Playing a game with Sanne and Robert

Sanne was home alone. Robert was back to work after the holiday trip. They had some e-mail contact with a Master before their trip but didn't find any response when they got home. Sanne got wet when she thought about the insinuations he had given in His last e-mail.

Somebody was at the door. Sanne was startled. She huried over to the door. She noticed her fingers were wet. Absentminded she must have played with herself. She put the fingers in her mouth as she opened the door. A rather handsome guy was at the door. He looked at her face where her fingers were moving in and out of her mouth. She stopped and blushed. The guy blushed to and quickly held out a big box.

"A package." he stammered.

Sanne took her package and signed for it. She closed the door and took it into the living room. It only held their address. No return address or sign to where it originated. She removed the brown paper wrapping only to find a box and an envelop attached to it.

She hesitated between opening the box or the envelop first. She decided on the envelop. It contained two more envelopes and a letter. She folded the letter open.

"Robert and Sanne..."

She quickly scanned to the end.

"Master L."

She trembled. That was the reason he didn't send an e-mail. He wanted something more.

Quickly she checked the rest of the letter. It merely said to only open her own envelop and give Robert's his at his arrival home. Neither was allowed to open the rest of the package until they had read their own letters.

She quickly opened her letter. It mentioned the two packages again. One for her and one for Robert. Neither was allowed to know what was inside the other package until Friday evening. She was expected to shower and shave. Master had found it necessary to mention "everything below the neck". She had to wear wat was inside her box and nothing more. She was then expected to be taken out by Robert.

That was the end of her letter. Except for a P.S. which told her not to play with herself for the next couple of days until the party.

She expected Robert's letter to be similar except it would probably mention where they were going. She phoned Robert to let him know what had come in the mail. She could hear him almost quit work early but at least she knew he would hurry home.

When he got home she gave him the letter. He read it and smiled at her. She got even more horny and pressed her body against his.

"I am not allowed to play with myself." She says. "Could you please play with me?"
"I am not allowed to play with you either." Robert responded and pushed her away. He did give her a quick kiss and pushed his crotch against her. She knew he was horny too but could do nothing about it.

Sanne got hornier with each passing day. She stopped wearing panties because they would get soaked within 10 minutes after putting them on. She could feel her juices running down her legs all day. She noticed Robert was hot too. Whenever she saw him he had a big bulge in his pants. She wondered whether it was gone when he arrived at work.

Robert had taken Friday afternoon free from work. He knew he couldn't wait for the evening. They both took their shower seperatly. when Sanne was ready she opened the box. In it she found four smaller boxes. She opened the biggest one to find a pair of high heels. She put them on and walked up and down the bathroom a couple of times.

They felt comfortable. They were high but balanced. She bent forward to watch her feet in them. She saw herself in the mirror and it cought her that her crotch must be level with Robert's cock on these heels.

The next box contained a fur-lined, leather collar. She hesitated but put it around her neck nonetheless. The next box contained a leash. Without thinking she attached it to the collar. She felt the cool leather rest between her tits. When she walked the handled swayed forward and back. She felt it brush her pussy. She stopped and closed her eyes, savoring the moment. The last box contained a dildo. Nothing extreme. Just above average size.

She admired herself in the mirror for a few moments. Then she heard Robert ask if she was ready, because he was. You left the bathroom to find Robert in the living room. he was all dressed up in a suit you didn't remember. That must have been in his package.

He looked a bit awkward.

Looking at you made it disappear a bit. You even saw a bulge forming in his pants even though it was a bit strange. Robert wears left and she normally can see his cock getting to attention. This time it already seemed to stand straight up and only got longer and thicker.

Robert saw her looking and smiled.
"This looks like an ordinary suit, but it is a one piece suite. It only has openings for my feet, hands and head."

Sanne didn't seem to understand the implications right then.

"And it seems to have fused the moment I put it one. The zipper can't open."

Sanne put her hands on her crotch searching for a zipper but she didn't find anything except Robert's cock getting even bigger.

"Oh yeah, no opening their either. My cock is put in a nice pouch inside the suit where it can only grow and shrink and go nowhere else. The zipper is on the back."

He turned and Sanne checked the zipper. She couldn't pull it down.

"We need to go" Robert said after a few futile attempts.

He grabbed the leash and pulled Sanne to the front door. She stopped to grab her coat but Robert yanked at the leash. Sanne looked at him.

"Only what is provided by Master L." He said.

Robert opened the door and Sanne hurried out the door to the car. But Robert just walked slowly over the her side. Keeping her from jumping into the car to quickly. He opened the door and let Sanne in. He walked over to his side and got in too. He drove off without saying anything. Sanne looked out the window expecting any moment to see one of the neighbors looking into the car. But nothing happened.

After about an hour Roger turned of the main street into a dirt road. After a couple of kilometers they arrived at an impressive farm house. Robert seemed to know where to go because he followed the road to the back of the house close to a door leading into the cellar.

He got out, walked over to Sanne's side and grabbed the leash. He helped her out of the car. He walked her to the door and had her stop there.

"I have to ask you if you will do anything that Master L has provided for us behind this door."

"I will" Sanne said with a throaty voice.

With that Robert produced a big red lipstift and coated Sanne's lips with it. Then he took the dildo from her hands. She had almost forgotten all about it. Robert told her to spread her legs and when Sanne complied robert slowly pushed the dildo deep into her pussy.

"Hold on" He whispered in her ear as he opened the door and took her inside.

At first she could hardly walk with the dildo inside her pussy. She could feel it sliding out but she knew that she shouldn't. She pushed her thighs together as she followed Robert inside. it was dark but after a few seconds she could see people already in the room. She look around and saw a few dozen men stand against the walls of the room. They were all naked and watched her as she was pulled inside. She saw cocks slowly rising at their sight of her. Some even seemed to jump up at her.

Robert walked over to the middle of the circular room. Sanne noticed the leash was just long enough for her to get close to the men at the walls but she couldn't reach them. Then she noticed one other man, beside Robert, still dressed. He was just watching her and Robert as if he was checking them out. After a few minutes he nodded.

"The first round is just kissing. Sanne you are to bend down towards each man and kiss the top of his cock for ten seconds. Just your lips touching his skin. No tongue. No hands. No nothing." He said. Sanne immediatly knew this must be Master L.

"Do you understand the rules?"
Sanne nodded.
"Do you understand the rules?" His voice changed slightly.
"Yes, Master." she responded.

"If you drop your dildo that is the end of this round."
"Yes, Master" Sanne responded almost before Master finished.

She looked at the man closest to her. He had a good sized cock and she could already see a drop of pre cum forming on the slit. She bend at her waist pushing her ass back at Robert. She new how hot he would get from the dildo protruding from her pussy.

She put her lips on the guy's cock opening it slightly. She made sure to keep her tongue in her mouth but she couldn't resist sucking at the pre cum. She managed to taste it. The guy started to produce even more. And just when she was starting to enjoy his taste Robert pulled at the leash.

"Next." Master said.

Sanne put one foot sideways to move to the next guy. Because that opened her legs she could feel the dildo start to slide out. She quickly closed her other foot next to the first and trapped the dildo again. She started to kiss the new cock. Much to soon again she felt the pull of the leash. She got up and looked at the cock. The tip was red from her lipstick. She looked at the first guy and saw the same mark on his cock.

She started to make small side steps to the next as she felt a stinging blow to her ass.
"Faster" Master told her.
Sanne jumped and again the dildo slipped out a few centimeter before she could close her legs again.

She kissed the third cock this evening. She wondered whether she would be able to kiss all of them. And what then?

Between the third and fourth she felt the dildo slip even further down out of her pussy. She quickly close her legs but it was to late. Her thighs where already wet with her juices which worked as a lubricant.

"Stop" Master pronounced. Sanne froze as she felt somebody grab the dildo before it could fall on the ground.

"As a punishment you have to jack the next guy off. If he cums before you do he wins and he will be in the finals."

That would be easy Sanne thought. The guy seemed to be already ready to explode. She grabbed his cock and spread his pre-cum all over the head. She started to give a quick hand job when she felt the dildo being pushed back in her pussy. It started to move in and out in rhythm with her jacking off the guy. But when she moved her hand a centimeter the dildo would move an inch. This was harder then she thought. She wanted him to cum. She didn't know anything about the finals but when there was a change she would have another go with this cock she wanted it.

She trembled on her feet as she felt her orgasm nearing. But the guy was also close to cumming. The moment the guy cried out in orgasm Sanne felt the dildo being pulled out of her pussy leaving it empty. She concentrated on her pussy and was surprised when the first blast of cum hit her face. Two or three more coated her face before the guy stepped back out of her reach.

"Thank Robert" Sanne heard Master say.
She turned and saw Robert standing in the middle of the room. His body was shaking and she could see a dark spot in his suit where the pre-cum leaked out of his cock. Sanne stepped up to Robert and kissed him. She pressed one hand against his bulge. She put the other on the back of Robert's head. On her high heels he didn't have to lean forward to kiss her face. She moved his head so he could kiss her whole face, cleaning the fresh cum off of it.

Suddenly she felt his cock throb and Robert groaned. She felt the wetness through his suit as his cum spread inside his clothes.

"Next round." Master proclaimed.

"This time you have to take the head in your mouth. The head only! You can lick the head with your tongue but make sure he doesn't get any deeper."

Robert use the lipstick to paint Sanne's lips again. His hands where trembling from his orgasm so he made a bit of a mess out of it. Nobody cared.

Sanne turned around and approached the fifth guy. As she bend down she felt the dildo enter her pussy again. Slowly. She knew that when it would go any faster she would climax immediately.

She closed her lips over the head of the cock and started lapping up the pre cum. This one was really leaking into her mouth. He started to buck his hips but Sanne held her lips tightly around the back of the head. Her tongue pushing against it to prevent it from slipping in further.

Again she could only suck three guys before she felt the dildo slip out again. Number eight got his hand job but he didn't make it before Sanne almost fell down from her orgasm.

"This one goes in the backup finals." Master proclaimed.

The way Master said "backup" made Sanne think that guy didn't really loose this game.

When Sanne turned to Robert for thanking him she noticed his cock being hard again. Or perhaps still. This time she was told to feed Robert the dildo coated in her juices. She fucked his mouth with it while she used her other hand to make him cum again.

"Third round" Master whispered in Sanne's ear as he gave her pussy a spanking. Just as she was about to cum again, he stopped.

"This time you have to take his whole cock in your mouth. That means into your throat in most cases too."

Sanne turned around to the next guy. He didn't have a very thick cock. It was even very thin. But it was very long. Sanne bend over and opened her mouth. The guy slowly slipped his cock head between her lips.

"Are you ready?" he asked.
Sanne nodded but before she had her throath lined up again he shoved the cock deep in her mouth. Without any difficulty it slipped further in her throat. She could almost feel it all the way to her stomage but then his belly slapped against her face. the f***e made her squirm and her pussy muscles worked her dildo out of her pussy at about the same speed.

Sanne could feel the disappointment in the guy's cock as he pulled out. She tried to hold on to it by putting as much suction to it as possible but it slipped out finally.

Sanne knew what was expected of her and she wrapped her hands around the next guy's cock. This time she didn't even have a change to brace herself as the dildo was plunged in her pussy. It slammed deep into her and she had another orgasm.

"Another backup finalist." Master pronounced.

Sanne looked up. What would be the next round. Because there where still a lot of guys waiting with their backs against the wall and their cocks aimed at her.

"We start again with round one." Master said.
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2 years ago
I like your stories. This is an intersting scenario. Good thought process. Definately going to make you a bookmark to come back to.
2 years ago
Great story.
2 years ago
funny games ;) want to read more of your stories. kiss
2 years ago
This is really hot. These are the kinds of games that I need to play with my husband.