Re's first time (Chines s****rs stories)

I lifted my hand for the third strike. I saw Re tense her muscles. She didn't know it hurts even more.

After a few seconds Re turned her head and looked at me. "Is there something wrong, Master?"
"There sure is, my horny honey." I answered with a smile.
"Do you feel my skin against yours?"
"No, Master. Shall I undress you?"
"No, honey. You have not have earned that privilege."

I lifted Re up off my lap and told her to kneel on the table in front of me. I directed her to spread her legs wide. I smiled as I saw the wetness on her lips. I instructed her to pur her hands high on her back to push her tits forward.

"Xiao, Wei, come over and undress your guest."
Both quickly jumped up and walked over. I saw Re watch them as they approached me. I didn't tell them who should do what but of course the little lesbian didn't dare go near my crotch. She unbuttoned my shirt and slid it of my shoulders and down my arms.

Xiao undid the belt and pulled down the zipper. She brushed her hand along my hard cock. I couldn't tell if she did it on purpose or not. I saw a streak of jealousy in Re's eyes.

"Stay clear of my cock, Xiao. That is not for you."
She looked up and nodded. She was more carefull as she slid down my pants and underwear. She licked her lips when my cock sprang into view. I knew she wanted to lick the drop of precum from the tip.

When she had everything down around my ankles I lifted one leg. I used Wei's breast as a hold. She gave out a little yelp but I could feel her nipple get hard against the palm of my hand. Xiao looked up for a second only to look down at Wei's pussy and smile.

I could see Re keeping an eye on everything. She took in my body but her eyes kept returning to my cock. I knew she wanted to say something but didn't dare to. I waited for me to be completely naked like the s****rs before I allowed her to speak.

"I have never had a cock in my pussy, Master. A real one I mean."
So you are used to dildo's like your s****rs?
She looked at them and at the double ended dildo's that where still laying on the floor.
"Not that thick, Master."
I looked at the dildo and noticed them being a bit thinner than my cock. That would be a tight fit if she had only had thinner ones. I smiled and let my cock bob once.

"Come over hear for your third punishment."
I sat down and had her lay down on my lap. this time I could feel her naked skin against mine. I pulled her closer so my cock was trapped between our bodies.

Without any warning I let my hand land on her ass cheek. The closest to me so the tips of my fingers dipped in her ass crack. I let them slide down to probe her arse and pussy.

"Master, please. May I ask you something?"
"Yes, my wet honey."
She blushed.
"I have never had anything in my arse, Master. Would you please spare it?"
I nodded.
I turned to Xiao.
"I have a butt plug in my bag. Bring it over to me."
I felt Re stir on my lap but she didn't protest.
Xiao opened my bag. I saw her hesitate when she saw what I had brought. She looked up at me with a knowing smile. Wei wanted to look inside, but Xiao turned the opening away. She searched for a few seconds and came up with the smallest plug I had with me.

She does love her s****r.

The thin part was as think as my little finger. The think part only marginal thicker.
"Make sure it is well lubed." I told her. She looked around for some lube.
"Don't pretend you aren't aware you are leaking the perfect lube yourself."
She blushed even deeper than Re. But she pushed the plug in her pussy. It almost completely disappeared. She fucked herself a couple of times with it before handing it over to me.

I sniffed it and probed it with my tongue. "Perfect" I said.
With one hand I spread Re's ass cheeks. She relaxed, the good sub she is. I pushed the tip against her arse. She was right. It was a virgin ass but with a little nudge the thick part entered her. It fit snug.

I helped her of my lap and directed her to sit on it. She innocently sat halfway down my thighs but I slapped her ass for that. I wrapped an arm around her and lifted her up as I pulled her closer to me. She tensed but I whispered she didn't need to be afraid of her arse because it was protected now.

She relaxed but before she remembered her pussy wasn't I had the tip of my cock between her lips. I slowly pushed her down. She was very tight. It was good she was this wet or else I wouldn't be able to have her sit on me like this.

Finally she was with her ass on my thighs and her pussy grabbing my cock tightly.

"Do you want to see how I met your s****rs?"
She nodded, curious about how something like this could have happened.

I told Wei to go and get the two dildos Now they had brought another one I had some good use for it. I gave Xiao one and ordered them to put them in their pussies and make them wet and slippery. Wei did as she was told. She must have been extremely turned on because she started fucking herself hard and fast. I told her to slow down and watch Xiao. Xiao seems to know what the lube was for so she did it slowly. making sure it was covered in her juices from top to halfway whe she was holding it.

"Wei, put it in Xiao's arse."
I didn't need to tell Xiao anything. She bent down and offered Wei her arse. Wei pushed it in. They seemed to have done this before. I gestured to change places and Wei bend down to have Xiao use the dildo on her. xiao was less careful. She shoved the dildo hard and fast into Wei's unprotected arse. She yelped and jumped. Xiao let go of the dildo and my cock got even thicker inside Re's pussy by the sight of that dangling dildo.

Re felt it too. She tensed up making herself even tighter.

"Xiao, Wei, on the flour and show how you two hump each other."
They went down and positioned the dildos so they would slip in their pussies as the moved closer. They finally touched each other. Again did they burry the dildos completely in their bodies.

"The one who makes the other cum first will get a reward."
That was enough incentive to start fucking hard and fast. Both moved their bodies in ways I had't seen before. They turned like a corkscrew sometimes. Twisting the dildo in their own and their s****rs body. They were both nearing orgasm but at the end Xiao came first squirting her juices all over the floor and Wei.

"Wei, come over her."
Wei pulled away from Xiao. I was afraid she would cum too but I didn't want her too. I wanted her eager to do anything. I had secretly hoped the little lesbian to be the winner.

"Make Re cum."
She dove between Re's legs without noticing she was between mine too. She started licking at Re's clit. I could feel Re trying to hump up and down. I didn't want her to move. I was afraid her tight pussy would make me cum by the movements.

Wei didn't seem to care anymore. She licked up and down Re's slit and took the base of my cock and occasionally my balls with it. I could feel Re getting ready to cum. Wei didn't notice. She was happily licking. Xiao didn't notice. She was still on the floor with her eyes closed. Her muscles still sending tremors through her body occasionally.

Then I felt Re cum. She tensed up except the muscles in her pussy. They started milking and within seconds I came too. Filling her pussy with my cum. That made her cum even harder.

When we both finally subsided I looked down at Wei. She was still licking Re's pussy. Her face was coated in both our cum. without letting her know I motioned Xiao to take hold of the dildos and use them on Wei. it didn't take long before she came too and rolled on the floor hugging her legs.

Re held on to my arms. She rested her head on my shoulder and turned her face to my ear.
"Thank you, Master."
I turned my face and kissed her on the lips.
"My body, mind and soul are yours, Master." She hesitated for a fraction of a second.

"Including my arse, Master."
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2 years ago
awesome & yes for another part or 3 of this series
2 years ago
Tasty continuation, Peter.
Curious for next part with Re.
Wouldn't her arse be too tight for you?
2 years ago
Also read the other parts of this story. Preferable before this one :-)
2 years ago
Thank you for sharing this Sir, kajira fully enjoyed reading this.