Chinese girls in the train

It was in the night train from Zurich, Switzerland, back to my home in The Netherlands. I was tired so when the train took off at the main station I was already in my bunk in a six person cabin. I had one of the top beds. That was convenient. I could stuff my bags in the compartment over the corridor. When the train had just left the station the conductor came to see my ticket so I knew I could go to sl**p right away. Nothing to bother me until I would arrive in Arnhem.

But I woke from the sound of giggling voices. Half asl**p I noticed the lights were on and the door open. I heard a strange language so I peeked over the edge of the bed. There they were. Two tiny Chinese girls. I say girls because they looked so tiny, but I know Chinese women are not tall at all.

The didn't seem to have noticed me so I kept quiet watching down on those sexy girls. I couldn't see much from my point of view. But from what I could see they seemed very sexy. Both had black hair that ran down their backs. How far I couldn't see. They appeared about the same height because when they moved closer to kiss their breasts touched at nipple level.

Oh, I didn't mention that before. They seemed like lovers. How the held hands, caressed each others face. And kissed. Of course the kisses. They were very light, barely touching each others lips. I had to stretch my legs so I could make some room for my growing cock. I admit. I was turned on. But I didn't want to ruin the view so I kept my silence.

After a few minutes of kissing they grabbed their luggage and put it under the beds. It appeared they would be sl**ping on the lower ones. Now I could see the length of their hair. It came almost to their buts. When they bend down I had a perfect view on their backs. The black hair covering them until it slowly started to slide to the sides. With a whisk of their heads they threw it to one side. They both had slender bodies and now they were bend forward I could see the skirts they wore. From my point of view they covered their asses completely but I wondered what somebody on the same level would see. Would they be wearing panties, thongs? Or perhaps even nothing.

But then suddenly the show was over. They picked what appeared to be their tickets from their purses and sat down on the beds. One on either side. I kept peeking for a while but then sl**p came over me again and I dozed off.

I awoke when somebody knocked on the door. It was the conductor to check their tickets. He must have remembered he had already checked mine because he didn't even look up at my bed. Perhaps he thought I was sl**ping. Everything seemed alright with their tickets and he left. But not before showing them how they could lock the door to prevent people from entering the cabin unannounced.

When he had left, they closed the door and the curtains. They switched off the bright overhead light and switched on a few of the dimmer lights. They gave of a soft yellowish light that made their skin look like velvet. The moment I thought about going to sl**p again one grabbed the others head and pulled her close. This time the kissing was not tender. It was pure lust. She stuck her tongue out and pushed it between the others lips. She in turn responded by opening her mouth wide. They kept kissing for almost ten minutes before the aggressive one let her hands slide down the others body. When she reached the hem of the shirt, she pulled it up over her head. In a flash I saw one perfect breast. No bra covering it. Then they pushed against each other again.

Her hands kept roaming the others back.

I have to think of a name for both of them, I thought. How else can I keep them apart when i think back at this moment? So I decided to call the aggressive one Xiao. The other I'll call Wei.

So to continue the story.

Xiao's hands were roaming Wei's back. I could see she used her nails for it, making Wei groan into Xiao's mouth. Wei slipped her hands under Xiao's shirt too but from the movements I could make out she was much more tender. Eventually she pulled Xiao's shirt over her head too.

They stepped back with their mouths still locked. But their ample breasts where not touching anymore. I could see flashes of white flesh, illuminated by the soft yellow lights, when their arms or hands didn't obscure it.

Then they fully stepped back showing me their breasts from above. They seemed to stand out straight. Both were almost the same size but I believe Wei had something between an A and a B and Xiao had a B. As far as I could make out from my standpoint of course.

Wei started to kiss Xiao's face but soon she moved down. Kisses trailing along Xiao's neck to her breasts. Her nipples were much bigger when Wei released them from between her lips. Then she continued further down. I hadn't noticed it but suddenly xiao's skirt was on the floor next to the bed and Wei was kissing her pussy lips. I heard Xiao's muffled cries as she tried to be quiet.

Not for me, I thought. They didn't know somebody was supposed to be sl**ping in that same cabin with them. Perhaps to not disturb people sl**ping in cabins left and right to ours.

Xiao suddenly grabbed Wei's hair and pulled her halfway up. Next she almost dragged her to the bed and threw her on it. Xiao herself got up on the bed to. What she did exactly was obscured by the middle bed, but with Wei laying with her upper body on the bed and her lower body hanging down from it I had a perfect view on her tits. They were a mouthful. Just as I liked them.

Yes, I like to suck a breast completely into my mouth. So when I nibble my teeth leave marks all around the base of the breast. And while nibbling my tongue would play with the nipple.

But back to Wei and Xiao.

Wei's skirt moved up her thighs as she moved around on the bed. Slowly her pussy became visible in the dim light. She had shaven her lips. Leaving only a thick patch of dark black hair just above the slit. When Wei opened and closed her legs her pussy lips moved with them. But they didn't open. Her juices made them stick together.

Suddenly Xiao couldn't muffle her cries anymore. It wasn't as loud as she probably would have done at home but surely the neighbors would know what happened in here. After a few minutes she climbed off the bed. Her crotch and the inside of her thighs glistering in the light. She climbed back in bed holding Wei in her arms. After a few minutes they seemed to be asl**p. I felt sorry for Wei because she probably hadn't orgasmed. But I didn't think I could do much about it. So I laid down to catch some sl**p too.

In the middle of the night I awoke. At first I didn't know were I was. Until I heard soft moans. I smiled and carefully watched over the edge of the bed again. Wei and Xiao weren't locked in a hug anymore. Both had their heads on opposite ends of the bed, their crotches pushed against each other.

Scissor s****r style, a bi-sexual friend once told me. I watched as I saw one of them move her body, rubbing her pussy against the other. She pulled away a bit. That helped me to make out who it was. Xiao had her pubic hair shaved the same as Wei had, but Xiao had a much thinner bush.

I smiled. So Wei decided she needed an orgasm too, I thought.

Then I saw something between their legs. At first it wasn't so clearly visible, but then I could see something protruding from Wei's pussy and enter Xiao's. Or the other way around. Then Wei moved her pussy against Xiao's again and I suddenly got what it was. They were locked by a double-headed dildo and Wei was trying to use it to get off.

I smiled as I understood the wickedness of Xiao. If Wei was working up to an orgasm Xiao would notice and wake up. And that was what happened. I saw Xiao move, her hands grabbed Wei's ankles and she firmly pulled Wei's pussy against her own again. Xiao's upper leg moved over Wei's body towards her breasts and she pushed her toe into the soft flesh for a second. Wei stopped moving.

I watched for a few minutes more but they soon fell asl**p again. And so did I.

During the night Wei tried to orgasm two more times. At least that was the number of times I woke because of her sounds. But neither times she was allowed.

The next morning I woke up half an hour before we would be in Arnhem. The end station of my trip with this train. I lay on my back wondering how Xiao and Wei would react when I would climb down from my bed. When they would realize a man had been with them in their cabin all the time. But when I carefully looked over the edge of the bed they were gone. They probably left at the last stop in Germany.

In a way I was disappointed because I loved to have seen their reaction. But this was probably better.

I climbed down the ladder and then I noticed something on the bed directly beneath mine. Some things I hadn't seen in the cabin before. No, not really. One of the things I had seen if only one inch of it. It was the double-headed dildo. But there were also some cuffs. When I looked closer it was a pair of wrist cuffs and a pair of ankle cuffs. And an envelop. I looked at it for a moment. Should I leave it there or should I take it with me. Perhaps even take it to the office for lost items at the train stations. But neither Xiao nor Wei would have the nerve to go ask for it. Or perhaps Xiao would make Wei do it.

But then I noticed the writing on the envelop. It was a name. Not just a name. A familiar name although not my real name. It was the name under which I was known in certain D/s online communities.

I was shocked. Who were they? How did they know? Or was it just a coincidence?

I could only know when I opened the envelop. There must be a letter with more information inside. So I decided to take the items with me. I didn't want to read the letter in the train. I thought home would be a better place to study it.

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2 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
Thanks for the compliments. I love to write. I once almost wrote a complete BDSM book. It was dedicated to my sub at that time, my muze. After I had to let her go I didn't write for almost two years. I need a muze. Sadly my current muze is leaving us.
3 years ago
Erin is right - you write well.
Which is rare among men here.
Almost all good writers are female friends, IMHO.
3 years ago
Very nice writing. Those double-headed dildos can work really well if both girls know how to work it. Now, on to your Letter story.
3 years ago
very good what did it say
3 years ago
I'll tell that later. But I am wondering whether I'll put it as start of a new story or just as a blog posting.

Keep watching this space for updates.
3 years ago
what did the letter say?