Rough sex my s****r Caitlin

I was bored at the house one day and nobody was home, or that’s what I thought. I was looking for some finger nail clippers and walked into my s****r’s room and looked in her drawers. Well there I found a dildo. My s****r is 18 and very beautiful. She’s got huge breasts and a super tight ass. I have thought about my s****r in this really weird way before just because of times where we’ve been at the pool or the beach together and she would turn any guy on that looked at her.
I picked up the dildo and concluded that my cock was a lot longer and thicker than it. While I had my boner out playing around I realized that someone was in the shower. It was probably my s****r, Caitlin. I put the dildo back and got out of the room.
Caitlin walked out of the shower with her towel on and walked to her room. I was so horny. I knew that she was gonna be the person I was gonna jack off to before I went to bed that night.
Later that day Caitlin was wearing a cute short dress that she had worn to the mall that day. We were chilling on her bed showing each other songs we had found that were good while we were away from each other. I go to University of Alabama and she’s a senior in high school. I was back home for my mom’s birthday so we were catching up with each other. My girlfriend had just broken up with me because she felt too awkward after a three some we had.
My s****r’s boobs were looking so big and I just wanted to bury my face in them. We talked about Camille and she didn’t really know what happened between us so I told her. She acted disgusted and was just like whatever. But then we started talking about sex. About her sex and my sex, and friends we’ve had sex with. I brought up the dildo. She was embarrassed, but then I popped out the question.
“Do you wanna see a real penis?”
She nodded her head yes and I started to unbutton my pants. I pulled out my wiener and she freaked out. She couldn’t believe we were doing this and it took her a minute to get some courage and start stroking it. We were lying on her bed and I started fingering her and then we started making out. I told her I wanted to have sex with her. She said she wanted to have sex with me. I took off my pants and she started sucking my big dick. I was so ready to fuck her brains out. I’ve wanted to do it for so long and I had suspected that she had. She pulled off her dress and climbed up on top of me. She was riding the fuck out of me and screaming. I digging my dick into her Vagina going as deep as I could go without a condemn. I figured she was on birth control because her friends talked about what a slut she was. After she was on top, I got behind her and started pounding her. I was spanking her ass as hard as I could and I felt my climax coming up. I rolled her over so she could give me some scratches on my back and I started banging her harder. She then screamed that she was cumming, and I couldn’t help but cum too. I laid there on top of her making out with her. We laid there for hours.

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3 years ago
pretty good
4 years ago
i wish i had that with my sister
4 years ago
nice but short
4 years ago
Great start. Is there going to be a part 2. You could have told us better what your looks like.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Pretty hot story