The cab driver told me to

The cab had just dropped me off a good 15 minutes away from home. I wanted to walk, let the ears recover from the noise of the concert.
I was the middle of the night and the street was empty, not in a scary oppressive way, but rather in a very calm and quiet fashion.

I could hear an car engine running and I saw it was the cab, he had parked somewhere between the drop off point and my house. I though he might have been counting the money or just writing something down. But boy, was I mistaken.

This being a sex story I'm sure you've guessed by now, he was masturbating.
He was into it, I don't know if he thought he left me in front of my house so he would have the street empty and no one to see him go at it. Or maybe it was deliberate.
I don't understand the actions that followed, but before I could see it I was knocking on the window. I wasn't even pretending there was any other reason for it, I couldn't even take my eyes off of his cock, which was average in size, but the fact that it was another man's penis, live and in living color was enough to make me feel a shiver from pleasure.

He cracked the window and was unfazed, it's like this interaction: "person watching him jerk it" was something perfectly normal.
There were no words, from me or him, what was there to be said?
I took the passenger seat, for the second time that night and leaned to the drivers side. His seat almost magically moved back giving him a more comfortable position. His left arm rested between his head and the seat pillow. While the right swatted my hands from his cock and found it's way to the back of my head.
This hand quickly guided my mouth to the still erect cock and in a not very gentle way started to guide my movements. His cock met my lips and it easily slid into my mouth and I've finally experienced something I had been very curious for some time.

His cock was now occupying space in my mouth, it was very strange and I was very aware through the whole experience. My tongue was welcoming it, instinctively and with it I was tasting a flavor that was a little overwhelming and unmistakable. It was semen, he hadn't cum yet, but maybe this had not been the first masturbation session he had. This left me a little disappointed because I wanted to feel the sensation of those jets of hot, thick cum hitting my tongue and back of the throat. Let's just say, I will be surprised in a bit.

Without realizing I was deepthroating, not comparable to a pornstar hiding a BBC in her mouth, but still managing to take 6 inches inside of me. He was being rough, really getting it deep inside, my nose was even touching the underside of his flabby belly.
I found myself massaging my thigh and running a single finger between the butt cheeks. I was wondering what would it feel to have my hands tying behind my back, just really embrace this submissive facet that was surfacing in me.
I was all hot and bothered, I could hear myself making gentle little almost inaudible moans. Very subtlety I was writhing in my seat, just loving the way I was being used and wanting to give all the pleasure I could, nothing out of limits to pleasure him and make him reward me with cum ... I could barely recognize myself.

His grip on the back of my head was still strong, but now he f***ed my head in a way I'd face him rather then down. There was an iPhone pointed at me and then a dreaded "blip."
He started to record and I could just see it somewhere here on xHamster "Nerdy submissive boy f***ed to suck cab driver." I could envision dozens of men jerking of to that video, commenting on how I was such a good little obedient boy and how they'd just love to slatter my face with cum.
These thoughts made me go overboard, I suddenly came without having so much as touch myself. This was followed by a muffled by a moan, then warmth and stickiness in my mouth.
He didn't let go of my head, just forcing me to taste it. It was either having it indefinably in my mouth or swallowing. I couldn't care either was, I was a mess of pleasure, confusion, fear, joy and exhaustion. He broke our unspoken vow of silence and ordered in a commanding but very dirty sounding voice to swallow. There was no respect for me in his tone of voice, I was a cum rag for him. I looked at him with my mouth closed and full with his cum, the taste making my skin crawl, he stared back with the iPhone between our line of sight. I swallow, looking straight at the camera, I could feel the corners of my mouth wet, I didn't know if it was saliva or more cum, so I licked them then open my mouth and stuck my tongue out. He grinned at the sight of this, he had liked that, it was like he had broken me and now I was domesticated ... he must have really liked that thought.
He laughed, again in that dirty sounding tone and say to the air, possibly the people who'd watch the video.

"Look at him, he just had the time of his life and seems to have found his calling." He was still staring all the while talking to whomever. I was giving him a look of what I thought would be a mild defiance and outrage, but that's not what was transpiring. What was transpiring was that I was just a k**, barely nineteen and I had just found I'm not made to dominate, I had accept all this. Wanted it even. I was staring back, gently panting, a mixture of saliva and cum on the corners of my mouth and dripping towards my chin.

"Do you want some more?" He asked me without having to know the answer. I closed my eyes and nodded like the good submissive boy he was turning me into. He grinned once more, pulled a car from his shirt pocket, flicked it at me and told me to get out. I did so as fast as I could, I was afraid of this strange power he had over me. I was picturing some very rough anal sex in the backseat of his cab. Or god knows what else.
But it's not like I didn't want it, I did, that's why I asked.

"Should I call you?" I hadn't heard the sound of my voice for a while, but now it came out weak and sounding very meek. He just gave me a condescending look with a half smirk. I had emptied his nutsack, he was done with me. So he just drove off.
Alone once more in the calm street, I heard the sound of his car slowly fade, until it just my faint panting could be heard.
My legs were shaking, so I waddled towards the front of a store and supported myself on the wall. In the window of the shop I could see myself staring back. I was a mess, my hair was all over the place and I had sweat drops on my forehead and around my mouth the saliva and the cum were drying ... I still licked them.
It really happen I thought sitting in the front step of the entrance to the store.

I looked at the card, still in my hand and wondered how my next meeting with him would go

--------------------------------------------------------------------THE END-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Good story.
3 years ago
Oh wow, that got me quite horny. Would love to hear more.
3 years ago
Great story.
3 years ago
nice story. i have made a couple of girls do that with cab drivers
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Loved the story. I can feel your submissive side. Maybe because I feel the same. :)