The hitchhiker

I'm driving home from a meeting. It is a sunny day but suddenly a short but heavy rain bursts from the sky. No problem for me but a few miles down the road I see you walking by the side of the road. Walking home from work. Because of the warm sunny weather you are only in your white shirt and orange shorts. Your clothes are drained from the rain. They stick to your body and I can see your ass moving when you walk. I stop the car at your side.

You lean over and I see the fabric of your shirt cling to your big tits. The cold rain has made your nipples stand out. I shift in my seat and hope you don't notice it. With a hoarse throat I ask if you need a ride. You accept the invitation and get in. You smile thankfully.

You use your hands to remove the water from your face and clothes. When your hands go over your tits I see them move under your wet clothes. I tell you there are some towels in the back. You fetch them and start to dry your face and arms. You start with your legs too. Then you try to dry your clothes. From the corner of my eye I can see how you move the towel over your tits. Moving them around.

I tell you to get in the back. There you can take of the wet clothes and dry yourself better. I was not expecting you to do so. But you climb in back. Your naked leg brushes against my arm. A sudden bl**d-rush lets my cock swell even more.

I can't see you but I hear the sound of a wet shirt being pulled off. You drop it on the passenger seat. The shorts follows soon. I hear you dry your body. I get images of the towel over your soft skin. A few seconds later I notice something dropping on the passenger seat again. When I look sideways I notice your bra. I take a fast look backwards and see you toweling of your naked tits. I can't see them because of the towel. Suddenly you let the towel drop and you start to remove your panties. Your tits sway as your body moves. I almost drive the car of the road.

"Carefull" you say when you fall on your back. Your legs in the air and the panties hanging on one foot.

I pay attention to the road again. Keeping an eye on you in the rear-view mirror. You wrap yourself in the towel after you tossed your panties on the passenger seat. You look at me and your let your fingers slide over your nipples. You push your tits up inside the towel. I see you nipples poking against the fabric. You lick your lips and I can see the lust in your eyes.

I pull up at the side of the road. You smile when I get out and get to the other side of the car. You lay down on your back. You put your head down and when I open the door you look up at me. You let one leg drop to the floor. The other is pulled up against the back of the seat. You let the towel drop between your legs. I look your body up and down.

From your naked legs up to your still covered crotch. Your tits still pushed up by your arms holding the towel.

I get down on my knees. I kiss you on your mouth. I feel your wet lips against mine. Then you slip your tongue into my mouth. I let you lick mine until I push my tongue past yours into your mouth. I lick the inside of your lips. I lick your teeth before I let it slip further into your mouth. I feel your tongue exploring my mouth. I feel it turn and sway. I softly suck your tongue deeper into my mouth. You put your hands on my head. Your fingers gracing the back of my neck.

I let my fingers play with your neck. They go further down your body until they reach the towel. I feel goosebumps all over your skin when my fingers trail the towel from left to right and back. I put my hands on your tits. I feel the heat through the towel. Your nipples push into the palms of my hands. I let my fingers explore your soft tits. My hands rotating on your nipples. Softly my fingers begin to pull the towel away over your tits. So slowly you don't notice. We keep exploring each others mouths with our tongues. Licking each others lips and pushing and pulling our tongues in and out.

You gasp when you suddenly feel the towel being pulled over your nipples and my big hands touch your naked skin. I keep playing with your now naked tits. I feel your breathing push them up against my hands and I follow your chest when you exhale. I let my hands slide to the sides. Giving my fingers access to your nipples. I take them between thumb and index finger and slowly roll them around. You start to breath heavier now. Each time your exhale your feel my fingers pull your nipples.

Then I lift my lips from yours. I kiss slowly down your face to your neck. My tongue leaves a wet trail to your chest. I push your tits together when my lips reach your cleavage. I let my tongue slip out and I lick up between your tits. When I reach the top I push your nipples closer to my mouth. I let my tongue slide from left to right and back. A few times. Each time softly licking your nipples.

You try to lift your head to see what I am doing but my chest is to close. You start to kiss my chest while your fingers caress my back. I feel your nails on my skin each time I lick one of your nipples. Then I turn my head to one side and suck in one nipple. Your hands claw in my back. I feel your nipple grow. It extends between my lips and I lick it with my tongue. I let my teeth carefully nibble your nipple.

I pull my head up while I keep sucking your nipple. Your tit extends until I let your nipple slip out of my mouth. You let your hands relax but then I suck in the other nipple. It gets the same treatment.

I use my thumb to spread my saliva over your free nipple. I lightly caress your nipple. I keep pushing your tits against each other. I push my tongue between them and lick further down. When I let go of your tits. You feel my saliva run down your tits to your bellybutton. I let my fingers play with the sides of your tits but then they go down your sides to you waist. My lips start to kiss and suck on your belly. More and more saliva is running to your bellybutton as my fingers reach your ass.

You feel my fingers crawl between your cheeks and the seat. I pull your cheeks apart while my fingers dig deeper and deeper. Then I grab your ass and pull you towards me. My lips close over your bellybutton. Your head drops down over the edge of the seat. You now have a perfect view on the big bulge in my pants.

I let go of your bellybutton for a second to pull my T-shirt over my head. When I bend down again you feel my chest move against your hard nipples. My mouth closes over your bellybutton again and my tongue slips out and into your little hole. I let it dart round and round. I pull you body closer. Your head slips of the edge of the seat.

You struggle for a moment to open the zipper and get my cock out. You feel my lips on your clit. My tongues swirls around it and you open your mouth to moan. I move my hips closer and you feel the head of my cock on your lips. You keep your lips partly closed. Only your tongues slips out. You lick the precum of the head. You taste me.

I let my tongue slip between your lips. Tasting your honey. My hands push your thighs further apart. Opening your lips. I let my tongue lick from your clit down to your arse. I push it between your lips. I move it around and around. I use my fingers to spread your cunt even further. You open your mouth slightly letting the head slip in. You feel it swell in your mouth as I suck your clit between my lips.

Slowly I push my cock deeper in your mouth. And you feel two fingers going inside your pussy. I pull my cock back and my fingers move back too. I feel you grab my ass. Pulling me closer.

I put my lips on your pussy. My tongue slips between your folds. I use my fingers on your clit. Moving it around while I suck your juices from your pussy. Slowly I lick back to your clit. Then I push two fingers back into your cunt. I move them in and out. Faster and deeper this time. When they are in your hot slit I spread them wide. I pull them out stretching your pussy. Then I push them in again. You feel them against the walls of your cunt. In and out. I spread and close them. Slowly I feel your cunt starting to grab at my fingers.

I suck your clit deeper in my mouth. I let my tongue swirl around the tip. Then I feel you tense up. I move my fingers a few times fast and deep in and out and then you cum. I let go of your clit and put my lips on yours pussy lips. I want to drink directly from your honeypot. I feel your body tremble under mine while you fill my mouth with your cum.

When you finally relax I push my upper body up on my arms. You still have my cock in your mouth. You look up. I feel you suck at the head. I grab your tits and pull my cock back until only the head is in your mouth. I push in again. You hold your head back and I feel the head slip in your throat. I pull back and in again. Slowly I start to fuck faster and deeper. You use your hands on my ass to direct the speed and depth.

You can feel my ass tensing. You dig your fingers in my flesh and pull back. When only the head is in your mouth I start to cum. I fill your mouth with my cum. You let it run out of the corners of your mouth. It runs down your cheeks.

When I stop spurting you pull my cock deeper into your mouth again. You start to swallow. I see your throat work my cum into your stomach while your tongue licks my cock clean. Finally you let go of my ass. I pull out of your mouth and help you to sit again. I kiss your mouth. I taste my cum when I push my tongue in your mouth. You push the rest of my cum back in my mouth. We keep kissing until our mouths are empty again.

We get back in the car. You sit in the front this time. When I drive I look sideways sometimes. You tease me by showing your tits. You let your hand rest on my thigh. My cock stays hard during the whole trip. I offer you to come to my house and have a hot shower. You accept.

When we reach my place I open the door. Then you stop. You look at me and then at the woman inside. I introduce her as my girlfriend. You offer her your hand. She accepts and pulls you closer. You think she wants to kiss you on the cheek but she puts her lips on yours. She kisses you. Then she stops for a second before she sucks in one of your lips. She slips her tongue in your mouth. Then she pulls back. She licks her lips while she looks at me.

"I taste something familiar" she says.
You blush.
She kisses me. She sucks my tongue in her mouth and lets hers slip into mine.
"This tastes new" she says as she looks at you.
You blush even more.

She tells me to make the bath ready while she takes your hand and pulls you further into the house. I get upstairs and seconds later you hear the water running. My girlfriend leads you to a sofa. She pushes you in it. Without saying anything she kneels between your legs. She pulls the towel up but you are to shy. You hold it close to your body. She looks up at you and licks her lips.

Then you feel her fingers between your thighs. You spread your legs and she pushes her head between them. When you feel her fingers on your lips you stop protesting and let your head fall back. She pushes your legs further apart and then you feel her soft tongue on your lips. She pushes the towel away from your body. And when you look down you see her blond hair move up and down as she moves her tongue between your lips. From your clit to your arse and up again.

You put your hands on her head. Your fingers entangled in her hair. She is making you cum. Then you feel your orgasm soar through your body. You push her face harder against your cunt. When you finally come down you open your eyes. You see me standing next to my girlfriend. Naked and with my cock rock hard. My girlfriend lifts her head from between your legs. You see your juices all over her face.

She licks her lips and looks up at me.
"She tastes great".
With a wink she continues. "Just like your lips."
You blush again.
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2 years ago
Fabulous story, i will be returning later to read all your others.
3 years ago
Perfect, Peter:

A gentleman, his guest and
a great girlfriend home.
3 years ago