Three Chinese girls at home

I had learned not to respond to quickly to requests by a submissive. Even if they seemed to come through another Dominant. And I still didn't know whether I could trust the letter. But after a couple of weeks I decided to go to the address mentioned. I didn't have anything planned for the weekend. If things turned out alright I would have a nice weekend. If not, the weekend wouldn't be wasted.

When I arrived home from work Friday afternoon I took something light for diner and then I took a shower. Even if I expected nothing and I might end up working in the garden over the weekend I just wanted to be clean when I visited those three Chinese women.

My cock had other thoughts about its change. When I undressed it grew immediately to its full strength. I smiled. It made shaving the base of the shaft much more easy. I lathered up my groin, cock and balls. It made my cock even harder. My balls even seemed to fill up with sperm but that must have been an illusion.

I took the raiser and slowly removed any hair from my crotch area. Careful not to nick any skin. I didn't want any open of freshly healed wounds no matter how small. I took extra care to remove all hairs from the base of my cock. No matter how sexy a gagging woman might be gagging because of hair tickling her is not sexy anymore. And seeing your own pubic hair between her teeth kills any desire of kissing her.

After the shower I checked my wardrobe. What should I wear? I decided to go for black this time. Black leather shoes with black socks. Black underwear under black tight jeans.I had those jeans made to fit perfectly. They where tight but allowed me freedom of movement. It is killing when I want to carry a bound submissive down the stairs to the dungeon and I can't bend my legs.

Another feature was the extra stretching that was applied in the crotch area. It allowed my cock to grow to a complete standing position without the need to adjust it with my hands myself. Can you imagine giving a submissive a good beating only to be interrupted by an aching cock that is trapped in to tight and inflexible jeans.

I finished clothing with one of my new black shirts. It looked like leather but felt like silk. I topped it off with a thin black tie. It looked classy but I could pull it off my neck with one hand while I used the other to hold a submissive. I had even trained to tie her hands together with one hand. It wouldn't be the nicest knot but it helps surprise submissives that are hesitant to be tied down.

I watched myself in the mirror and smiled. Even if the letter had been a joke they would have a hard time withstanding me.

I gathered the cuffs and the dildo and got in the car. It was only an hour drive so I arrived when it just started to get dark. Usually I use Google Street View to get to know the neighborhood but the Google cars hadn't been there so I had to go unprepared and have myself surprised. And I was surprised. The address was that of a large house at the end of a sizable driveway. Luckily I could drive up to the house without the need to report myself to a guard or something.

The house was dark but I saw some lights behind thick curtains. I got out of the car and went to the front door. I rang the bell and that made somebody stir. I heard noises in the house and a few seconds later I saw a simmering light through the glass door. Somebody moved through the hallway to the door.

I could see a faint shadow on the glass. Then somebody turned on the light. The shadow became much clearer instantly. Now I could see the shape of the woman behind the door. Small, like I remembered, but without enough detail to know whether it was Xiao or Wei. Or even the third s****r.

"Who is this?" I heard a voice from behind the still closed door.
"Master L." I replied, using my Dominant name.
I could hear a gasp.
"What are you doing here?"
"I believe you and your s****r invited me over."
"If it is a mistake, I'll leave the cuffs and other items on the doorstep and leave."
"No, stop" She cried out.
"What did you say?" I asked, now knowing there was at least some genuinity in the letter.
"Please don't do that, Sir." She responded in a humble voice. I smiled. That wasn't Xiao. I bet the other s****r didn't know about the cuffs and dildo. So it had to be Wei at the other side of the door.

"Will you open the door?"
"Xiao doesn't allow me to open the door to strangers." She responded with a hint of regret in her voice.
"Am I a stranger?" I replied. "You know more about me then I know about you."
Silence from behind the door. I let her think about it for a few more seconds and finally I saw her move and I heard the lock click open. She opened the door and she was standing naked in front of me.

That was something I hadn't expected. It took me a second before I could respond.

"This is all I know about you." I said as I gestured at her breasts.
She blushed and put her eyes down. Giving me time to examine her body more closely. Her black hair was d****d over her shoulder and hanging down her back. a few strands had sneaked to her front and straddled her breasts. The hair was moist as if she had been in the shower not so long ago. It stuck to her breasts accenting them even more.

Her breasts where firm and standing straight out. I measured her body in my mind. My cock would probably poke against the underside of her breast when it was hard. I imagined how that would feel and that thought made my cock grow. It slowly grew and move up inside my jeans. It made Wei gasp again.

She quickly turned.

"Please, Sir." She whispered. "You can wait for Xiao in the lounge. She will be home shortly. She has taken Re shopping. She wanted to buy a new dildo. She hadn't expected you to bring it back. She will be very surprised."

Wei kept talking nervously. I didn't stop her. It helped me getting to know more about the three of them.

"Re kept telling you would show up. That is the only reason she went along with Xiao. To try to convince her not to buy the dildo."

At that moment I interrupted.

"Why doesn't she want Xiao to buy one? If she bought one you would have two. That can be extra fun."

"No, no, sir." She responded. "It is considered bad luck if you give somebody something to return to you on a later date. And you don't wait for them to return it. And just go and buy a new one. And that that person returns it after all."

"So now that I have come to return the dildo and cuffs things will go wrong when Re isn't able to convince Xiao?"

"Yes, Sir." she said, nodding her head so violently her breasts bobbed too.
"I need to phone Xiao and tell her not to buy anything." She continued as she walked over to the phone on the sidetable.
"Stop" I said as I raised my hand.
"But Sir.." She started to say. I could almost hear the tears form in her eyes.
"You are to late anyway." I said because I heard a car come up the driveway.

Wei sobbed and kneeled down next to the couch I was sitting on.

I could hear the front door open.
"Wei?" Somebody called out.
"Wei, where are you?" I could hear some concern. I did understand. A strange car in front. No answer from Wei. That didn't look good.
"Answer." I whispered to Wei.
She swallowed a couple of times.
"I am in the lounge, Mistress." She responded. When she wanted to continue I put a finger on her lips, silencing her.

The door to the lounge opened and in came an unknown Chinese woman. Naked. For a second I wondered whether they did their shopping like this. But then I realized they must have shed their clothes at the door.

She looked a bit older than Xiao and Wei but not so much so she could be their mother. It must have been their big s****r. The big s****r who must have cared for them for a long time. And now Xiao and Wei where grown up they wanted their s****r to do and experience what she wanted and needed.

"Wei...." she started to say but then she saw me. She stopped in her tracks. Her right leg forward in the middle of a step. That position gave me a perfect view on her mound. It was swollen and I thought I even saw some moisture on it.
"Had they tested the dildo?" I thought.

Her pubic hair was shaven, leaving her lips bare. She only had a tuft of hair at the top of her lips. It was a shape I hadn't see before. I have seen lines, triangles and even hearts. This woman had an arc over her pussy. While all other shapes seemed to point towards the slit between the lips, this shape seemed to protect it.

My eyes drifted up taking in the rest of her body. She had an unbelievable hourglass shaped body. I think I could wrap my hands around her waist touching the fingers on her front and back with ease. Her breasts were large. At least on a woman like her. They were probably a C and very firm. Her nipples where thick and standing straight out too. She had the same face as Xiao and Wei and the same hair.

After only a moment she shrieked and covered her breasts and crotch with her hands.
"Meet Master L." Wei said matter-of-factly.
It only make Re shriek another time and turn around. She ran out the door, bumping into Xiao as she came running into the lounge. Re continued running. I heard her run up the stairs as Xiao froze when she saw me.

She quickly put one hand behind her back but not before I could see the big double headed dildo she was holding.

"I see you didn't trust me in bringing your toy back." I said, pointing at her arm.
"No" She stammered. "I just wanted one extra."
I looked at her.
"For Re." The stammering became worse.
I tilted my head.
"For our asses."
I smiled which seemed to ease her up.
"Good idea" I said. "But still bad luck for you."
She looked at me questioningly.
"Wei told me about you not trusting me to return it."
She gave Wei an angry look.
"Don't blame Wei." I said firmly. "You don't give your submissive a good example by lying to another Dominant."
"Yes, Master." She said meekly.

With that she kneeled down next to Wei. Wei looked at Xiao as if she had never seen her do that. Wei looked at me and back at Xiao. I looked at Xiao with a stunned face too. How did this Mistress turn submissive so quickly. I have had switches change from being Dominant to submissiveness this quick. But only after I had trained them.

There is one thing that I like less then a lying Dominant and that is a submissive calling me Master without my consent. So I responded firmly "I don't remember you offering your submissiveness and I certainly don't remember accepting that." I told Xiao. Before she could respond i continued. "Perhaps I should have known there was something wrong when you mentioned offering your s****r to me."

"Sir?" Wei said.
I motioned for her to continue.
"It was my idea to offer her to you. I know how good it feels to submit to a Dominant who loves you. And when she spoke about you I thought it out. Just to help her over her hesitation."
"I see" I responded watching both of them. Thinking about what to do with this situation. Whatever I expected of this weekend this was not it.
"And you discussed this with Xiao, your Mistress?"
"Yes, Sir." they anwsered in unison.

"May I say something, Sir?" Xiao asked.
"Of course. this is your house." I responded. Imprinting that she might have to get back into her Dominant role. In this house at least.

"I have always been drawn between submissiveness and Dominance. My lesbian part is Dominant but my heterosexual part is submissive. But I have never been able to enjoy that submissive part because there was never a Dominant I dared to submit too. One that would accept me but allowed me to be Dominant to Wei. One that I could trust with her."
I looked at Wei. she lowered her eyes again and said "I am lesbian, Sir."
I nodded.
"Now everything becomes much more clear. I am the first one you trust, Xiao?"
"I don't know, Sir. It feels like I can trust you. Re always tells me you are trustworthy. And your actions in the train and with Wei before Re and I arrived home only confirmed it."
"Thank you," I responded.

Both Xiao and Wei relaxed. They sank back on their heels. I watched them for a while. Then suddenly Wie let out a little yelp. "Sir, I forgot to offer you something to drink. Would you please forgive me?"
I smiled and looked at Xiao.
"I can forgive you, but as you where the one representing your f****y, your Mistress is the one having to decide on forgiveness and punishment."
Xiao smiled up at me. She looked around until her eyes caught the dildo she had left at the door.

"I bet Sir L. loved to see that dildo up your wet pussy when we were in the train."
I nodded.
"Wei, put that dildo up your pussy and hold on to it while you make our guest and your Mistress something to drink."
I turned my gaze at Wei's pussy.
She got up and walked over to where the dildo was. She bend forward at her waist showing me a perfect view of her ass and pussy. she grabbed the dildo and instead of inserting it she turned and walked back. with a big smile she handed me the dildo.

"Please, Sir. Would you be so kind as to put this where it belongs?"
"I would be honored." I responded as I accepted the dildo.
Xiao looked at Wei with her mouth wide open.
"You'd better close that mouth." I told her. "Or I'll put it down your throat."
With a loud snap she closed her mouth.
"Mistress" Wei started "I have to get used to male hands doing unspeakable things to me when you are his submissive."
"I am not his submissive." Xiao responded.
"But you want to." Wei pointed out.
"Yes, Mistress. You want to."
"But Re..."

"Stop arguing" I told them both.
I put my left hand on Wei's belly. She opened her legs a little and I put the head of the dildo against her lips. I turned and pushed a bit until it slipped between them. I stopped and let the flesh that was pushed up ease out again. Then I started pushing it deeper into her pussy. I watched as her lips seemed to hold on to the dildo getting pulled in. But when the tension became to much they slipped out again. Only to be taken back in during the next inch that was pushed into Wei's pussy.

Finally I had reached the end. I turned it left and right a few times and then I let go of it. It started to slide out but I felt Wei tense up her pussy muscles and the dildo didn't slip out any further. She made a little step and when she noticed the dildo didn't slip out any further she dared to go to the drinks cabinet and poor us some soda.

She turned and walked back. I saw panic appear on her face before I noticed the dildo started to slide down out of her pussy. She stopped walking. It helped a bit. The dildo moved slower but it still did move.

"Hurry." I told Wei. "And you open your mouth again." I continued at Xiao.
Both complied and just before the head of the dildo slipped out from between Wei's pussy lips Xiao closed her mouth around the other head. Wei stepped closer. Half of the dildo was shoved back in her pussy. The other half entered Xiao's mouth and throat.

The moment the four lips touched the door opened again and Re entered the room.
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2 years ago
I like where this is going. Nice writing
3 years ago
Can not wait for more on the 3 Chinese girls
3 years ago
excellent continuation in this sweet & hot series
3 years ago
Very hot. Keep writing. And congrats for shaving your balls and around your cock. Most girls that i know (myself included) don't like pubic hair to get in the way and i guess it would be a turn-off to see your own hair stuck between a girl's teeth lol.
3 years ago
ooo what's next?
Another excellent piece, thankyou
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
Great composition and mastering the situation.
Re re-enters. Fortunately there is second dildo.
And the cuffs. Stuff for the next part, I hope.