Sex with a man

I was reasonly asked by someone how did I become a crossdresser and what made me want to start having sex with men, well first I was just like others a panty wearer and had not really thought about having sex with anyone other than women, then I moved and met a guy in my building and we seemed to hit it off as freinds very good freinds and we both had a thing about watching porn so he made tapes and brought them down and we watched together and I noticed that he always got aroused with his dick standing straight up in his sweat pants, I kind of liked seeing this. Then he started giving me nice gifts a new TV a new VCR to watch our porn and I knew I could never pay him back for all the things he would give me,also I would drink and past out on him and when I woke up the first time I noticed my panties I was wearing was wet in back had me wondering if he was doing things to me as I was out.
The next time I pretend to be past out and he came over checking to see if I was awake then he pulled my shorts below my butt feeling me up now I probably should have stopped him but I didn't not even when he pulled the panties down and started feeling my bare butt, the truth was I was liking it getting aroused myself then he stopped and I knew he was over me but I wasn't sure what he was doing until I felt warm fluid dropping on my ass, he had just jacked off on me and came on my ass then he pulled up my panties patted me on the ass and left not pulling my shorts up wanting me to know what he did, I felt the back of my panties they were soaked he came alot.
We talked the next few days but no one said a thing but when I saw him he had a sheepish grin to his face and I'm sure I smiled back at him too but now I was thinking I always wanted to know what it felt like to suck a dick and was thinking of doing him but could I was the thought up to this point I had been with women now at 30 I was thinking about dick not pussy and getting hot by it.
The next night he came down and I made my plan to do it suck his dick, I smoked a jiont to get me buzzed before he came down and after watching the movie for a while once again drinking some seeing his hard dick standing up again I went in kitchen came back with drinks and sat next to him on love seat not on couch like I always do, my heart was beating fast and after a few minutes I just reached over rubbing it but to afraid to look at him but he was so hard and it felt good in my hand but cutting my eyes at him I could see he was watching me leaning back some in the seat being bolder I just reached in pulling it out and just like I always thought he didn't have underwear on then very quickly I just leaned over put my lips on it and started sucking him like in the movies we had been watching.
I couldn't believe what I was doing but here I was with his cock in my mouth doing it wondering what he was thinking but his hips started moving to my face and I could tell he was liking it and so was I. I wasn't sure how long I sucked him but he was really hard then I leaned up from it looked at him but didn't know what to say, he was grinning, I got up without saying a word went in my bedroom thinking what have I done, but again I thought I went this far so off my shorts went and I went back in there in only my t-shirt and some panties telling him to stand up and in his arms I went kissing him, now this was the first time I had ever kissed another man but it felt so good and he went rubbing all over my butt reaching in the panties feeling my bare bottom.
Pulling my lips from his I told him to lay on the floor then I pulled his sweats down and there his dick stood up like a big pole, off with my panties over him I went working it in me, I had putsome lube on my butt just incase I had got this far but it still hurt going in and took alittle time but once I was all down on him I felt like i had acomplish it moving back and forth on him the more I moved the better it began to feel especially when his balls seem to tingle my ass, he was holding me tight on my waist as we looked at each other smiling.
I know it didn't take him long because I was so tight on him as he told me he was going to cum and I wanted him to cum in me moving faster then he tensed up and I felt him cumming, I just went down stopped feeling it flowing in me and I liked that feeling alot and I could tell he was cumming alot in me this white man had just filled my black ass up with his cum and I was loving it, once I thought he was done I moved back and forth on him feeling him soften up some and I got up off him and he slurped and popped out my ass we both heard it and I giggled reaching back I thought I would feel some of his cum leaking but he shot it far in me.
We both got up he pulled his pants back up and me my panties back on then I went in his arms kissing him again passionately I was liking kissing this man then I told him that was for how nice he has been for me and all the things he's giving me, he smiled and told me I didn't have to but was glad I did, he then went back up to his apartment and I laid down thinking how much I liked that reaching back now feeling my panties in back getting wet with his juice leaking out me saying to myself well no virgin ass here anymore and I like this and will be doing more.
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10 months ago
Super hot and sexy story! Wish I was your neighbor!
1 year ago
wow you made me get my favorite dildo out and fuck my asspussy until I came so hard
thanksyou so much
1 year ago
oh my, you go gurl
2 years ago
so hot i came inmy panties
2 years ago
No since I've had dick I only want it
2 years ago
Man that was hot. Do you still fuck girls?
2 years ago
I have many time since then
2 years ago
Isn't that a great feeling???
2 years ago
honey i love your storie
2 years ago
cute, r u going to fuck him more? u should. u 2 sound perfect 4 each other.