First time dressed in a club Pt # 1

I had been wanting to go out to a club dressed for sometime but was having a hard time deciding to do it, up to this point I had been only dressing in my apartment and for my friend Bill who live upstair from me mostly when he would come down and we would have sex together. I had told him several times of my need to do this and I asked him if he would go with me but it seemed he was into only seeing me dressed here and having sex with me.
I decided that I needed to do this for me just once to actually see if I could be around people dressed as a girl so one night I got a hotel room away from where I lived but close to a gay club I went to once that allowed crossdresser there.
I sat in the room sipping wine getting dressed in a short brown dress that was just above mid thigh off black pantihose with little white bikini panties on undernealth finishing with my black three inch pumps.
Looking at myself all dressed up with my wig and make up on I thought I didn't make a bad looking girl but I was still nervous realizing that I finished off that bottle of wine getting a slight buzz now thinking I shouldn't do this but I convinced myself to just go this once driving to the club.
Sitting in my car watching I saw guys and a few other crossdressers going in I kept telling myself just get out the car and go but i couldn't then I had a joint taking a couple hits off it for courage getting out the car shaking like a leaf walking up to the door not making eye contact with anyone but could feel eyes looking at me.
Reaching the door there was a couple guys there taking money and as I was about to pay they both were looking at me up and down making my heart beat fast one said "first time here" i nodded my head yes he replied "first time and here alone with legs like that I feel for you baby" now I liked the fact he noticed my legs but I had no idea what he meant by that statement but I soon found out.
Going in it seemed like everything was in slow motion with head turning looking my way as I paused thinking I'm in now and doing it slowly strolling up to the bar swaying my hips slightly smiling at a few guys loking my way hearing a few speaking trying to get my attention I was so happy reaching the bar still seeing a few guys looking my way.
After a few seconds the bartender came over asking what I was having with me replying "a long island ice tea" he gave it to me and I turned scanning the place especially watching the way they were dancing so freaky on the dance floor rubbing and grinding on each other seeing this was such a turn on as I rocked to the beat finishing most of my drink when a guy came up to me saying "let's dance sexy".
In my best girl voice I told him I hadn't finished my drink he took it from my hand saying "I'll get you another when we are done" pulling me out taking me on the dance floor taking me out to the middle. It wasn't that crowded just about five couple and a few guys dancing together so I started moving with him looking around at people watching thinking I can't believe I was doing this but from my drink and the weed the more I move the better and more carefree I was getting shaking and moving with him for three fast songs.
I was almost out of breath when the last one stopped and I smiled at him about to walk off the floor when a slow song came on and he grabbed my hands pulling me to him resting his hands right above my butt saying "not without a slow one" now this was new I had only been in Bill's and one other mans arms before but never on a dance floor.
I put my arms around his neck resting my head on his shoulder moving my hips with him and I could also feel a bulge pressing on my mid section with me thinking "oh my" and the more we moved the harder it seemed to get also I could feel him stroking my lower back then he whispered in my ear "you smell nice have nice legs and I bet you got an ass to match under this dress" then to my surprise he lowered one hand grabbing one of my cheeks giving it a good squeeze.
I jumped fom his touch with him not moving his hand squeezing it more saying "yes indeed" I didn't know what to do opening my eyes I wasn't the only one being fondled there so I just closed them as he lowered his other hand now sqeezing both my cheeks grinding our hips together his touch felt nice turning me on but I knew I should stop him but didn't and this went on for two songs with him whispering some naughty words in my ear telling me whatv he would do to me it was exciting hearing that but I didn't come here for that.
I was glad when the song stopped and I rushed from his arms trying to get off the floor only to be pulled back out by another guy dancing with him then another then another being felt up and fondled by them to scared and nervouscto tell them no finnally getting off the floor going toward the bar only to see a guy who reminded me of Bill looking straight at me who said "hey you look like you could use a freind' I nodded yes and he took my hand going up to the bar.
We stood there talking as he bought me a couple more drinks and my head was spinning and he could tell saying "hey you look likev you can use some air" he was so right grabbing my hand we walked out the door going outside walking in the parking lot it definately felt good being out stopping by a car he leaned on it pulling me in his arms resting his hands around my hips.
I smiled looking him in his eyes asking "what are you doing" he replied "this" bringing his lips to mine giving me a couple soft pecks I pulled back a little this really surprised me I had only kissed one man before then he did it again only this time longer and he slipped his tongue between my lips I opened up excepting it kissing him back.
Now kissing him had me real excited putting my hands behind his head holding him tight and at the same time I felt him at first feeling my butt on my dress then his hands went under touching my cheeks and his dick was so hard pressing on me I don't know what i was thinking but I reach down with one hand stroking it for a few seconds then he pulled his lips from mine looking me in the eyes.
He didn't say a word just pushed a button opening his car door taking my hand pulling me in the back seat with him now I knew at this point this had went farther than I planned then we began to kiss again for a few seconds as he took my hand pulling it down putting it on his hard dick which somehow he managed to get out his pants without me knowing pumping it up and down on it pulling his lips from mine.
He looked me in the eyes then down at his cock in my hand putting his hand behnd my head he gave a gentle nudge and I knew what he wanted but I thought I didn't come hear for this just to see if I could be around people dressed he said "suck me" and with another nudge I didn't stop him this time going down in his lap opening my lips taking the head inside sucking it lightly moving my tongue around on it.
"Umm yes" I heard him moan pushing my head as I took more in my mouth going up and down on it feeling it hitting the back of my throat getting as much in my mouth as I could thinking I can't believe I'm out in a car sucking a guys dick i just met but the longer i did it the more i seemed to get into it going for it imagining it was Bill's dick I had in my mouth, up and down faster I went ging the shaft a twist with my hand.
I felt him put his hand on the top of my head pumping it in rhythm with me and I could taste a little bit of his pre cum leaking in my mouth making me go even faster twirling my tongue around the head stopping holding just it pumping the shaft fast from his balls up to the head then I heard him moan "ahh" shooting cum in my mouth coating the back of my throat.
I don't know what I was thinking started to gulp pulling each and every spurt of his cum in my belly and it was quite the mouthful too finishing stopping letting the head pop from my lips as he released my head. I slowly came up from his lap looking him in the eyes now wondering what he was going to think or say.
He smiled stroking the back of my head saying "dam didn't expect you to suck my dick like that not that I'm complainting you a pretty good cock sucker" I just smiled licked my lips thinking he never believe I hadn't suck that many and I had never swallowed before now I watched as he tucked his cock back in his pants as we made smal talk then got out the car going back in the club.
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5 months ago
holy wow monica ... what club
7 months ago
wish I was that lucky with you!
7 months ago
Very hot!
8 months ago
That was soooo hot hon! WOW!
10 months ago
You are sizzling hot! Wish you were closer to me!
11 months ago
I have done this very thing quite a bit and it never gets dull. Thanks for sharing!
1 year ago
nice ending..I wanna do same.
1 year ago
wow it reminds me of what I used todo when I was younger and could almost pass
1 year ago
hot story! straight into my faves!