Moni's first BBC

It was 9 months after we were married. My hubby Marc and I decided to go south of the border for a weekend trip shopping. it wasn't a long drive so we got there early and we did a bit of shopping and went to dinner. We decided to go have a few drinks in our hotel lounge (it was 1978)
We had 3 or 4 drinks and it doesn't take that much to get me going,there was music so we danced a bit. We went back to our table and there was another drink there for me that we didn't order. I took it and scanned the bar to see where it came from and a tall black man nodded to me and I smiled back. I told Marc and he acknowledged him as well. The music got going again and he walked to our table and asked Marc if I could dance with him if I wanted.I said Ok and Marc said no problem. I got up and we danced and he Dave started telling me I looked really hot. I was wearing a skirt with black hose and sheer blouse that night. Thanks i said. A slow dance came on and we stayed on the floor, He held me tight and was surprised by the feel of his cock and i started to get hot already. He moved his hands down and pulled my ass closer to him grinding his cock on me. He asked if Marc and I swing. I told him that were just married and beginning the shared wife lifestyle. He asked me if I ever had a black man before. I said no that we didn't know any up in Canada.
I brought him back to our table and told Marc and he winked at me that it was Ok and to go for it. We sat and drank and Dave was sitting right beside me and put his hand on my leg and started to caress it and sliding it up my skirt. I parted my legs and he slid up to my pantyless pussy and he rubbed me through my pantyhose which were now soaking wet. We have a room here i said do you want to join us. We got to our room and Marc sat down on the chair and Dave and I stood and hugged and we kissed for a while. Marc got up behind me and undid my blouse and removed it as Dave looked on. Marc unclasped my bra and let it fall and squeezed my tits and pulled on my erect nipples ready for Dave. Marc went back to sit down and I got on my knees as Dave undid his pants and let them fall. My eyes staring at his bulge ,I grabbed his boxers and pulled them down to expose the biggest cock I had ever yet seen or had. He was 11" and thick as my wrist. I wrapped my little hand around his beautiful cock and I slowly stroked it staring at it in awe. I opened my mouth and took him in and sucked on his massive tool for a good twenty minutes .
I got up and removed my skirt and hose and lay on the bed as Dave lowered his head to my swollen cunt and lapped at my juices for a while then moved up as I spread my legs wider and stared with a little fear as he guided his huge cock to my little pussy. He slid the head in and I moaned instantly,forgetting that my hubby was there watching and as I got impaled by this monster cock. I couldn't believe that i took him in me to his balls. I was in heaven. We fucked in every possible position for an hour and I must have cum a hundred times before he exploded in me filling my cunt to capacity with his seed. I got up and stood in front of Marc as Dave's cum was gushing down my thighs.
I was glad we got a room with 2 beds , I had Dave stay so I can suck and fuck him all night as hubby tried to sl**p in the other bed.

Was the perfect weekend

85% (30/5)
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