Mona's Blowjob

I am ready as he puts his key in the door, kneeling naked on the floor;

my heart racing and my pussy throbbing with anticipation. The door opens

and he sees me. Nods his head in approval and takes a few steps towards

me and waits.

My hands finds his belt and opens it slowly as I stare at the bulge in

his pants. His jeans is the kind with buttons, so I start opening them

one by one. I want to hurry; want to feel his cock in my hand and mouth

right away, but I know he likes me to take it slow so I resist the urge

to rip it open and plunge into it.

I am soon rewarded for my patience as I pull his boxers down along with

his pants and his delicios cock springs forward to hit me on the face.

The tip is already wet and leaves a tiny line of cooling precum on my

chin before I grip it with both hands and study it. It is so hard and

still feels so soft against my palm as I milk it slowly, making more of

his shiny juices flow out of the hole in the middle of its head. My

tounge darts forward and I taste him; letting the drop flow onto my

tounge where it lingers while I close my eyes and spoil my taste buds for

a moment.

My heart leaps with joy as I hear him ghasp when my lips close around the

head. One of my hands finds its way down to his smoothly shaven balls

while the other moves up and down his shaft in a milking fashion. The

feel of his hard, almost polished cock head against my tounge makes my

mouth water and I start applying spit to his shaft, making my hand slide

even easier up and down. He moans and I feel his hand on the back of my

head, pushing me closer to him; pushing his cock further into my mouth. I

feel his head growing bigger, almost pulsating as I milk him slowly,

precum still oozing out and onto my tounge.

It is almost too much, and I feel the urge to touch myself becoming

overwhelming. My hand drops down between my legs, to my closely shaven

pussy and I notice it is dripping. He grabs my hair and starts moving it

back and forth, fucking my face in slow motions. His cock is slippery

with my saliva, and I brace myself as he keeps pushing further and

further into my mouth. I struggle not to gag.

As he pushes his cock all the way down my throat and my nose presses against his belly, I have to give up. My body jerks involuntary and my throat tries to push him out, but it is stuck there. A thrill shoots down my body, across my belly and towards my pussy and I can't help but move my hand even further as my lungs struggle for air. My body thrashes but my head is stuck to his cock and my pussy is flying towards an orgasm at the speed of a jetplane.

He doesn't let go until the orgasm is on top of me, and i fall down on my back, my pussy gushing juices as I scream out in extacy. His cock seems to be enjoying the show, because in just a few seconds it starts spewing forth its hot, white delicious seed, covering me and my thrashing body in the wonderful cum. Line after line shoots out of the magnificent cock before me and just the sight of it enpowers my orgasm until I almost black out.

After he leaves I lay there panting, scooping up the tasty load that cover my body. I relish the taste of cum covered fingers and it takes me almost half an hour to finish it all.
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1 year ago
Mmmmmm, like alot.
1 year ago
you should be taking classes for other girls on how to give blowjobs..
1 year ago
Sykt deilig!
2 years ago
It seems like you are living your dream. I wish I had that dream come true someday
2 years ago
mmmmmmm another horny story!
2 years ago
Very hot story!!!!
2 years ago
Helt super historie:) Den syns jeg vi skal fantasere videre på du og jeg
2 years ago
mmm nydelig... du vet hva du driver med;)
2 years ago
Flott historie.
2 years ago
Deilig historie... Kanskje vi skulle prøve... Ha en deilig kveld..
2 years ago
How to make your man come straight home. Hot story. Ty
2 years ago
very very randy story !