Meeting a guy from online part #1

I had been talking to a guy Jim online for a few months he was white 47 and we got into some very erotic conversations on line and even had phone sex together a few time then we decided to meet,I was all too excited thinking about seeing him in anticipating what both of us knew what was going to happen.
I got into town showered getting cleaned up putting on a short brown skirt with a white top over my very little panties and padded bra finishing my outfit with a pair of three inch black pumps, looking at myself in the mirror I thought I looked cute thinking he was going to like what he sees.
We agreed to meet in a crossdressing bar he knew of and when I got there getting out my car my heart was pumping hard, I strolled up to the door swaying my hips side to side getting a few looks and comments from people which just made me smile thrusting my hips more.
I paid the guy going in to again a round of stare from people looking at me just making me feel a tad nervous probably because I was the only black crossdresser there but he told me to look for him at the bar and sure enough there he was looking just like he did in his pictures, now he was just an average looking white man about six-four and not fat but a little heavy just as he said.
He stood up and right in his arms I went giving him the biggest hug squeezing him tight and to my surprise his hands went right on my butt giving my cheeks a good squeeze "Jim" I said looking him in his eyes smiling, he let my ass go saying "we talked about your ass so much I had to see if it was for real and yes it is".
I just smiled again at him giggling knowing that he liked it, we sat at the bar having a few drinks with him having a hard time keeping his eyes and his hand off my thigh rubbing it up and down giving me such a tingle.
We talked for maybe an hour then he said "why waste anymore times lets go to my room and do what we been talking about for months" I was all too ready agreeing and out to his car we went getting in then he surprised me again putting his arm around my neck pulling my lips to his giving me a big kiss shoving his tongue in my mouth,I love to kiss moving my tongue with his and the way we were was really turning me on.
He pulled his lips from mine and I was grinning at him like a little girl not like the thirty-three year old I am then he said "I can wait til we get to the hotel can you give me a little head to see if that is as good as your ass is" I just smile without saying a word reach over opening his pants staring him right in his eyes pulling his very hard cock out then just went down in his lap clamping my lips on the head then slowly worked my lips down getting it all in my mouth going up and down on it feeling it sliding in the back of my throat, his cock wasn't that big but just enough I was able to get it all in my mouth.
I continued going up and down on it giving it a twist with my head going faster and faster on it, his hips began to pump to my face as I felt him putting his hand on my head working it in rhythm to my face then I heard him moan "oh shit" just as I felt the walls of his cock exploded shooting several large streams of cum hitting the back of my throat.
I paused just for a few seconds then I just pulled hard swallowing each and every drop of his cum going up and down on it a few more times until no more would come out slowly coming up from his lap letting his now soft cock pop from my lips giving the head a couple soft kisses looking him in his eyes smiling.
He put his hand under my chin lifting my head up smiling giving me a soft kiss on the lips saying "that was really good and I mean really good I wasn't meaning to cum in your mouth yet" I just smiled back answering "neither was I but once I got going I couldn't stop and that was quite a load I swallowed too" winking at him "well can it be any better when we get to the room" he asked, "we will just have to see" I replied as he stared the car going off to his room.
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2 years ago
very hot
2 years ago
i betnit was fun
2 years ago
hot stuff!
2 years ago
mmm hot!!!!