Unexpected convenience (Part 3)

The next morning I woke up wrapped around Ashley, I instantly felt how easily she fit in the space between my arms. I could never remember being that comfortable ever with another person. I just sighed contentedly and hugged her tight to me.

After a few moments I noticed her incredible ass right in front of my cock. I started running my hand up and down her body, my hand just flowing with her perfect curves. Pretty soon she woke up to my hands.

“Well look who’s already excited.”

I hadn’t even noticed how hard I had gotten just from feeling her body, but it was true, I was quite deep between her legs.

“Ha. I hadn’t noticed, would you like to have some fun before we get some breakfast?”
“Actually, I think I’m gonna be a bit of a tease. Well, at least until I can’t handle it anymore.”

With a cheeky smile on her face, she jumped out of bed and sauntered to the bedroom door. Knowing that I was watching, she stopped just short of the door, and slipped her underwear down, leaving it in the entryway.

I waited a few minutes, took off my boxers, and went to see what was to be had for breakfast. By this time Ashley had already started cooking up some sausage and eggs.

At some point she also seemed to have lost her shirt, though I hadn’t seen where she could have dropped it.

“Ever cooked in the nude?” I asked.
“Ha. No, this’ll be a new experience.”
“Now don’t go getting burned, I don’t even know how I would begin to explain that.”
“Agreed. Now give me a few minutes and we’ll be able to sit down and eat!”

During this time we were able to just chat. It seemed so natural to be like that, the both of us completely in the nude, just talking about the most random things. Nothing sexual was said, but there definitely was still a charge in the air. Where it seemed just a touch that would last to long would send one of us over the edge.

By some miracle, we actually managed to make it through breakfast without us going crazy. After finishing she stood up, took my hand, and led me to her bathroom.
“I’ve always wanted to be lifted up and put up against the wall of a shower.”
“Well let me help you out with that.”

She started up the water and we both stepped in. We just started kissing and holding each other. It was incredible, I wanted to make that moment last forever, and it felt like time was stopping for this.

After some time had passed, Ashley stepped away and leaned out of the shower, producing a condom for me to put on. Once I rolled it on, something in me snapped. I suddenly was picking her up and had her pinned against the wall of the shower. She exclaimed on “Oh!” and for a moment I was worried I had hurt her, but then I saw the lust in her eyes too. I put my prick in her and started moving back and forth, picking up speed as each minute passed.

We started kissing and groping each other. I felt like there wasn’t enough time in the world for me to caress her beautiful body enough. I started sucking on her breasts, as I was still pounding into her, I was on a mission to make her orgasm before I blew my top. Suddenly I felt her pussy gripping my cock with extreme f***e and she was moaning deeply. I smiled knowing what I had accomplished. Another minute or so passes by and something unexpected happens.

“Oh god I’m cumming again!”

I can’t ever remember a time where I had made a girl orgasm twice so quickly, but I was happy that it was happening now.

Her pussy started gripping my cock extra tight again and I knew I was going to be able to last past this one. I felt the rise in my balls, started shooting strings into the condom, and finally we both finished cumming. I let her down.

“How about we run a bath now?” I suggested.
“Ohhh, as much as I want too, we can’t. Mom is coming in like an hour. So shoo so I can actually take a shower!”
“Awh. Alright then.”

A little dismayed, but understanding, I got out of the shower. Once I had put on some clothes, I realized how tired I was, so I laid down on the couch and crashed.

“Wake up sl**py head!” Ashley said as she started tapping my head.
“Huh? What time is it?”
“It’s 3:30, Mom has already come and gone. You slept the entire time!”
“Ha. Nice. Gosh, I didn’t know I was so tired. I guess our shower session really took it out of me.”
“Are you calling me fat?”
“I said nothing of the sort!”
“Good. Lets go see a movie. I’m thinking that new X Men: Origins movie, sound okay to you?”
“Yeah, that’s fine by me. When is it?”
“About an hour, so get cleaned up and we’ll head out.”

I got up and headed towards the bathroom. Half hoping she’d join me for some fun, but nothing happened unfortunately. I got cleaned up and we headed to the theaters. She wanted to drive so we took her car.

“You know, you could’ve joined me in that shower.” I mentioned.
“Oh I’m aware, but we would have never made it to the movie!”
“There’s other show times!”
“Haha. If your good, I may reward you later. Control your hormones!”

With that insinuation in mind, I actually turned up my control a bit. We got to the theaters, bought some tickets and sat down at a seat with a collapsible armrest. We curled up together and waited for the movie to start up.

“Hey, guess what?” Ashley whispered in my ear.
“Hmm?” I said, absentmindedly.
“I love you.” After saying that, she snuggled tightly into my arms. Her old shyness coming to light after all those years.
“I love you too, more than I can explain.” I murmured.

The movie started up, it was actually interesting enough to keep from becoming a make-out movie. After about an hour and a half, I felt her hand on my pants. I glanced down at her, she had this little smile on her face, but was still watching the screen as she unzipped my pants. I glanced around us, to make sure no one was at an angle that they could see what was happening. We were in the clear, so I helped her by slipping down my pants.

“Well, since you’ve been so good, I guess I can reward you sooner than expected.”

She grabbed hold of my cock, started lowering her head with an alluring look in her eyes, and started to give me the best blowjob of my life. She was bobbing her head up and down at the perfect beat, caressing my balls, and practically deep throating me. It was a powerful combo that had me busting a nut after only about five minutes of her continued focus.

“Oh wow. That was the best blowjob I’ve ever had!”
“I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s a shame you came so quickly.”

I suddenly had a devious thought that I knew she wouldn’t expect me to do. I reached my hand down and quickly undid her pants button. She grabbed my hand.

“What do you think your doing mister?” She whispered.
“Well I’m returning a favor.” I said with a chuckle.

I continued undoing her pants, after undoing her zipper, she helped slip down her pants (which was slightly more difficult due to her wearing skinny jeans). I started to rub her pussy, she was actually very wet, I slipped in a finger.

“Of all the things I’ve done, I’ve never been finger banged.” She whispered.
“That’s terrible, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy this.”

I was actually shocked upon hearing her say that, but I started working her clit. I quickly found her sweet spot and started rubbing it slowly. I wanted her to enjoy this as much as possible.

“Oh that feels soooo good baby.” She said, obviously enjoying it.
“I’m glad you enjoy.”

I started wondering how long she was going to last, when suddenly she was gripping my hand tightly. Muttering something about cumming hard. I started working it faster, after what seemed an eternity, she relaxed and loosened up in the chair.

“So, I take it that you enjoyed that?” I teased.
“That was amazing. We need to go to movies more often. But I also happen to have a surprise for you back home”

I thoroughly enjoyed that idea and also started to wonder what the “surprise” could be. After pulling up her pants, we curled up again and started watching the movie. With curiosity still itching in my mind.

The End.

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3 years ago
what is the surprise & part 4, 5...???
3 years ago
Fantastic new additions... can't wait for the suprise
3 years ago
whats the suprise man i wanna know !! lol
3 years ago
mmmm so hot, loved parts 1 and 2 as well, hope there is more to come.