when I was young.....

I guess you could say I am a little screwed up. If you are reading this post, you would of course see that I am a male to female crossdresser. There is a story behind why I started to dress... but it starts with a stranger part of my life....
When I was young....about 14, I had an a moment I had a moment that I would never forget. It was summer, and I was hanging around with my s****r. She was 2 years older than me. We were talking about relationships and and what kinds of things that we had done.... sexually. I was young and kissing was the only thing I was able to do. I had tried to get to second, but the girls I picked would not let me. My s****r was very pretty and very mature for her age. She was athletic and had a beautiful body... very large breasts, and a nice round bum. As she talked about her experience, I was shocked to learn.... she had none! She had only kissed boys, no touching, no nothing. She was nervous about not touching the guy right, or what to do?
I asked her if she has ever seen a cock before... and she replied,"only in magazines." I couldn't believe it... she was very pretty, and had the pick of any guy she wanted? Then she asked me something I would never forget....."Can you show me what it looks like?" I couldn't believe it! This was getting very interesting, very fast! I un-zipped my pants and showed her my cock. I was standing as she layed on her stomach facing me. She pulled herself closer to the edge of the bed staring at my dick. It was starting to slowly rise, and she smirked."Why are you growing?"
I told her that I was getting excited and I was sorry...."Maybe I should put my pants back on." She sat up on the bed and told me not to. So there I was. Standing in front of my s****r with just a shirt on, my pants around my ankles, and a smile.
"Can I touch it? I want to see what it feels like." I nodded and she lightly put her hand underneath my so very hard cock. She wrapped her hand around it and stroked it slowly, back and forth."It feels so soft... I love the way it feels!" She sped up the pace and I started moaning.... she looked up and kept stroking, and in no time I came.
This was just the start of a short lived experience that I had with my s****r. The dressing came after, but the in-between stuff was unforgetable! I really miss those days.......

Please comment if you want to hear more of my experiences?
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1 year ago
How did your sister react when you came?
2 years ago
i love it iv done some sexy things to my sisters as well one time when she was passed out drunk on the couch
3 years ago
always like to hear the side of innocence without all the false adjectives thrown in for entertainment. Thanks for keepin it real!
3 years ago
great writing!
3 years ago
4 years ago
very good but short
4 years ago
This should be a long series ... keep it up!
4 years ago
Good story!
4 years ago
Great story!
4 years ago
good story, i like real life stories write some more
4 years ago