Twins playing tricks

I was 20 and my b*****r was 18 when we dated the Peterson Twins, Samantha and Julia. They were hot teens with long brown hair and brown eyes. We never went out together. I took Julia to a party on Friday and my b*****r took Samantha somewhere too. On Saturday the girls wanted an evening for themselves.

And on Sunday we hung out in couples. Again not at the same place. I thought it strange but with a hot babe like Julia I didn't mind being alone with her. Because we all lived with out parents we could do much more than just some fucking in the car.

Julia loved to blow me while we drove to the make-out spot. Or at least she loved it on Friday. On a Sunday she didn't like it that much. Perhaps she was afraid her friends at school would smell her breath or something. That is what I thought then. But now I know the secret of the twins.

On Friday evening Julia was all worked up. Her parents would be out of town for the weekend so we would have the house to our self the whole Friday night. I asked why not the weekend but she insisted the Saturday was for her and her s****r. I didn't complain. Having her in a real bed for an entire night would be heaven.

So instead of staying out until early in the morning we were at her place before midnight. One moment I was afraid my b*****r would have had the same idea. I didn't want to have him in the same house but I didn't want to have to throw him out. But because I was the oldest b*****r I had the most right. Luckily he was nowhere to be seen.

I parked the car. Julia wanted to get out but I kissed her passionately. Holding on to her firm breast through her top. I tell you she has some great breasts I can kiss and lick all night if I have to.

Julia got scared. She didn't want the neighbors to tell on her after the weekend so we hurried in the house. Inside I trapped her between the door and my body, kissing her face again. Without looking I started to undress her until she was in her underwear.

One of my hands slipped between her legs and I started to massage her mound through the fabric of her panties. She panted into my mouth while she was struggling to undress me too. I teased her by pushing a finger against her clit each time she opened one button or zipper. Her hands trembling all the while. When she had me stripped naked I finally let go of her. I smiled at her was she stood there in front of me. Panting and heaving. Her breast straining to burst out of her bra.

She took my hand and almost dragged me up the stairs. At the top she looked at me and smiled devilish. Then she opened a door and let me in. It wasn't her bedroom. It looked her parent's bedroom. I looked at her and she nodded.

"Tonight I want you to take me like a man takes his wife." she said with a blush.
She waived at the bed.
"Lay down as I get more comfortable" she whispered as she hurried into the bathroom. I could see her drop her panties and bra through the door.

I was rock hard as I laid down on the bed. I didn't dare touch it afraid I might cum from the excitement of being in her parent's bedroom and watching her prepare for me. When she had combed her hair she walked over to the bed seductively. I couldn't stand it anymore. I jumped up and grabbed her arm. I pulled her on the bed. With a funny shriek she landed on her bum with her legs spread wide and in the air. Like any man does to his wife I jumped on top of her, pinning her down on the bed.

I put the head of my cock against her pussy and tried to ease it in. But she was so wet and I was so horny I couldn't keep going slow. Within seconds I rammed it deep into her body. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close, smashing her boobs between our bodies.

I could only move my hips up and down and that was what I did. As fast and hard as I could. I even slipped out a couple of times. Each time her eyes would open wide and beg me to enter her again. Which I happily did. But suddenly her eyes got even wider and the beg turned into a cry.
"No, not there" she cried.
I looked at her dumbfounded.
"Not in my ass."
"Sorry" was all I could say as I started to pull out.
"No, don't pull it out."
I stopped.
"Your head is to thick." she complained.

She normally never complained about it's thickness. Perhaps only when I fucked her throat to deep. And only on Sunday.

She let go of my upper body so I could push it up to see where we connected. Seeing my cock enter her body made me even harder. She whimpered. I put a finger between her pussy lips and tried to push some of her pussy fluid to her anus to make it more slippery. Touching her pussy made her squirm. She groaned as she felt my cock move deep in her bowls. I tried to pull out again but it still hurt.

I looked at her face. She was thinking about something and then her devilish grin appeared again.
"There is only one solution. You have to get soft again." She moved her hips and my cock got harder again.
"If you keep doing that I won't ever get soft. If I ever get soft with you."
"Oh yeah, you get soft with me."
I looked at her again.
"If you have cum, you silly man." she said jokingly.
"Inside you?" I asked. Because until then I wasn't allowed to cum inside her. Not even in her soft mouth.
She only nodded and started to move her ass up and down. Driving herself onto my cock again.
In response I started to fuck her again. Pulling out until I could feel the head pull her sphincter. And then ram it back in.

And then she came. For the first time with me inside her. That instantly threw me over the edge and I filled her body with my cum. I don't know how much but I had the idea I kept cumming for minutes. When I was finally empty I tried to pull out but it wasn't soft enough. She kissed me. It relaxed me enough to have my cock go soft until it slipped out of her anus.

I got up but she grabbed me.
"Where are you going?"
"I want to clean up."
"No way, man. This made me cum so hard I want to do it again. And again."
"Won't it hurt?"
"We'll just have to try to find a way so it hurts less."

And trying we did. All night long we searched for the best way to start. Because the end would always be the same. With us both cumming, me getting soft and slipping out.

Occasionally my cock would be to hard and the head to big to enter her without pain. On other occasions my cock would still be to soft to get past her sphincter. Finally we found the right hardness to enter her without much pain. We did it a couple of times to see if we could do it right each time. And we could.

So somewhere in the morning, the sun was already up, she threw me out the house. It was Saturday and that would be the day she wanted to spent with Samantha. I wondered what Samantha would have to say when she would come home. But that didn't concern me. My only concern was Sunday. Because Julia had asked me to come over at 4PM on Sunday. And she made clear she was not planning to go out that night.

So I went over there Sunday afternoon.
And that was when I learned about the tricks twins play.
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2 years ago
SO tell us about Sunday.
3 years ago
What a great start to a fun relationship ...
3 years ago
very good & hot, but what is the trick??