The taking of Lynn Shell

I had found out where Lynn Shell lived. I had staked out her house looking for a way and time to take her as my bitch. One night it was unusually busy at her house. All kinds of men entering. This must be one of her famous parties. So I tagged along. Nobody noticed I wasn't invited.

And there she was. In all her naked, lustful glory. Men where fucking her. She was sucking. But I was not there to be just one of the men. So I scouted the house. Get to know here her bedroom was. Where here bathroom was. After I knew what to do and where to do it I returned to the living room. It seemed the party had died down.

Her heavenly body was coated in sweat, sperm and probably cunt juices as well. I hid and waited for the last man to leave. I followed her, making sure she didn't notice. I dropped my clothes along the way. My cock was hard and eager. But I wanted a bit more time.

She headed for the shower. After a few seconds she got in the stall, leaving the door open so I could see how she washed her hair. Her arms up, pulling her tits up and making them stand out even more. After a while she started to soap her her tits. Washing them and then slowly moving her hands down between her legs.

Was she playing with herself again? No, she was just washing herself.

The moment she spread her legs some more to be able to clean herself better was the moment I stepped into the shower. She didn't react until I grabbed the back of her neck and my legs where pushing hers even further apart. She almost collapsed against me. I used my free hand to guide my cock between her legs. I bent my legs and then I straightened them. Forcing my cock hard and deep into her cunt. Even lifting her off the floor. I held her against me. My cock buried deep inside her.

"You are mine now, Lynn" I whispered in her ear. She struggled. Her legs swaying. She tried to hold on and her cunt muscles grabbed down on my cock. I couldn't hold any longer and the first load this night shot up into her cunt. The intensity almost sending me down on the floor.

I held her tight while I emptied myself in her body. I don't know for how long but after a while I felt my cock shrinking and getting soft. It slipped out and she stumbled on the floor. I helped her getting down on her knees. Turning her around so she was facing my flaccid cock. When she started to open her mouth to say something I stuffed my soft cock between her lips. Pulling her face against my abdomen.

Again I held her close. Feeling her breath against my skin. And after a short while I noticed my cock getting hard again. She started to struggle as she felt her mouth being filled. But I held on, my cock getting hard again. The head slipping into her throat. Ready for the next load?

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