My s****r-in-law

I hadn't seen my b*****r for years. I moved out years ago and during the occasional visit to mom and dad he wasn't at home. The last time mom told me he had a fiancee. My mother didn't like it. She said the girl was a bit of a looker and used that to get to my b*****r's money.

My b*****r didn't have any money. He had more than dad but that was because he didn't get d***k every night. Only once every weekend. And about being a looker. For my mom every girl that occasionally wore a dress was a looker. So when he called me to tell me he would come by with his wife I didn't expect much. I would enjoy his company but wondered what to do with his wife.

Yes, he had married her but not told mom and dad. He wanted my advice on how to bring it to them. So I told him to come over and party.

Did I tell you he was a truck driver? He had a load to near my city and after he dropped the trailer he came to my house with the truck. He got out and waved at me. I saw a face through the side window of the cabin. When he opened the door my mouth fell open. He got his hands on a real Japanese. I remember we fantasized about them when we where younger. How they were so tiny so we could lift them with one hand, put them on our cock and still walk around without using our hands. And now he had one of those little vixens.

He grabbed her by the waist. His hands completely encircling it. He turned around so her back was to me. Then he let go of her. She slide down his body and the friction made her skirt ride up, showing me a pair of perfect ass cheeks.

They came over to me. I hugged my b*****r but when I wanted to do the same to my s****r-in-law she just bowed and extended her hand. We shook hands. hers disappeared completely into mine.

I invited them in, talking, joking. But he made clear she was his wife and not some toy like the Peterson twins. I had to smile when I thought back. I said I understood.

I ordered some pizza and pulled out some beer. We really partied. I was stunned by how his wife drank as much as he did. A pretty accomplishment for such a tiny body. But after a couple of hours they both became loaded. As they were my guests I offered them my king size bed in my bedroom while I would sl**p in the guestroom. So after some last joking we all left for our rooms.

I heard them laughing and giggling. I knew that laugh of his. He would be fast asl**p soon. And she would probably be too. I found out the bathroom in the guestroom was without toilet paper. The only stock was in my own bathroom next to my bedroom. I decided to wait until they would be asl**p and go get some.

After only a few minutes it got quiet. I waited another minute and opened the door. They were both in bed and by the sound of it sound asl**p. I walked over to the bathroom got the toilet paper and while I was there anyway use the toilet.

When I entered the bedroom I thought they were awake. The sheets were thrown off the bed and I could see their naked body. Or at least part of it. My s****r-in-law's perfect ass was aimed directly at me. She was crouched over my b*****r. Her crotch right over his cock. She had it in her hand and was stroking it. It was slowly getting harder and when she decided it was hard enough she guided the head between her pussy lips. She would let go and push her hips down. And the cock bend and slipped out. She groaned and grasped the cock again. She stroked it and tried to push it in her pussy without any luck.

I stood there watching. I saw her getting more frustrated while I got hornier. Occasionally she would just rub her pussy along the soft shaft before she tried to get it hard again.

At one point, I don't know how it had happened, I was naked and standing at the foot of the bed. I could smell her juices. I didn't care. I had to get closer. I crawled between my b*****rs legs until I was almost touching her. Then I felt her hands on my cock. She must have grabbed wrong in her search for my b*****r's cock. I let her guide the head between her lips. I softly groaned as she slammed her crotch against mine, engulfing my whole cock in one go. I decided to sit still and let her do the work.

She move forward and back. Fucking me with her tiny body. I think I would have lifted her off the bed if I would bend backward when she was fully impaled. But I didn't. I sat on my knees and let her fuck me. She became wilder only to calm down again. She changed position occasionally. She would lay down on my b*****r's body and just move her hips up and down.

Or she would pull my cock into her pussy and gyrate her hips against mine. Making my cock almost touch the whole inside of her belly. I wondered whether she would continue until she came.

I hadn't much time to think because she pushed herself against me. She started to cum. Her pussy became even tighter. I bet I could feel the muscles in her abdomen milk my cock. And that was all I needed to cum to. To fill my s****r-in-law with my cum.

We staid this way for almost a minute while my cock slowly emptied everything from my balls in her womb. Then she slummed down on my b*****r. My cock slipped out of her pussy. It was coated in both our cum. I grabbed my clothes and hurried back to the guestroom. I laid down and collected the cum mix from my cock to taste it. I loved the taste of my own cum mixed with Asian pussy juice.

That was when I decided to get me a wife like that too. And I might let my b*****r fuck her when I was d***k.
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2 years ago
Very exciting story i must read more of your works.
2 years ago
Nice story
3 years ago
even in dreams this would never happen.
3 years ago
very good do not know if it was a dream or not
3 years ago
Delicious dream and well written. Congrats, Pete!