Tony Kenyon2011 wrote this for me

Listen to my Engine Whine as the Moon Dances overhead
Listen to my Heart sing out with the Stars and the Wind
A MoonlightWonder bound for nowhere Soaring Ever Wild and Free
Eighteen Gears and a Cummings Racing with a Night Filled of Dreams

The Passion ignites as I head down the Ribbon of Black
The Fire Burns Brightest from my Heart and Soul
Longing to Feel the Gears in my Hands
As I move them To and Fro
With each graceful touch I am in Control

The Dream Ignites as the Engine Whines
I am Soaring with a new delight
I can Race with the Wind at my back
Feeling the Ride of Passion and Dreams
Living to be Wild and Free

MoonlightWonder Dances with the Stars
As the Wind sings through the Open Air
Passion soars through my Veins
Gears are a Moving me to new Terrain
I am Ignited from within wanting to sail Free with the Song of the Wind
(Tony Kenyon2011)

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2 years ago
I like it!! I think its GOOD!!!