Another trucker story from Tony503

Upon my 66 excursion after going into Missouri the Show Me State I met a young man in the truckstop in Joplin we were talking about all his travels and how he enjoyed meeting new truckers along his journeys but as yet he never encountered any like he read in his magazines
I said what kind of truckers is that You know the ones out here who enjoy Sex without commitments and who like a slave I started to laugh So You want to be a slave and treated to the stories you read in your magazines, Well he said I have always wanted to try something different I said come with me now first I have to ask are you willing to do everything your Master or Mistress say he looked at me and said OH HELL YEA Just give me the chance
well it so happened that Jim the Bull was sitting in his Freightliner and his name Big Doggie was on the side I knocked on his door said Master Jim I got a new victim for you if you want to come to the truck and meet him he claims he wants to be a slave like in the magazines
I HAVE A LOT LIZZARD IN HERE GIVING ME A ROYAL SHAFTING WITH HER LIPS NOW JUST SIT THERE AND WAIT TILL I AM DONE yes Master Big Dog I am so sorry your majesty I must remember to obey your wishes, About 15 minutes later he came out and Said Ok Bitch leave my Truck and Bow and leave your Panties on my mirror she did and she was so pleased she pleased him
(See everyone knows that if Big Dog tells you to leave your panties he wants to see you again)
Now Bitch where is this new toy you want to show me, Master he is by my truck and he is kind of new to this Well if he is new he will learn fast and he better or else it is your ass that I will take out on got the picture Yes Master was all I could say, as we got to the truck we heard some singing it sounded great but Master Jim started in with So this is the Slutboy who wants to be used as a slave Shut up Punk right now and Bow down to your Master and Mistress
He hit the ground so fast I swore he broke both his knee caps and bow he did
then Master Big Dog said Hmmmmmm think he needs the Royal Treatment and no cab or sl**per will do Bitch you got your Rig set up Yes Master it is all ready I am on excursion of 66 and wanted to see all the sights since I do not haul anymore and still want to keep contact with my trucker friends Ok Slutboy get in the back come on Mistress you can help with his training
First pull off your pants and put these on He handed him some nylons with holes in them for easy access to his Manhood and his backdoor for any and all pleasure and then said Listen to your mistress she is going to tell you exactly what to do and you better listen
First I want you to suck on your Master he shook his head the Master took a whip with nine tails and hit him he let out a whimper and said he never sucked off another man before
the Master whipped him again screams came with pain this time he took the Masters manhood and gently sucked on it the Master padded his head then threw him down and said Lick the Mistresses feet and suck on those toes then lick her up till you get to her pleasant place of dreams and lick and suck her till she explodes in your mouth as the Master sees him do this he takes out his member and pisses on the new slutboy then he starts to enter him but he is much to large so the Master whips on him again till he has now spread his backdoor and licking the Mistress's juice The Master now tells him to let the Mistress suck on him as he is now going to suck down the juice of the Master as they continue their games and the slutboy is treated to a new form of sex from chaining up his hands and feet and locks put on his manhood
he is now feeling like he can truly enjoy all that life has to give
then the Master Chains him in the front of the Trailer at the overhead and makes him watch the Master and Mistress get it on as she sucks him and lets him enter both her caves first the frontdoor then the backdoor this puts a real strain on the slutboy because he can not relieve himsel with his tied hands and he begs that he needs to relieve himself before he explodes with a hardon well the Master brings the Mistress over and as he enters her backdoor again
She now has to suck on the slutboy's massive shaft but as he is about to cum she stops and laughs and the Master spanks her telling her Did I say Stop Bitch now Suck him I want to see this Mass of Slut be turned into a bowl of jello do you understand now suck him off
Soon she is down on him again the Master is now filling her valley up with his cream and then once again enters into her backdoor as the slutboy now releases all he has into the Mistresses mouth and down her mountains they then release their captive and introduce themselves
I am MoonlightWonder and this is Bull Dog what is your name he says I am called Sandy
and I want to thank you both for giving me a great teaching in the arts
Bul Dog says well since you only have one pair of underwear give them to Moonlight
He said Really and was flattered because he knew that if they were to meet again he would be treated to more of an adventure

6:32 pm, July 25 Tony503

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2 years ago
Wow!!! I kinda like that story!! I am learning to think of things in a New Way!Thanks to my New Friend...