Two Japanese girls from Vegas

This is a continuation, almost nine months later, of my story about Two Japanese girls in Vegas

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. I was with me girlfriend. We had met a couple of months ago. We were still much in love and because of that we were fully naked. Occasionally stroking and caressing each other. We were startled when the door bell rang. We didn’t expect anybody. The mailman had been on his round already and most of the neighbors were away on holiday.

I decided to check it out so I put on my shorts with nothing else. I answered the door to find an Asian girl standing on the porch. She did look familiar.
“Hello?” I said, inviting her to explain her presence.
“Happen in Vegas, not stay in Vegas.” She blurted out as if it was an accusation.
I suddenly remembered. I remembered that unexpected night with two Japanese girls. I didn’t see the second one so I wondered which one this would be. The one who had received my cum up her womb or the one that drank my piss.

She didn’t seem to like the way I smiled when I remembered that night.
“Happen in Vegas, not stay in Vegas.” She said again.
Then I saw her friend. She was trying to hide behind some bushes in the front garden. Her friend reached back and grabbed her hand and pulled her on the porch with us.
“Happen in Vegas, not stay in Vegas.” She said again and this time she pointed at her friend. I looked at her friend. She seemed to look differently. Her tits were bigger for sure.
“Ohh, damn” I thought as I noticed the belly being a lot bigger too.

“I am sorry” I started to say, but the first girl interrupted me.
“No sorry.” She said. “You happen her.” She continued in a way I had a bit difficulty to grasp.
“I did?” I asked.
Both nodded their head furiously. That made the tits of the pregnant one bounce up and down.
“You happen me too.” she continued.
“No, I didn’t happen to you.” I protested. I pointed to my mouth as if to indicate I filled her mouth and not her pussy.
“You happen me now.” She changed the line.

At that moment I saw their eyes open wide in shock. They looked past me and I followed their gaze. My girlfriend had decided to come and have a look at what was all this about. She also had put only her shorts.

“I don’t know their name, dear.” I said. “But these are the girls I met in Vegas. I told you about it.” She closed her eyes for a moment and then she smiled.
“Yes, I love that story each time you tell it.” she licked her lips and I saw her nipples getting bigger.
“What is the problem?”
I pointed at the pregnant one. “It didn’t stay in Vegas.”
She looked at me and then at the pregnant girl.
“Naughty boy” She said but I saw her mind was thinking otherwise.
“You are not the gentleman they thought you were. Letting a pregnant lady stand on the porch like this.” She grabbed the girls hand and pulled in the house. She put her other hand around the shoulders and guided her in the house. I could just see her open the door to the basement instead of the living room. I smiled. I remembered my girlfriend telling me she loved pregnant girls.

I turned to the other one.
“You happen me now?”
She had changed her ways after she had seen my girlfriend.
“Why not” I thought and I dropped my shorts. My cock was already hard by the thought of three hot girls in my house.
She looked at my cock and seemed to understand I would happen to her now. She didn’t know it would be now and there. As she walked past me to the house I put my arm around her waist and lifted her. I turned her around and carried her to the railing surrounding the porch. I pushed her down on it. Her tits hanging down on the other side of it. I grabbed her skirt and pulled it up over her ass. She had on some white cotton panties. I grabbed it at the crotch to pull it aside. I was pleasantly surprised to find it soaking wet.

She tried to fight me but I was to strong for her. I got through my knees to get my cock at level with her pussy and I pushed it into her in one stroke. I stretched my knees and lifted her feet of the porch. I stood completely still with my cock buried in the second Japanese pussy I had had. And it was great again. She started to milk my cock with her muscles. Like her friend had done so many months ago. Must have been nine months. That made me realize she might give birth any time soon. And she was alone with my girlfriend. That made me even bigger and harder.

A car drove by in the street. We could hear it getting closer and I had a hard time holding her down on the railing. It drove past and we could see a glimpse of the driver. We couldn’t see whether he was looking in our direction but the muscles milking my cock started to work even harder.

I didn’t hold on very long after that. And at my first spurt deep in her pussy she orgasmed too. She milked me even more. And like in Vegas she kept slowly moving her muscles as my cock started to shrink. Keeping it halfway hard and preventing it from slipping out.

I wanted to stay this way like in Vegas. Until it would have dried. But I wanted to see what was going on in the house. I lifted the girl up of the railing. I grabbed her tits and worked them out of the bra she was wearing. I held her against my body as her pussy muscles held on to my cock. I turned and entered the house, letting my shorts laying on the porch. I opened the door to the basement and went down in our dungeon.

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1 year ago
I want to follow up. I have lost my muze a while back and it's hard to find a good one.
1 year ago
you should follow up this story man
2 years ago
nice follow up there
2 years ago
Great follow-up, it happily happened and happens again ;-)P
Wonder whether they'll stop by again to show you the fruits of your labour? - porn poet Pete
2 years ago
Very good