BBC Slut Cums Full Circle

It was the middle of July and it was hotter than hell outside. The weather man had predicted 112 degrees for this clear summers day. For me this was great news. I love to swim and it was the perfect time to head out and get in a few hours in the shimmering warm water as well
as get a few glimpses of the new and old bikini clad neighbors with sun kissed skin.

I'm a black girl with a nice golden complection hourglass shape with big wide ass and hips, shapley legs, 42DDD breasts with nice medium dark areolas surrounding hard hershey kiss colored nipples...

On this day the pool is practically empty so i shimmy out of my wrap to reveal the 2 piece black and white halter to bathing suit I had been pushing around my
closet for the past couple of weeks. It felt so good to finally wear it out in the bright sun. Im an avid swimmer so being in the water is like breathing for me. Its a must. I get my keys and phone secured in my make-up bag I caught a glimps of a lovely raven haired beauty out of the corner of my eye. It was Janie..
The snotty little self proclaimed BBC slut from a few houses. She wasnt the most beautiful girl in the world but her body was something niggas came from miles around to get a piece of. A nice juicy ass and huge firm tits that drew the eyes.
Janie was a petite white girl who was shaped almost exactly like me jus a smaller version. Every time I saw her all i could do was watch those huge titties bounce as she walked. I instantly felt my pussy get wet and start to throb. I finally got my things set up and i was finally ready to get in.
By now the sun was going down and had left the sky with a slightly purple tent to it.
Janie was followed by here big bulky boyfriend James.. For some reason he wasnt my biggest fan and i can't say that i was his but we often exchanged solem nods in passing. As soon as she sat down I knew I would be masturbating to the image of her bouncing along the side of the pool when I got back into the
apartment. Her bikini was bearly containing those big beautiful tits.
as i fidgeted with my halter top. i sent up a silent prayer that one would jus happen of fall out while i was looking at her.

While she sun bathed i continued to keep a close eye on what was going on next to me. At some point i had began staring at her slightly exposed camel toe while she texted away on here smart phone. I was so relaxed the only thing that would be better was a nice big orgasm.
After an hour or so had pasted she finally slide her shapely body into the water only to get out a few moments later to check her phone. Her man had long since taken shelter under an unbrella a few yards away from the entrance of the pool.

Hello there, Im Lynn reaching out a slightlly pruny hand. She extended hers and introduced herself politely and went on adjusting her oversized breasts in her top.
Im sure she noticed that i had been watching but she didnt let on. I could have sworn she was teasing me at this point. she was purposely squeezing her tits and making her nipples hard as little pebbles underneath the florecent green bikini top.
By the time we all left the pool we had become somewhat fast friends. I knew where she was from and much more. So I invited her over for lunch the next day.

When Janie got to my door at 12:15pm i wasn't even half ready. So I threw on a what I could find in a hurry to let her in
My bra was still in the dryer so i threw on a heavy sweater and opened the door. I never go without one so this was more than a little embarrassing for me as she walked in the door I kept my arms slightly folded so she
wouldnt noticed my very large sagging tits under the grey ASU sweater.
While the food finished cooking we sat on the sofa chatting about this or that when the topic of sex came about
before I realized it we were comparing notes and exchanging crazy experiences.

I found out that she had been a proud BBC slut her entire life.. I've never been one to hid who I am so I decided to let her in on the perfectly obvious. The look on her face told me she was somewhat startled but
at the same time intregued by thise new bit of information. The conversation continued and i just had to ask the billion dollar question. You ever been with a girl I asked. She fidgeted with her head down and mumbled no. Seeing her
her look all shy and timid was a huge turn on.
Take off ur top and your bra. What? Take it off. Im about to show you somethings. Slowly she raised her arms and removed the thin cami first then the lacey black bra that cover her lucious melons.
Down on my knees I began to suck and slightly bite her dark pink nipples until they became hard as a rock bewtween my
teeth. While sucking my hands wandered down her slightly rounded stomach to find the waist band of her joging pants
I released her nipple and gave her another sharp command. Take it all off. OK she replyed as she springing up from the small couch. Open your legs. Down I went on my knees.
I could smell her arousal before I was fully on the floor. Her cleanly shaven pussy smelled like honeysuckle.
This too seemed to turn me on.

I began to tease the slightly errect pearl with my tongue until I heard a sharp inhalation of air. Smiling
as I went about my duty i began french kissing her pussy lips until she started jerking, moaning and holding
on the the arm of the chair for dear life. I slide one finger into her steaming hole, then two then another until I hand 4 fingure placed deep inside her tight pussy. My goal was to make her squirt all over my face.
As I finger fucked her i told her to call her man and tell him to come over. She did as I requested and soon he was standing at my door looking almost paniced..
The first thing he saw was his girl flat on her back, legs spread with a half my hand burried in her pussy moaning and telling me not to stop. This was what I wanted him to see.
He wasn't the only one that could make this bitch cum over and over again.
I told the big brute to have a seat and enjoy the show, but before he did I had some ground rules

Number one.
No touching or i would stop and send the both home.

Number two
No inturping no matter how good it got

Number three
No wasting cum
If you cum it has to be in her mouth or on her tits.
He understood and took his place in the dark recliner behind us.

As I fingred her pussy I could feel her getting closer and closer to cumming but as soon as I felt the familiar trimble of her pussy I stoped bring her back from the edge again and again.
By now i knew she was getting frustrated with the constant teasing so i decided to let her have it. This was a two finger job.
I began massaging her g-spot and flicking her clit with my tongue until she writhed and moaned.
Within seconds she was screaming and squirting pussy juice into my mouth and all over my face.

All she could say was Oh my God. Turning to James I asked if he needed some assistance. He smiled, and got up from the
chair with his huge 11 inch cock in hand. I knew what he wanted.. He wanted me to drain him dry.
I ran my tongue of the large mushroom head tasting the small bead of precum that seeped out.
His dick was almost too big to fit into my mouth so I worked the head and began deepthroating his monster cock while Janie licked and sucked his balls.
Soon James's knees began to get weak so he decieded to sit down. With his cock burried deep in my throat I felt it tighten and get harder with each stroke of my tongue
until I knew it was time... Oh FUCK.. Im fixin to cum bitch Ah Ah Ah Shit.. Drink that cum bitch..
Janie wanted a taste and quickly started licking my face trying to get ever bit of cum she could.

96% (17/1)
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Awesome story!
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great story
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Great short story nice and hot.
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Hott Story!!!