daddy's beautiful baby (part one)

(Disclaimer, I never had intercourse with my father but love watching other people do that and I love daddy role playing)

When I was a little girl, I was taught to never be ashamed of my body, I was actually taught to embrace it, and to embrace the bodies of people I loved, when I was five or six, I decided I was tired of wearing clothes. I sort of boycotted them, and both my bother and father accepted it, I would come home, go to my room, and strip, leaving only a shirt on so I wasn't freezing. Eventually my mother warmed up and started being topless when she got home from work.

My daddy loved it. He would come him and kiss her, his hands finding her breasts immediately, causing her to blush and playfully slap him. I loved it too. I loved the way my mommys breasts bounced as she walked around. And I loved how my daddy's jeans got tighter high up between his legs when mommy was around. My father never got Into the slight nudism. He did occasionally watch movies with us in his boxers but never went panttless,

As time went by, I slowly went from few clothes to no clothes. My mother relented saying it wasn't appropriate to be fully naked but my father out her in her place. "She grew up with us teaching her to love her body and never be ashamed and now that she is being open you try to stop her? Hell no." My father then turned to me and smiled

"baby girl, you don't have to wear clothes, you are fine, you are beautiful." I blushed and nodded, kissing my daddy on the cheek and hugging him. I realized while my naked body was pressed against my fathers clothed body, my fathers jeans tightened in the same area they did when he looked at mommy. I blushed and looked up. My mother was already turned back around and cooking again, I hesitantly placed my hand on his crotch, not necessarily knowing what I was doing. My fathers eyes widened and he stared at me then cleared his throat. "You should probably go do your homework" he said softly looking me in the eyes, "okay daddy" I smiled and released him, running to my room.

The next few years flew by. I noticed my father watching me from time to time, like when I sat cross legged across from him on the chair, he would stare at my bare innocent kitty. Sometimes, to see what would happen, I would sit on the edge and spread my legs, putting my elbows on my knees and my head in my hands, it drove him mad, he would keep adjusting his manhood, and trying to look away but he was hooked, and I was getting hooked too.

Another thing that made him get harder, was when I would drop something on the floor (purposefully) In front of him, and I would bend down, my kitty lips and pink asshole facing him, once, I swore I heard him groan.

By now, I was twelve, and starting to his puberty. I had developed small breasts, and slight hips. My butt was getting thicker and I found. Twelfth getting wet when I teased by daddy. I was also learning about what I did to my daddy. It was called turning him on, and that led to sex, I often found myself going to the internet to look up what sex was. I immediately knew that's what I wanted my daddy to do to me,

My mommy was still walking around shirtless, but since she was aging, it wasn't as often. She was also growing more distant from daddy, and after a while, started spending nights at her friends house. During those nights, I would make daddy crazy. Since my pussy was finally self lubricating, I would lay on the couch with daddy, him sitting up, and put one leg on his lap and the other on the back of the couch, letting the cool breeze in the air tease my heat,

Sometimes, daddy would put his hand on my thigh, and trace designed. That always made my heart race and by body get hot, when I got too hot I would jump up and look to my daddy and say "how about we go swimming?" I would reference to our in ground pool in our backyard, looking back, I'm so thankful we had tall fences blocking the neighbors from our backyard because that summer of my twelfth year, I finally saw my daddy naked, and boy was it a sight. He was fit, light hair making it seem like there was none, and a perfect 8 or so inch cock. The first time he pulled his boxers down a large erection sprung loose, kip making me gasp,

My father turned to me with soft eyes and said, "I don't know if your mother ever told you, but we have different parts and it's natural for mine to get bigger and stand up. Sometimes it happens when I find someone sexually attractive, other times it happens randomly, so there's no need for either of us to be embarrassed." He smiled.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded "I know daddy, I am supposed to embrace my body and the bodies of people I love,," I said meekly, my father nodded and looked me up and down. "You're so smart.. And growing up so much.." He said and I knew he was referencing to my body,

I was getting hotter by the second, and not just because I was standing in the sun. I blushed and ran over, pushing my daddy in the water with a laugh. He gasped and came up to the surface with a laugh. "Oh you little devil, I'm gonna get you!" He yelled jokingly, I screamed and giggled, running and jumped close to him in the water, my father grasped my hips tickling me, lifting me so my head was up, I was screaming and laughing, wrapping my legs around his waist, holding myself up while I used my hands over his trying to make him stop. I was laughing so hard I peed against him in the water. He stopped and looked down "did you.."

My cheeks were red and I started fumbling apologies but was cut off his his Low laugh "that's do funny!" He smiled and kissed my forehead "oh my god I must have hit you're tickle spot, or should I say tinkle spot." I playfully pushed my dad's shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me pulling me back close, having me wrap my legs back around him. "I'm just teasing baby" he smiled looking at me, I smiled back "I know daddy, it's just embarrassing" I said softly.

I coughed slightly "can you carry me in the deep end?" I asked with a smile, trying to chance the subject, my father nodded and took me deeper, as he walked, I felt his erection rising with the water, his tip rubbing against my little pussy. I u*********sly moaned, my head on his shoulder and lowered my hips a little, pushing his tip between the lips of my vagina. He father gasped and looked me in the eyes,

I smiled and rolled my hips gently like I saw on the porn videos, smiling innocent at my daddy. "Your pee pee is pushing against mine" I giggled. Shaking my hips softly on his cock. My dad swallowed hard and nodded, "it is... Does... Does it feel good?" He ssked softly, I could tell he was nervous, "it feels amazing daddy, can you put your penis inside of me?" I asked tilting my head to the side,

My fathers jaw dropped "you.. You want me to p-put my penis inside of your little pussy?" He asked in awe. I nodded "yes daddy, I want to feel you inside of me like the girls online." I said softly. My father studied my eyes, in which he saw no fear and only want and love.

"Can daddy kiss you?" I didn't answer, I simply leaned in and pecked his lips like I usually did and he nervously laughed. "Thank you.. But can daddy kiss you like a big girl!" I looked at him confused, he chuckled and walked me a little shallower, his cock rubbing against me again making me blush, he set me on the edge of the pool. "Open your mouth just a little," I s*s as asked and my daddy leaned in, pressing his lips to mine, his tongue moving between my lips running against my own. The feeling was amazing. I gasped and pulled back my hand over my mouth,

"Did that feel good?" Daddy asked, holding my hips, I nodded and up my hand on his shoulder, pulling him close again. I kissed him regular but felt his tongue against my bottom lip. I opened my mouth, eagerly welcoming him in. His tongue brushed against mine and explored every inch of my mouth and hesitantly I did the same, gently sucking on his tongue a few times, making him groan. My daddy pulled away breathless after five minutes, "you're a good kisser baby girl" he smiled at me. I giggled and pulled him in, kissing him again, after a few minutes of tangling tongues, my daddy's hands were traveling up my sides to my slowly growing breasts, he gripped them gently, pinching the small pink buds of flesh making me gasp, my daddy pulled his lips from mine and placed them on one of my breasts, biting my nipple, and sucking and swirling his tongue around sexually,

I was moaning softly, my already high pitch c***dish voice getting higher, my fingers tangled into his dark brown hair, pulling gently, my eyes closing, after a few minutes my daddy stopped. "I can't.. I can't do this right now or I'll probably have sex with you and you are so young," he said softly, I smiled at my father, "daddy, you can have sex with me, I already said I want your penis inside of my body," he groaned at my innocence, "I know, and I want to know how you feel, but we have to wait a while. I promise I'll fuck you sometime, daddy has never broken a promise to his beautiful baby girl," he said rubbing my cheek with his thumb, I frowned and nodded "okay daddy, I know you will. But.. Can you still rub your dick against my vagina?" I asked softly "because that feels so good and makes me all warm inside," my father hesitantly agreed, "sure, but no pushing me inside," he said softly, I nodded "okay daddy, let's go inside though and I can make some food" I said softly, since mom moved out I was learning to cook. He nodded and pulled himself out and went to dry off. "But you need to be naked with me daddy" I said softly, smiling at him.

He smirked and nodded, following after me.

That night I made supper for daddy and after we ate, I kissed him a lot, and rubbed my kitty against his penis a lot. We were sitting on the couch and my daddy's breath was picking up. He pushed me off of him and onto the couch, I gasped and pouted looking at him, but the pout faded away when he grabbed his own penis and started moving his hand fast and tight up and down his shaft, after a few moments of watching, a sticky white substance sprayed out of the tip of his pee pee and landed on my stomach and all the way up to my lips, which I licked curiously. I was shocked at the slightly salty sweet taste, I reached down and wiped the substance off my stomach and sucked it off my fingers, swallowing, my father moaned. "Do you know what that is?" I shook my head no and daddy explained it was cum and that that's what went inside of the women when she wanted to be pregnant. I understood and let my daddy pick me up and take me into the shower, he watpshed my body and his then let me sl**p naked his his bed,

I was starting to think that this was going to be spathe start of a great new relationship with my daddy

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