Crossdressing at the Adult book store

I had been driving around for a few weeks at night fully dressed as a girl getting on the highway when I got next to a trucker I would slow down turn on the light in my car and let the trucker look in seeing my legs.
I was sure they were seeing a lot because my short dress or skirt was way up on my thigh, a few times I let it ride up very high even showing a little panty, at times I would have a row of trucker speeding up riding on the side of me honking and blowing there horn all this was turning me so on.
Anyway one night it was about eleven o'clock I pulled off the highway and ended up at the Lion Den adult book store, I was asking myself if I could really have the nerve to go in dressed like this, I was wearing a short brown skirt, tan blouse and three inch open toe shoes.
I sat in the lot for a few minutes watching a few people going in and out trying to talk myself in to going in, there was only a few cars in the lot so I thought what is the worse thing they could do other than ask me to leave and I can handle that.
I took a deep breath and slowly strolled up to the door with my heart beating so fast opening it, it seemed like everything went in slow motion as people turned looking at me including the clerk who paused smiled then nodded at me.
I was having such a rush being here and being seen like this up to this point only one person had really seen me dressed as a girl, i was only in there about ten minutes but it seemed like hours as others came in looking at me, I didn't buy a thing but quickly rushed out the door going back to my car.
I sat there thinking I can't believe I did that but it really was a rush then to my very surprise there was a tap on my window and I thought I was going to die, I looked and a guy was standing there saying "hey I liked what I saw and I'd like to talk to you".
I really didn't know what to do but opened the window with the door locked making small talk with him for about ten minutes then he tried to get in but talked me it to getting out talking to him.
Now once again I don't know what I was thinking standing by my car talking to him as he walked up looking me up and down especially at my legs saying nice getting closer reaching feeling high on my thigh I kind of froze wondering what I should do but also realized I liked his touch, he smiled and since I didn't say anything he ran his hand up higher going up under my skirt feeling the side of my panties, pausing, I leaned up off the car and he just reached around feeling my butt "umm very nice" he said fondling it.
Now I knew at this point I should stop him but I just couldn't letting him pull me in his arms reaching around with both hands feeling my pantie covered bottom and he was really squeezing them then for one brief moment I got my senses when a car pulled up and the light hit up with him handling me this way, I pulled from his arms saying we need to stop.
But I was worked up from his touch as we watched a guy get out the car looking at us grinning going in the store, I said "I need to go" but that guy pulled me back in his arms holding me feeling my butt again moving me on the other side of the car.
He took my hand as he opened his pants pulling out his hard cock putting mine on it and I just stroked it not able to take my hands off it for a few minutes then without saying a word he nudged me down on my knees in front of him, now I knew I should get up and get out of here but I didn't know what to do just thought how did I get here.
"Suck me" I heard him say and not sure what might happen if I didn't when he pulled my head forward I just opened my lips took it in and began sucking his cock, taking more in my mouth with each pump now up to this time I had only sucked one guys cock several times but having this strangers cock in my mouth was very exciting so I just closed my eyes and went for it sucking his cock getting as much in my mouth as I could.
He began to pump his hips to my face with his hand on my head, again I thought I couldn't believe I was sucking his cock on the side of my car, I could hear him moaning and panting for a few minutes then he paused with his hips shaking and I felt him cumming in my mouth.
I just paused feeling each squirt of his fluid landing on my tongue and in the back of my throat until he finished I pulled back letting his cock pop from my lips and I spit his cum on the ground wiping my mouth off, he looked down at me as I got up off my knees looking around to see if anyone saw what I did being happy no one did.
He pulled me in his arms holding me feeling my butt again whispering in my ear "I can't believe a black person can suck a dick like that and you really suck great dick" he had no idea he was only the second guys dick I sucked, we talked a little more and he went to his car and I got in mine thinking wow I can't believe I just gave that man a blow job, starting my car I then drove off going home feeling excited by what I just did.

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2 months ago
great story - would like to do the same ;)
3 months ago
I drive for a living and it's always nice when people put on a show for us, like the way that things when at the bookstore and spitting it out at the end was hot, thanks for posting
6 months ago
Hot story wish u was closer to Asheville u could suk mine anytime..Monica
7 months ago
awesome story as a truck driver give me hope that 1 day I will see you pull up next to my truck and turn the light if you ever do pull next to my Truck and you hear my horn 3 times followed by my lights flashing.that should b me. P.s I have a blue truck.
7 months ago
Very hot. Should have stayed in store. Gone to the video booths. Bet your tight pussy would have been fucked.
7 months ago
Great story! Wish something similar can happen for me someday!
10 months ago
I think everyone underestimates how well they look. This is a hot story and if you were not attractive, the guy would not have approached you. You are hot baby.
11 months ago
Hi Sexy!
Great story!Try reading mine.
I think you would enjoy knowing their all TRUE.
Keep up the Great work sexy!!
11 months ago
1 year ago
Made my cock hard
1 year ago
Great experience! Reminds me when I was very passable cross dresser and going out dressed like a hot hooker……men went crazy when they saw me……propositioning me, pulling their cocks out, etc……loved the attention.
1 year ago
A really neat story that sure describes how a gurl can be seduced into becoming a naughty cocksucker! I've managed to be allowed into the local adult store several times...the kind with glory haven't had to suck a guy off in the parking lot! (except for once when I got laid on the hood of my car!) ...Susie
1 year ago
I have always loved adult theaters but have never done anything outside the theater
1 year ago
horny story....
1 year ago
Oh WOW !
Very hot story Monica :)
I'd love to read another chapter !
1 year ago
Amazingly Hott Story! Loved it!
1 year ago
damn wish i lived near that book store
1 year ago
I have had similar experiences where I drove through a truckstop late at night in drag. Two big guys were walking towards my car and I chickened out and left - I was SO numb with pleasure!
1 year ago
1 year ago
What a fantastic story! Now I'm going to want to stop at every Lions Den on my trip to Cincinnatti next week! ;-)
1 year ago
Great story
2 years ago
oh you little slut :)
2 years ago
loved the story
2 years ago
A man knows how! Thanks
2 years ago
love your story

sister slut
2 years ago
Crossdresser and transexuals are the best cock suckersin the world
2 years ago
i love your storie keep righting them
2 years ago
Hot one mmm yes
2 years ago
Great Story