Meeting a young white guy from online (Andy) Pt.1

I had been talking to a young guy from online for about 6 months he was 23 and with me being 39 I never thought we would actually meet, he was fun to chat with and we exchange several pictures and even had ciber video sex on another sight together.
Anyway in March we both had birthdays the same month within a few days of another and he kept asking if we could finally meet and celebrate our birhdays together he was willing to come the 3 hours to meet me and after a little prodding I decided to let him after all I figured I could handle him if anything went the wrong way.
We decided to meet at one of the clubs I go to meeting about 10, he wanted to see me in one of the outfits he saw me dressed on line in this short semi tight green dress, as I was getting dressed I still kept asking myself why am I a 39 year old black crossdresser going to meet such a young guy, I tend to like my men a little older and hadn't been with a young guy in a couple years but he was nice and I made plans so I would go annd see where it goes from there.
I was a little late getting there strolling in to he clubs looking for him and there he was at the bar just like he said he would be, now let me decribe him he never lied to me was about 6' 3" tall and every bit the 250lb he said he was so I strolled over swaying my hips over to meet him, he had the biggest smile on his face.
I smiled back going right in his arms giving him a big hug and a light kiss on the lips making him grin even more holding me tight and I could feel he already had a hard on pressing on me "Andy" I said with a smile he replied "sorry you look great in that dress and after those couple times we were on line with you and your dildo I couldn't help it".
Again I grinned saying "Andy" he hugged me a little longer then let me go turning to the bartender ordering us a couple long island ice teas with me looking down at his crotch noticing how he was sticking out pretty far thinking now I can tell this is going to be an interesting night.
We stood by the bar just chatting having a couple drinking with him every now and then stroking my back lowering his hand down cupping my butt giving it a squeeze I asked "what are you doing" grinning he answered "I've seen your ass so much on line I couldn't wait to touch to touch it see if it was what I thought".
"Was it" I asked he said "oh yes just as round and soft as I thought it would be" this just made me grinn then he said to me "I've been thinking about fucking you for so long I can't seem to get rid of this hard on why don't we just get out of here I got a hotel room close so we can take care of this".
Now I didn't get dressed just to come here then leave and let him have me and I told him that to his disapointment but I smiled asking where was he parked we might be able to handle that in another way, he eyes lit up he took me by the hand going out the door thought the lot getting in the back seat of his car.
He wasted no time opening his pants pulling his hard cock out I looked at him saying "slow down we have the whole night" reaching over taking it in my hand looking up at him then down I went in his lap going all the way down going back and forth on it several times stopping a few times with my lips pressed on his pubic hair his cock all the way in my mouth.
I heard him moan "oh shit Monica" I stroked it underneath with my tongue going back up to the head sucking it hard twilling my tongue on it letting it pop from my lips lookig up at him whispering "you like it baby" he moaned "very much so".
I closed my eyes and began to lick each and every inch of it especially around the mushroom part of the head before clamping my lips on it sucking it hard then slowly wiggled my lips going down taking it all in my mouth again going up and down but never letting more than half ever come from between my lips.
As I was sucking him I felt his one hand go down pulling my dress up in back pulling my thong from between my cheeks pushing at first one then two finger back and forth in my ass going all the way in wiggling them causing me to suck him more rolling my hip to my ass being fingered.
His hips began to pump more to my face with him pushing my head up and down in rhythm to his pumps with his other hand, he began to breath hard as I went at it even faster with him moaning my name "oh Monica" then I felt his hips buckle and his cock pump exploding shooting a couple nice long streams of cum in the back of my throat.
I pulled back some and to my surprise he shot several more long streams right on my tongue just as I began to gulp pulling each and every drop in my belly going up to the head sucking hard until no more would come out slowly letting it pop from my lips giving the head a couple soft kisses at the tip coming up from his laps smiling saying "umm didn't plan on doing that and I can't believe you came that much".
He put his hand under my chin lifting my head up anwsering "and I couldn't believe you swallowed it all either but I'm not disapointed" bringing his lips to mine kissing me hard dip and long with both of us using lots of tongue for several minutes ending with a few pecks I was all grins but so horny and for some reason I wanted the young guy to fuck me hoping when he come in my ass it will be just as much as he shot in my mouth.
"Andy I know I said I want to stay but you made me change my mind lets go back to your room and finish our birthday celebration, he just smiled saying "I was hoping you would say that"

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7 months ago
hot story
8 months ago
Whens your birthday again? I'll help you celebrate
9 months ago
oh it got me hot
9 months ago
Very hot story!
9 months ago
great story thanks for sharing!
9 months ago
Love this story Monica sounds like u had a blast all over
9 months ago
fantastic story the next epasode will make a great next chapter