection of pussy;

This is a pussy blow out!

All right, we got white pussy, black pussy, Spanish pussy, yellow pussy, we got hot pussy, cold pussy, we got wet pussy, we got smelly pussy, we got hairy pussy, bl**dy pussy, we got snapping' pussy, we got silk pussy, velvet pussy, Naugahyde pussy, we even got horse pussy, dog pussy, chicken pussy!

Come on, you want pussy; come on in, pussy lovers!

If we don't got it, you don't want it!

Come on in, pussy lovers!”

So after a few places and not too much action, a little buzzed and wanting to see more we went to the place and I can’t remember the name. But let me put this place into prospective it was a dive a hole in the wall back alley kind of place.

Look to be filled mostly with locals and regulars, we went in. Now this bar was laid out different than most that I’ve seen but I’ve not seen too many so I’m not sure.

The bar was in a horse shoe shape with a stage in the middle with a pole and then a walkway on the bar so the bartenders are between you and the center stage and girls dance between you and the bartender.

There was a clear space at the bar with 4 stools so we set down.

Music was loud the beer was cold the girls where young and hot and sweaty hot from the work they were doing on the stage and bar.

Tits and pussy was on display it was a good place to be with a good show.


A klaxon sounded, fuck that was loud. And all the lights in the place changed and the center stage light up and bam the music restarted, on to the stage walked, not danced but walked this woman in her 30’s not a raging beauty but damn find looking anyway.

And damn she was a pro and it was hot there was not a softy in the house. Now if you have never been in a strip club you tip the dancers, those are the rules I didn’t make them up you just do it. But unlike most of the girls she walked around the bar top to get them, that’s when Red noticed that the regulars would pull their beer cups off the bar to tip her and as she had a bit to go to get to our side I kept watching and sure enough to the man they pulled their cups.

When she got around to our side Buda had pulled his cup and put a 5 in his mouth for her to pull out with her teeth, Red pulled his and stuck a 5 in her thong, I didn’t have a cup but I tipped her a 5 she pulled up her sweaty tit and I put my bill under it. Nice tits.

Mark well he was buzzed and focused on those big tits that where moving back and forth to take his cup off the bar. But there it set on the bar then I saw the bartender roll his eyes and go oh shit. That’s it I knew good was about to happen that would make this the trip of a life time.

First one high heel then the other was placed on either side of Marks cup, then she bent over at the waist so her hair fell over her face and those big sweaty tits hung down and she placed both hands on Marks shoulders now, strip club etiquette is the girls can touch you but you can’t touch them. So Mark had both hand clamped to the bar so hard that his knuckles were white. Now she slowly lowers herself to a squatting position with her knees lined up with Marks shoulders. Then it happens, with her left she reaches down to her crouch pulls her thong to the side so Mark and myself setting next to hem can she her cunt she looks to me and winks.

Now at this point in need to stop in my story for a moment I’ve had sex with a few women and been married for 10 years at the point but I’ve never seen a woman pee before. But you assume that they do because everybody does it, but I’d never bothered to work out the mechanics of it.

But pee, that is what she did right there in Marks beer with 2 fingers holding her pussy lips spread and the hot golden fluid running out and into his beer. HOLY SHIT!

She took those 2 fingers and stuck them in Marks mouth and then licked his face from his neck to his forehead.

He just shuddered and went a little limp. We think he cum right there.

Damn I handed her a TWENTY!

Then she popped up stuck her ass in the air like a pussy cat and walked off the bar.

Everybody was cat calling and yelling laughing and it was the greatest show ever seen.

And to end it all, the bartender asked Mark if he wanted to finish that beer?

It was a good trip.

50% (2/2)
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2 years ago
wow lol never seen that before