The AD

The AD

This all started with an ad on Craig’s List, was not even much of an ad, it was just looking to see if it would work, to find someone for play date.

Now this ad was kind of stupid. The ad was;

Looking for a Naughty Gurl to Play with.

I’m looking for someone to roll play with, are you a naughty gurl?
Do you like to dress the part?
Do you like your Daddy to be a little rough?
Would this be your fantasy too?
Mine is a little naught treatment and spanking along with the show and tell tease.

The Bad Daddy

That was it, that’s all the ad was, soon the ad bots were rolling in. Not one real woman in the bunch. But lots of free offers for porn sites and cam girls. I left the ad up for a few days, then; I got a response. It was just a simple little email, I almost deleted it, it was;

Bad Daddy,

I’ve been naughty and I need a spanking.

Very Naughty,

Naughty Gurl

Well it didn’t look like an ad bot, so I replied just to see what would happen. Maybe this was a new ad bot type, maybe not. My response was;

Naughty Gurl,

Just how naughty have you been or are you going to be?

Bad Daddy

Then the return email popped up, you are real this is my cell number 918-xxx-xxxx please text me. So curiosity got the better of me, I texted;

Are you ready to mind Daddy?

Then I waited, and after what felt like hours I received a text, I need a good spanking, so we commenced with the usual texting chit-chat. Then I tested if she was really looking to meet. I asked for a pic of her, ding; she texted a pic. Just simple face shot of a young woman with a bit of a baby fat to her. Thank heavens she was not a dog. After trading pic’s we arranged to meet.

A few hours later I’m waiting in at the local book store, it’s public and private at the same time. Standing next to the rack of motorcycle magazines, really just trying to fane interest in the mag’s and trying to not look too excited. I felt a hand on my back I slowly turned and look down there she was the little face in the photo.

Hell Yea! She was cute, but in real life looked to be all of 15! She hugged me around the waist and said hello Daddy, the way she said it just melted any ice I had about how old she looked. But I still asked? I need to know how old are you? 24, I’m 24, she coolly said. Okay I just had to ask, I’m not looking to get anybody into trouble especially me, and she let out a little giggle, oh Daddy she cooed. Now she was playing the part well, taking her hand and spinning her around I liked what I was seeing.

This little woman was in a pleated plaid skirt and matching vest along with a white shirt with a little black bow tied through the collar, it looked just like a catholic school gurl uniform right down to the Mary Jane shoes and ruffled ankle socks.

Taking her by the hand over to the coffee shop in the back of book store we ordered a couple of drinks and sized each other up.

So your 24, why did you answer the ad, especially since the ad said I’m in my 40s?

It looked like fun I’ve always wanted to do something like this. What do you think of my outfit? This is my uniform from when I was in high school.

Well I’ll say you look good, real good in the outfit, how tall are you? That is if I can ask that?

Well you silly Daddy looks like you did, I’m 4’9” just short enough to be called a dwarf but tall enough to not be a midget. Most people want to treat me like a k** so I figured I’d try it and see if it was any fun and your ad made me think I’ll try it today.

Cool, but I like to be a little rough; do think you can handle it?

Okay Daddy, but no s**t, no piss, no k**s, no bl**d, no fisting, no a****ls, no choking, and no beating, but you can spank me when I’m naughty. Oh and I swallow, if you’re gentle I like anal.

What an Angel, bold and sweet at the same. Finishing our drinks I asked if she would like to go play, she said that’s why I’m here so off we went.

Putting her on the back of my bike and telling her to hold on as I gunned it off the book store parking lot at 60, she squealed all the way through traffic and clutched my sides as tight as she could.

When we got to my place she was shaking from the rush of the ride, it turns out that she had never been on a bike and the rush had made her flush with excitement. Soon today she would be flush again and again.

As soon as I let her into my place I got my hands on her body and pulled her in to start kissing those lips, those luscious red lips, pushing them apart with my tongue I explored her mouth with mine. Holding her tight she had one hand on my chest and the other had dropped to the front of my jeans and was tugging at the seam of my fly. Soon her small hand had my fly opened and pulling my cock free, as I looked down to see her hand on my cock it looked like it was larger than it ever had, mostly because her hands were small, well she was small.

Here was this little woman tugging on my cock, tugging it back and forth, dressed in a catholic school gurl uniform.

Not wanting her to stop I just stood there in my doorway as she stroked my cock.


My cock was starting to leak, and throbbing in her hand, she pulled me by my cock in the door so I could shut the door. Pulling me toward my sofa and pushing me down, she pointed shoes together curtseyed and meekly asked if Daddy would like her to suck his cock.

Now get this in your mind;

I’m setting on my sofa legs spread, jeans around my ankles a there she’s standing between my knees rocking back and forth giggling and biting her thumb while staring at my cock.

I should have shot right there.

But instead I said please do. And down she went right to my hard cock. But instead of sucking on my cock she grabbed my balls in one hand and with the other she spit on her fingers and started rubbing my balloon knot.


Soon she had worked 2 fingers into my ass all the while her other hand is working my balls around and around.


Her little fingers were rubbing on my prostate milking it all the while massaging my balls.


My cock was sticking straight out throbbing with each beat of my heart, thump, thump, thump, as I leaked what felt like a quart of juice it was running down my shaft coating her hands as she pulled my balls and fingered my ass.

My cock was acing to be touched; it was need to be touched, begging to be touched, slowly she lowered her mouth to my cock. Sticking her tongue outs she started licking the clear juice leaking from my cock, just like she was licking a lollipop.

Licking from my ball sack to the head of my cock along the seam gathering up the juice on the tip of her tongue pulling her head back so the long sticky strings would dangle and then break, over and over she did this with my juice. Soon her white cotton blouse started to turn clear as the fluid from cock stained her shirt as it dripped from her mouth and chin in long strings.

I felt like I was going to pass out from what she was doing to my cock, I was biting my lower lip just to keep from cuming on her face.

Not once did she put my cock into her hot mouth, she only used her hand on my balls and her fingers in my ass and the tip of her tongue on the underside of cock.

Fuck it was so hot, I was so hard, I was so acing and needing to cum.

But she stopped and asked me if she had been naughty enough for her Daddy. All I could say was a meek little soft yes.

Yes Daddy is pleased.

So Daddy do you think I need a spanking, a spanking for being so naughty.

I do, yes I do I think you need a spanking for being so damn good at making your Daddy lust after your little body. So I put my knees together and had her lay across my lap, arching her back a little bit to put her ass up somewhat. I started to rub her ass, her little ass was so firm and inviting stuck up in the air the way it was. And I could feel her full round breast against my thigh.

With my first lite swat she let out a moan the made my cock harder if that was even possible. Then coming down on her ass again this time firmer and harder she moaned louder and longer. After swatting her ass about 10 or 11 times, I lifted her skirt up over her back to look at her ass, she had on white cotton panties that is white cotton school gurl panties. And leaning over to get a better look I could see that the crouch was soaked through, so wet as to have the white cotton turn clear. Clear as to be able to make out her womanly seam, the slice of heaven between her legs.

So I swatted her almost naked ass again, pop, with that she squealed, then begged me to do it again.

Please Daddy do it again, please again!

I made her happy and swatted her again, then I change from hitting her ass to rubbing her pussy, she gasped and moaned loudly. When her moaning stopped, I swatted her ass again, soon I was rubbing her and swatting her, swatting her and rubbing her ass as her body was laid on my lap.

But this wasn’t good enough; I felt that maybe she needed something a little extra. Pushing her panties down to her knees, I started to smack her now naked ass. But now with each swat I moved from her cheeks lower to where I was now landing each smack on her bare wet lips. They started to swell and distend with her desire for more.

Her moans grew loader till it was almost just one long drone, with each smack her legs would spread a little wider till I was only swatting her pussy, with each impact I would lift her just a bit and her body was leaking making my hand wet.

Moaning and begging me to do it again and again, she started to shake and tremble as she was cuming from the blows I was landing on her pussy over and over as her shaking got more violent, I stuck my fingers into her pussy and rubbed her inner walls roughly as she orgasmed. Her body gushed forth a hot wetness that got on my hand and ran down her thighs and soaked the panties at her knees.

I stopped to let her body and mind cum down from the orgasm she just felt. Soon she had gotten breath back, I asked her to stand up and take off her clothes, so on shaky legs, she started to remove her clothes. Standing before me in all her glory was this little naked woman, wet from her groin to her knees and ready and willing to continue on.

I stood up and took her hand and we walked down to my bed room to start anew.

As we got to my bed room she crawled on my bed and put her ass in the air and asked if Daddy would like to fuck her little pussy from behind? Getting right behind her I lined up and she put my cock into to her opening and we started to grind on each other pushing my cock into her and pulling it out over and over felling every little bump and ridge in her body as I fucked her pussy wanting her to cum as hard a like I felt I would.

Feeling her wetness running down my shaft and dripping off my balls as I fucked that hot pussy, listening to the sounds that her body was making the sound of flesh on wet flesh, the sound of my thighs slapping onto hers, the moan and groans cumming from her throat.

Then lighting struck I felt her small hand between my legs and she was cupping and massaging my balls pulling and milking them, I had the urgent need to cum, and she felt me speed up and that made her start to cum again, soon the urgency of our need to cum together was too much and I as started to cum into her body and as she felt my first shot go into her pussy she slammed her ass and pussy back hard as my cum shot into her and she leaked her fluid down my thighs as I shot into her.

After what felt like hours I pulled my soft cock from her body and she slowly lay down on her belly on my bed.

Looking at her back as she lay there, she looked over her shoulder and asked was that naughty enough?

Yes I think it was.
100% (18/0)
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2 years ago
Nice job!
2 years ago
Those naughty kids need a good spanking now and then.