Nude beach dream

Like so many times this week I went to the nude beach south of town. It is very relaxing. I park the car, walk a few hundred yards and put down my towel. I strip down my clothes and put them under the towel to be used as a pillow later. I get in the water and swim a bit or let myself float. Nothing is more relaxing than feeling the water everywhere on my body. After a couple of minutes I get out and lay down on the towel. I always start on my back. I love the soft breeze all over my body and between my legs. I close my eyes and usually drift of into a short sl**p to relax from the day of work.

I was was dozing off when I heard some woman's voices getting closer. Some of the women I can understand what they are saying. Others are still to far away. It gets better when the approach the spot I am laying

'Don't be a spoil, Chrissy'
'Most of those men look for other men'
'... gay ...'
'Yes, and if not they know they won't make a change with us.'
'..... older men ....'
'Chrissy, you naughty girl'
Another voice chipped in.
'Let's lay close to that guy. He seems a gentleman.'
The first voice responded.
'At least he looks better than the rest.'
More voices starting talking. It must have been more than five women.
'He has shaved himself.'
'No silly, his cock and balls.'
'That looks nice and soft.'
'Soft? Not so much.'
I noticed my cock started to grow. I didn't want to scare them off so I started thinking about work and it seemed to help.
'Looks like he had a sweet dream.'
'Do you think he is really sl**ping?' the voice I reckoned would be Chrissy's.
'I bet that if your talking made him hard he wouldn't be able to get soft again.'
'Only if we helped him.'
More giggling and some telling the woman to keep her naughty thoughts to herself.
I had a hard time staying soft. I started to think about a collegae I really didn't like. I could say I despised him and that made my cock really shrink.
'shh, don't talk like that.'
'Chrissy, you talk like a virgin.'
A few seconds of silence were followed by some hush sounds.
'Sorry, Chrissy. I didn't know.'
Was she really?
Think about work.
Think about work harder.
'Ohhh, shit.' Chrissy said.
'What's wrong?'
'He is... He is...'
'He is my neighbor from two house down the street.'
I wanted to open my eyes to see who she was. But something held me back.
'Oh wow'
'Chrissy, do you have a crush on him?'
'Yes, you have.'
'You are blushing.'
'Your nipples getting hard.'
They started to whisper so I could hardly hear what they were talking about.
'....knock at his door...'
'More than twice my age.' That was Chrissy again. Who was she?
'... woman now ....'
'No ... after tonight....'
I could understand less every second until I fell asl**p again.

After a while I woke up startled remembering the dream. I opened my eyes and looked around. There was nobody around except some guys over at the edge of the forest and some families at the water. The women were gone. Actually where I thought they had been laying there was not enough room between me and the bushes. They would have had to be on top of me. It had all been a dream. I smiled. It was a nice dream.

I turned on my front to let my back dry for a few minutes before I dressed again and went home. I
took care of my cats and made me something to eat. After diner I grabbed a book and got on the couch to read.

There was a knock on the door. I opened it to expect the postman delivering a package I had ordered. But I was greeted by a young woman.
'Hi, I am Chrissy from two house further up the street. Can I come in?' She said with a flushed face.
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5 months ago
I love that sentence " I had a hard time staying soft" LOL!
11 months ago
Misschien straks met het betere weer als de natuur ook weer op zijn mooist is en de winterjassen uitblijven?

En anders, is het gewoon wachten.........
Gaat wel goed komen!
11 months ago
Sure is.
Ik heb meer verhalen waar ik verder mee wil gaan, zoals de Chineses sisters en Finders Keepers. Die waren bedoeld als vervolgverhalen.
11 months ago
Sounds like a writer’s block?
11 months ago
I want to transform the dream of this morning to a new story. I have two problems with that. Both are related. I don't have the time and I don't have a muze. I did have a wonderful muze. Each time I tought about her stories just flowed from my fingers. I didn't need much time to write a good story then.
11 months ago
Nice story!
1 year ago
Thanks. I did dream about it again a short while ago. She was not that shy in that dream.
1 year ago
ha hah. good ending and beach dialogue
1 year ago
Oh, wow. You describe the events with such visual description -- just enough to set the scene and enough to let the mind wander. Great job!
2 years ago
Nice story, i like to lay on the nude beach too, sometimes you wake up with the feeling your cock grows....
2 years ago
Lovely dirty dream with a tasty turn at the end.
Looks like her face would flush some more,
and not only her face ;-)P - porn poet Pete
2 years ago
This is all true. Al though the last paragraph happened a couple of months ago and the rest last week. :)