Good Night Daddy

For as long as i can remember ive been a dirty girl. Im 5'5 caramel brown skin thick hips and thighs with 38DD tits and a large bubble butt.

At age 25 ive had my fair share of cocks buried in my young cunt but
none as good as my own father's.

On my 17th birthday a friend of mine decided she wasnted to get me a present that was shall we say a little different than you would usually give a friend. At first i didnt kno what to think of the long
pulsating black cock. At this point I was fairly new to masturbating and didnt know what to do with it other than to stick it into my super wet fat pussy. Ive been rather curvy for as long as i can remember. So at 17 I was built like a woman of at least 20; which got me more than a little attention.

One afternoon as my mother had left for work i decided to take my toy for a ride.. The light from the setting sun was beginning darken the room
so I decided to open the blinds a little bit more. Finally satisfied with the lighting and got comfortable and started to rub and lightly squeeze my 38DD breasts. As I rubbed my nipples began to get harder and harder to the
point of being somewhate painful, but i couldn't help but tweek them between my fingers a bit more so massaged them for a few seconds more before I wrapped full lips around the head of the head of my plastic cock
Even at s*******n I knew how to suck cock like a pro. After the cock was nice and wet I started to tease the opening of my cunt before I slid the monster cock inside. The deeper it got the more the wetness running down to my virgin asshole. After a couple of strokes i began to feel as if something was amiss.
Normally by the end of the first 5 minutes I would be in the throws of a screaming orgasm, but something was missing.

Frustrated, I laid there for a few minutes staring at the ceiling trying to figure out what the problem could be, but before I could come to a conclusion I heard a knock at the door and was f***ed to redress and head down the stairs.

Hey daddy, whats up?

You ready to go?

Go? Go where?

To my house. You said you wanted to spend the last week of the summer there.

Oh yeah I laughed. Lemme go get my bag and we can go.

Ok daddy said

I will be back in a sec.

As I mounted the top of the stairs I realized I would have no privacy to
masturbate at his house. There was always someone one coming over to visit,
bringing something by or just checking in on him.

You see my dad has lived alone since his bitch wife decided to walk out one night after he retired from long haul truck driving.
Now he only drove locally for a bottling company. For me this was great. I finally got to see him on a more regular basis rather than every few weeks when he had a day or two of down time.
Since that night everyone seem to be a little worried about him and how he was
"holding up" without her after all these years.
As we walked into the house the first think i noticed was the set up.
He had gotten new funiture as well as a new flat screen tv.

Whats with the major upgrade dad?

Just a lil gift to myself, he said

Ok cool. Where's mine? Since we're spending money.

You get to enjoy all of this, he said after that I cant help ya.

After we shared a laugh i decided to go ahead and start getting cleaned up for dinner and a movie night per our weekend ritual.
I made my way down the hallway to the bathroom on the far side of the house
I noticed my dads bedroom door was open and the tv was playing. From where I was
standing I couldnt tell what was playing so I went in to turn it off
and got quiet a shock. It was porn. Laughing to myself I hit the button to turn the tv off and left the room and as I passed the dresser the colors of a magazine caught my eye on the cover was a nearly naked light skinned girl spralled out on a bed with her legs open wide enough to see her little cunt. Seeing her made me pussy throb so i decided to borrow it for a little while. As I gathered my towels, pajamas and bodywash I stashed my dildo and the magazine in the mist of all the shower supplies.
When I finished the bathing part of my shower my hands seemed to take a life
of their own as my hands slid down my soapy brown stomach. Before I got into the shower I had opened the magazine to the page that featured the lil light skinned beauty as I imagined myself being fucked with a strapon by her I mounted the huge dildo and began to fuck myself until I felt a strong orgasm coming on. I was so wrapped up in it that i hadnt noticed the door open. When i went to reposition myself on the dildo I caught a glimps of the door closing. My heart was beating so fast that I didnt think it would ever slow down. I stood there with the water pouring over my body seemingly stuck in neutral. I didn't know whether to be scared, excited or completely freaked out about my father seeing me pleasuring myself to is x-rated magazine. Did he actually see me? I thought to myself.. Nah he couldn't have.. Then again maybe... I wanted to skip dinner and a movie night and just hide in my room, but the thought crossed my mind. He didnt want to be seen so maybe he wont mention it. Secure in the thought that he would never mention or admit what he saw I got out of the shower and headed to the livingroom where he had everything set up for us.

Hey. Looks like you've got everything handled ahead of time?

Yeah. I decided not to wait for you to get out of the shower, he said nervously

When we got settled in for the movie everything seemed to be going
well. No one really spoke until a sex scene burst onto the screen.
I was instantly horny and apparently so was my dad. Out the corner of my eye I saw him adjusting his self in his gym shorts. Until that moment i had never noticed how sexy my dad was. He was a tall man nice chocolate brown skin, clean shaven with hazel eyes. Light colored eyes were extremely common in my f****y.
Seeing the enormous bulge his is shorts made me even hornier than before.
Soon my mouth began to water as much as my pussy.

Like what you see? i said jokingly as I pointed to his crotch.

Yeah. Im sorry its been a while. Im sorry I didnt mean for you to see that

Its ok daddy. Your a man. Its natural. Its just too bad you dont have a woman
to help you out with that.

I know. I miss having a woman around here.

Well i can help you daddy.

Your my little girl. What do you know about sex?

Pssshhh i love to fuck.

I know you saw me earlier.

Turning his head away in shame i decided to make my move. I desperately needed a
hard cock in my pussy and he's would have to do so i slid off the couch
onto my knees so that i was directly in front of him.
He wanted it. There was no mistaking the look he was giving me and before for
he could protest i was already attempting to slid his shorts down so i could
see what he was trying to hide. As i tugged his shorts down his cock sprang forward and slapped his stomach with a thud. I had never seen a cock that big in my life some black men have big cocks and some dont.. My dad was apart of the lucky group who were blessed to be well endowed. It was a long as my forarm and just as thick I was surprised to see that it was very dark. Many shades darker than my every other part of my father. It was the very definition of a BIG BLACK COCK. For a moment all i could do was look at it. It was like a work of art. He had one very large vein right down the middle of his cock that seemed to scream for my attention.

As I ran my tongue over the large mushroom head he let out a loud moan
and began licking his lips. Pleased that he liked the feel of my tongue on his cock I began deep throating the extra large cock as best I could. It didnt take long for my father to start fucking my mouth with vigor with each thrust
I was taking his cock deeper and deeper until I had swallowed all 11 inches with ease.

God baby that feels good.

Mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm FUCK girl.

You're a pro like your mother.

With my mouth over flowing with cock I smiled up at him. The eye contact seemed
to make his cock even harder. Not wanting him to cum too soon I started to lick
the shaft and massage his balls a bit. Slightly brushing his his asshole with
my index finger. Gobbling his cock was like a dream that I never wanted to wake up from daddy reached down to fondle one of my tits when I started to deep throat his cock again

The more he rolled my nipples between his finger the faster my head bobbed until
he grabbed my arm and led me to my feet. I want you to ride baby. Sit on daddy's cock like a good girl I obeyed and positioned myself over his hard cock. At first i wasn't sure it was gonna fit. It looked much too big to fit into my pussy. I got myself into position and strattled him as best i could without comeplely impaling myself and began to lower myself down until I felt the familiar stretching of my feminie opening

By now he was balls deep and I was the one who was moaning now. I rode him nice and slow until he started to ram his cock into me evertime I lowered myself. I watched as he drew closer and closer to orgasm. Moaning a little louder with each stroke. My DD tits were steadly bouncing in front of his face
taking one in is mouth nearly drove me over the edge. Licking and sucking my
nipples was apparently just what I needed. As he gripped my ass tighter and started to suck my left nipple harder I finally lost control. With me screaming and jerking on his cock he could no longer hold it.

Im gonna cum baby. As soon as the words passed his lips I felt his cock twitch and jerkas he filled he's little girl with cum.

Completely out of breath. I leaned in and kissed his lips and stood up letting his cum run down my thighs.

Not a word was spoken until I reached my bedroom door.

Good night daddy. Sweet Dreams.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Young Love iw just so damn cool and hoooootttt. It's music to my pulsing loins. Good story.
2 years ago
Thank you for sharing the story, I enjoyed reading it! It would be a pleasure to read a sequel.
2 years ago
nice story :)
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good story
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Sooooo hot...very well written, too. Please continue
2 years ago
I might write a part 2.. Let me kno if u would like to read a second installment of "good night daddy"
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Came so hard