Haze Balls! I fucked my pledge's girlfriend

That party was sick b*o. Glad you came out. Sucks you had to keep the fire going last night, but its pledge ship you’ll get used to it. Anyways while everyone was hanging out by the fire I asked your girlfriend Erin to give me a ride to the store so I could get a pack of cigarettes. She was looking so fucking sexy. Those slutty heels and that short black dress. Dude you’re lucky. Anyways I asked her how ya’ll were doing when she took me to the store.
She complained about how you were always doing stuff at the fraternity house for pledge ship. She says she never gets to spend any time with you, and she thinks you care about the fraternity more than you care about her. I was watching her dress come up a little bit whenever she stepped on the gas. I was horny last night dude, so I kinda started flirting with your girl bud, ha sorry. Um and yeah…she was kinda flirting back.
Well we got the cigarettes and she picked up a 6-pack of mikes hard lemonade to take back to the frat. Well we stayed out and partied for a little bit. I saw ya’ll dancing by the fire, ya’ll are cute together. I could tell she was getting tipsy by the way she was grinding on you. I wish she was grinding on me instead of that slut I was with. Anyways you had to get back to wood time. I started talking and hanging out with Erin and we danced for a few minutes. I asked her if you had ever given her a tour of the fraternity house or not. She said you hadn’t so I thought I would be a gentleman and show her around. We walked inside and I showed her the TV room and the chapter room, then I wanted to show her my room. When she walked in the door she was amazed at how clean it was compared to the rest of the frat, then her eyes fell on my guitar and lit up. “Play me a song please!” Ha so we sat down and I played her Wagon Wheel and she smiled and told me I was really talented. I told her I had a lot of other talent too. She told me that she knew a song on guitar, so I handed her my instrument and then sent a text to you and it said for you to come up to my room right now. Erin was misplaying a note on the chord she was trying to play, so I wrapped around her and showed her how to play it right. It was a silent moment; then I told her to kiss me. She pressed her lips against mine and I took my guitar and put it on the floor. I took off my shirt and she told me how hot I was. She said she wanted to fuck me when we rode to the store earlier. She took off her dress and got on her knees and pulled down my pants and started sucking my dick on the couch.
I heard the back door open from you coming in, so I told her I was about to get a condom. I told her to close her eyes and not turn around. Ha I’m glad the d***k bitch listened to me. I put my clothes back on and walked out of my door and closed it behind you to meet you.

“Michael, you’re about to be extremely pissed off at me. You are going to want to kick my ass. Listen to me and you better not talk or say one fucking word to me or I’ll cut your ass and you will no longer be a pledge of my fraternity. The reason you are pissed off is because your girlfriend is naked in my room and I’m about to fuck her.”

Michael’s face turned red and his fist clenched, but I knew he wanted to be a b*****r more than anything in the world. Besides if she was really about to fuck me he had the right to know he didn’t deserve Erin anyways. I explained that to him but he still wanted to kill me.

“Michael if you don’t do exactly one I’m going to tell you I will de-pledge you and all of your pledge b*****rs.”
Ha he was about to cry.
“Here’s my phone. You’re about to walk in my room with me and stand in front of the dresser and film Erin and me having sex. You’re gonna be fucking quiet until we all go back downstairs. Now give me a condom.”

He was in shock, started tearing up, and had no fucking choice.
We walked in and I took off my clothes and sat down in front of Erin. I told her she could continue and she did ha. I’m glad you were quiet and she didn’t hear you. I didn’t really think of how I was going to handle it if she saw you walk in.
She was sucking my penis like she just got a popsicle from the ice cream man on a hot sunny day. She would look up and lock eyes with me while my balls were being washed by her tounge. Whenever she would look down I would look at you and see you crying and I’d flick you off. Ha, thanks for filming it though for me bud. I took your condom and put it on my hard cock. I pulled Erin on top of me and slid my cock into her wet vagina. I buried my face in her boobs. Her skin was so tan compared to my white skin. I need to go outside more instead of wasting my time writing dumb sex stories like these.
I was fucking the hell out of her and she couldn’t resist moaning and yelling. Her nails were cutting into my shoulders and I was biting her nipples and spanking her ass. I’m sorry dude but I had to pop the question since you were right there in front of me. “Who fucks you better, me or Michael?” Ha her answer was obviously me. We started making out and I was pumping harder and harder squeezing her as tight as I could until she had her orgasm. After she came, then I did, and then she just sat on me for a minute making out with me and begging me not to tell anyone.
I swore to her that I wouldn’t tell anyone, but then I went on to say that I was going to show everyone and made her turn around. She was speechless when she saw you there crying. But I took my phone and told him to get the fuck out of my room. Erin didn’t say anything while she put her clothes back on. Then when she walked out to leave she said “Fuck you.”
Haze balls?

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4 years ago
Fuckin hilarious! Michael is a puss!
4 years ago
naughty naughty