An unexpected convience

I've always been into taboo things.

Something about how "wrong" something is just gets me hard.
So thats why I whenever I read stories on here, I read i****t stories. Mostly just b*****r/s****r ones but, every once in a while a mom/son one too.

Even though I read those stories, I never actually considered doing that with my f****y. I just read them cause it was easy to get off too. So I often had long sheets on my laptop's history of those stories. I always delete my history on Monday's but, if someone wants to use my computer, then I delete my history before I let them even touch it. Most of the time when I decide to go to bed, I'll just let my computer fall asl**p too because it locks after 15 mins of inactivity. I've found that is easily faster than it needs to be for my security purposes.

Before I continue this story, I'll tell you about myself a little bit. I'm 5'8, white, and about 190 lbs. I'm not one of those guys that spend their lives at the gym, but I donate a good amount of hours a week. Brown hair and extremely dark brown eyes, almost black. I've never done sports, I've always found them boring.

Now let me return to my story =]

I've just finished my first year of college and I'm home for summer break. Due to a few mis-filings of papers, I never got a roommate in my dorm. So I got used to having my lock feature on my laptop off. After a few nights of being back home, I'm crashed on the couch downstairs and trying to sl**p. I managed to doze off but awoke to someone coming down the stairs. I squinted my eyes and saw my mom coming, she looked down at my computer and started to use it. I felt my heartbeat go through the roof in fear that she would find my history. She was sitting on the end of the couch so I could see everything she was doing. Luckily, she didn't type anything into the search bar that showed history. She finished using my computer and went back upstairs.

After she left I promptly turned back on my computer's lock feature, and breathed a sigh of relief. After about a month of me being back, I started hanging out with friends that had headed off to other colleges and started going to local parties. I usually pulled DD and hung out with my friends getting steadily more d***k. I really didn't mind all that much because whoever pulled DD got an automatic fifty bucks and usually only ended up spending five bucks on gas max.

But on this fateful saturday, I didn't pull DD. Everything had seemed to be going great that week, so I decided to have some fun while out. I even got a good blowie from a hot girl I'd been talking too lately. By the end of the night, I was pretty d***k, and decided it was time to go home. I ask Jake (who'd pulled DD that day) if he could take me home then and he got me home in one piece.

As I'm walking down the driveway to my house I notice that nobody is home. I remembered that my mom went to visit f****y in Nevada and my older b*****r was at work. My little s****r didn't have a car (mostly due to her being a delinquent) so there was no way of knowing whether or not she was home till I actually got inside the house.

Turns out, she actually was home, watching tv and had nothing else to do. I don't really like her all that much, mostly due to our different personalities. Though the f****y computer was acting up and I was far too hammered to try to fix it at that moment and she asked me if I would let her use my laptop, under normal circumstances I would've said no but, I wasn't thinking all that clearly so I said alright and told her to just leave it next to me on the table once she was done. I put in the password and she left with my computer.

I passed out almost directly after hitting the couch, so I was out for at least a few hours. I always sl**p in only my boxers, I can't sl**p with more than that on. Every once in a while I wake up in the night with some serious wood going on and I hammer one off before going back to sl**p. Tonight happened to be one of those nights, and I couldn't find my computer. Then I remember my s****r had taken it, so I went up to her room to grab it.

She was in her bed when I got there, completely covered by her blanket. I picked up my computer and saw that it hadn't locked yet, and assumed she must have just fallen asl**p or something. I brought up my browser and to my horror I saw my history tab up and about six tabs of different b*****r/s****r stories from my favorites section on xhamster. I was shocked upon seeing this. But she hadn't said anything too me, so I wondered for a moment if she was going to say anything about it at all.

While contemplating this, I noticed she had rolled over and that she was completely naked. I was rock hard the moment I saw her tits. I knew she slept like a rock so I put down my computer at an angle that would shine light toward her, and I began to wank one off. After about a minute of furious focus she rolled back my direction, in the perfect angle for me to cum on her face. I debated for a minute whether or not this risk would be worth it and promptly decided that it would. I bent my knees slightly and unleashed my biggest load ever. After I noticed how much I was coming, I decided to shoot my load all over her. Once I finished I stepped back and looked at my handiwork, she was covered in so much cum it looked like she just had a bukake. I was very proud of this load, I was once again extremely tired and went back to the couch downstairs and put my laptop back on the charger.

The next day I didn't even see my s****r but, since I had had such a bad hangover I decided to have a lazy day. After a good long day of lounging about, I decided to go to bed.

At one point I remember waking up to what sounded like the front door upstairs being opened but, I was too groggy to go look. I was promptly woken up by my s****r sucking on my wood. I instantly jumped up and yelled
"What are you doing?"
"What do you mean?" She replied
"Why were you just blowing me?"
"Cause I'm horny, and you came all over me last night so I figured you wouldn't mind seconds."
"... Wait what?"
"Oh don't bother about excuses, I just need some satisfaction. Can you help me out or not?"

I stood there shocked for a few moments. Not sure of whether or not to accept this. I decided I might as well, busting a nut is busting a nut right?

"Ok, show me your serious. Strip down."
"Oh that's easy."

I watched as my s****r quickly slid out of her clothes. She was about 5'3 and was fairly skinny. Brown shoulder length hair and hazel eyes. I would later find out that she had 32C breasts. She was completely shaved which I was happy about.

She got back on her knees and started blowing me again before another word was said. I moaned at the feeling. She was good at this, which I had expected, she seemed like a bit of a hoe.

After about five minutes of this, I was ready to blow my load.
"Uh.. I'm about to blow my top."
"Do it. My face is ready."
Upon hearing that, I started erupting. She felt it and pulled me out of her mouth and let all the shots hit her all over her face. It wasn't as good as a load as last night, but I didn't care, it was a glorious orgasm.

"God. That. Was. Amazing."
"You don't think your done do you?"
"Well, I'm fairly limp now. Are you wanting me to go down on your or something?"
"No. I actually don't like that all that much. I just want a cock in me before I go to bed."
"Oh. Well feel free to get me hard again then!"

I was hoping she would oblige but, I didn't actually think she would. Lo and behold, she stuck me back in her mouth and starting sucking diligently. She then grabbed my hands and started making me rub her breasts. She'd been going at it for about ten minutes and I was rock hard again.

"This'll do. Now lets get this prick in me."
"Alright then."

She climbed up on the bed and pointed her ass to me. And I hurriedly climbed up as well. I normally don't have issues finding where to push my cock in, but today I was lost. She even told me at one point to hurry up because she didn't enjoy teasing. I eventually found a hole and shoved in.

"No thats my asshole!" She screamed.

I didn't care, I was buried up to the hilt in her ass. It was always one of my fantasies to get some anal, but none of the girls I ever got with wanted to try it. So I was gonna ride this out a bit. I started working it back and forth. After about three minutes of this, she was starting to enjoy it. I decided then to switch over, and found her pussy in the first couple seconds of feeling around again.

Once I slipped inside her extremely wet pussy, I noticed something. She was incredibly tight, not virgin tight, but pretty damn tight. I then figured out she was a tease to all those guys that she hung out with. I ignored this fact and started pumping my meat back and forth. I was on a mission to unleash my load in her.

I must have been more spent than I thought, because after what seemed an eternity, I was finally reading to cum. I leaned forward and grabbed my s****r's tits, and moaned "I'm cumming!"

I started shooting shot after shot into her. Between those two loads I shot, it was definitely more than I had shot off last night.

Once I finished cumming, I pulled my limp dick out of her.

"You can head back to your bed now. I don't want to get caught in the morning." I said
"Works for me."

She got up, with cum still seeping from all three of her holes, and went back to her bed.

The End.
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5 months ago
liked you cumming on her face and body, then she knew it
3 years ago
love it man more please
3 years ago
Little sister ain't so little no more!
3 years ago
great story! I want to cum on your sister's face too!
3 years ago
Great story, hope you are planning on more!
3 years ago
So you think I should continue this story?
3 years ago
Soo hot. I wish I could do that with my sister
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
nice, loved it, what's next. mmmmm