Two Japanese girls in Vegas.

I did deserve the holiday so I made sure I was a long way from home to enjoy it. I booked a hotel in Las Vegas to play some poker and perhaps get the money back. It was a hard time finding a hotel with vacant rooms. There was some kind of event going on and almost every room was booked well in advance.

I didn't care. When I finally arrived at the hotel I only wanted to get to my room, take a hot bath and get to bed. The 10 hour flight had almost killed me. So when I got to my room and opened it I was a bit surprised to find it already occupied. Two Asian, Japanese by the looks of it, women where sitting on one of the beds and watching some show on TV. Only wearing their bras and panties.

I looked at them. I stepped back to check the room number. I checked the key card. Both had the same number on it.
"This is my room." I told them.
They looked at me, not seeming to understand. I showed them my key card with the room number. They got up and I hoped they would be gone soon so I could take a bath. But they only grabbed their key card. And of course it had the same number on it.

I sighed and went back to the front desk. I complained about the room being occupied and made clear I had booked well in advance. It turned out the women had stayed the night before and had decided to stay another night.
"So they where late with their reservation?"

Then I noticed people standing beside me. I looked and it where the two Japanese women. They had put on bathrobes and where talking in Japanese to the guy behind the desk. He didn't seem to understand them as less as I did so he called for help.

In a minute a Japanese woman came from the office and started to talk to the two guests in Japanese. She shaked her head a few times. then slowly it started to turn to nods. She didn't like pleased at first but the other two seemed to convince her.

She turned to me.
"They have offered to have you stay in one of the beds. They say you look like a real gentleman, a Japanese." When she said the last words she looked back at the girls. They nodded. "Happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas." one said with a smile on her face.

I was to tired to argue. I only needed a bath and a bed this night. What would happen tomorrow I'd see by then.

The three of us got into the elevator. Both girls staying at my sides all the time until we where back in the room. They immediatly dropped the bathrobes and jumped back on their bed to watch TV.

I watched them for a few seconds.
If I wasn't so tired I might show them how much of a gentleman I was.

I drop my suitcase and got undressed. Because they had kept their underwear on I did too. I got into the bathroom and filled the bath with hot water. I undressed further and got in. Letting my sore muscles relax.

I must have dozed off because when I opened my eyes one of the girls was sitting on the toilet with her panties around her ankles. I looked at her shapely ass and I felt something stir under the water.

She saw me looking.
"Happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas." she said again.
She took some toilet paper and cleaned her crotch. She pulled up her panties and got up so quickly I couldn't see anything.

She left and then I noticed the water was getting cold. I got out of the tub, dried myself. I wrapped a towel around my waist and got into the bedroom. the girls where under the blanket now, still watching TV.

I said goodnight and got under the blanket too, dropping the towel next to the bed.
Did I see them sneak a peek?

I quickly fell asl**p. I dreamed about the girls. One was pleasing me with her hand. But then I opened my eyes and I saw the face of one of the girls very close.
"Happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas." she said.

That woke me up. It was her real hand that was handling my growing cock. She was already under the blanket with me. She rolled on top of me. Her breasts where in my face. I started to kiss and lick them. Her nipples grew in my mouth as my tongue flicked over them. She groaned and I looked at the other one. She seemed sound asl**p. I could hear her breath through her slightly parted lips.

It made my cock even harder. The girl on top of me slowly started to slide down. I kissed her neck, her chin and when I reached her mouth I could feel something slowly engulfing my cock. She slid further down so I could kiss her nose and forehead.

That is one of the disadvantages of Japanese girls. They are so small you can hardly kiss their mouth when you are fucking them.

When she finally had my whole cock inside her hot pussy she layed still. I wanted to move but she shook her head and looked at the other bed. I think she was afraid her friend might wake up.

Then she started to use her cunt muscles. It was like a hand milking my cock. It moved up and down but it was much smoother than a hand. And much hotter too. She was slowly moving her body from side to side so I could feel the walls of her cunt everywhere on my cock. Her tits moved over my chest and I could feel her hard nipples.

I was nearing orgasm very quickly. I didn't want any problems so I tried to tell her to get off before I would fill her pussy. Only when I mentioned the word condom she seemed to understand. But her only response was "Happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas."

If she thought my cum would stay in Vegas even when she would go home I wouldn't tell her otherwise. And it wasn't long before my cock got thicker to fill her pussy with my cum. I saw her eyes light up and then I shot deep in her pussy. I had filled her whole pussy with my cock so it probably went straight into her womb.

She shuddered in a small orgasm but kept milking my cock. Finally I stopped spurting and I want to help her off of me but she shook her head again. She laid it down on my chest and fell asl**p. My cock still buried deep in her pussy, preventing my cum from leaking out.

Each time my cock would shrink a bit I could feel her pussy contract. making my cock grow again. It was not long before I fell asl**p too.

The next morning I woke up thinking it was all a dream. But then I heard a female voice chatting in Japanese. I felt a weight on my body and when I opened my eyes she was still on top of me. But now she had lifted her upper body. I hadn't seen her breasts naked but they looked marvelous. Perky and soft. Her nipples big and dragging over my chest as she moved. She had her face to the side as she was chatting with her friend.

I looked at the friend and she was sitting up in bed. Her breasts where also clearly visible and her nipples where hard too. She saw me looking and smiled.
"Happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas." I almost could dream up their responses to everything.

The girl on top of me started to get up but my cock was still a big part inside her pussy. During the night our combined juices must have dried up because it felt like we where glued together.

She noticed it too because she didn't move any further. She said something to her friend and that made her laugh. She got up out of the bed showing her whole body to me. She looked marvelous. She had a big patch of pussy hair that almost covered her whole crotch.

If my girl had the same amount she must have a lot of hair glued to my crotch. The other girl moved to the foot end of the bed and pulled away the covers.
"Happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas?" she asked this time. As if she wasn't sure everything I had happen to her friend would stay in Vegas. But then she got up on the bed between my legs.

She crawled all the way to the interlocked crotches and then she started to lick my balls, my crotch and any part of my cock that was not fully inside the pussy. I felt it grow again. It pulled a bit where out cum was still dry but I felt the tongue slip to those spots immediately.

The tongue kept on licking and sucking at the cum. I felt the pussy starting to milk me again. My girl still stayed absolutely still but with her upper body lifted. So I grabbed her tits and started to suck on them. I nibbled and sucked at her nipples and she started to shake.

Within a couple of minutes I could feel her starting to shake harder and when the tongue of her friend enter her pussy alongside my cock she burst out in an orgasm. I could feel her juices run out of her pussy, soaking my just cleaned sack.

When she calmed down she finally lifted herself off of my cock and stepped out of bed. But that only left room for her friend to pull my cock in her mouth. Again she was only satisfied when she had it completely in her mouth. I could hear her breathing through her nose as she struggled for air. But she didn't let go. I could feel her throat muscles work the head of my cock while her tongue worked the shaft.

It didn't take long for me to cum again. Filling her stomach with my cum. And again she kept her mouth wrapped around my cock. Not letting it go. Occasionally working her tongue to keep it hard.

The other girl had disappeared into the bathroom. I heard the water running as she was taking a shower. But the water running made my body think about it's urges. I felt the pressure build in my bladder. I tried to tell her with mouth and hands that I needed a pee, but she didn't seem to understand.

The first girls came looking what was it all about. When I gestured to the bathroom she seemed to understand. She said something to her friend. she got a response but that only made her give me the standard answer.
"Happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas."

I couldn't hold off any longer and I felt my piss shoot out. It didn't shock either of them. It only made the second girl swallow hard and as fast as she could. She didn't let one drop slip from between her lips.

That was all it took for me to fall asl**p again.

I awoke again late in the morning. The girls where gone and there was nothing that reminded me of them. Was it a dream? Then I saw they had left their bras and panties on my suitcase.

I hope they stay in Vegas so something else can happen in Vegas.
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2 years ago
Great tasty story, Peter and well told! ;-)P
Did you ever see them again? - Peter Pan
2 years ago
2 years ago
3 years ago
great story, very erotic but very well written too
3 years ago
Very good indeed,,dam I am hard as a rock
3 years ago
excellent story