My first anal(loosing my virginity)

So recently(yesterday) i had my first anal experience, as well as loosing my virginity with a man. Being as thats the only hole i have, there wasnt a choice. Anyways, both the guy and myself were both in to kink and so we got to the room and undressed. He was immediatley hard and i got to work with his shaft deep in my mouth. It was eight and a half inches and thick, however, i managed to deep throat the whole thing! He started with just calling me slut and things like that then he bagan hitting me, WHICH IS SUCH A TURN ON! He would tell me to deep throat him and if i disobeyed he grabbed my hair and slap me across the face, then shoved it down my throat. I was loving every mnute of it, then we got to the intercourse. This being my first time we shouldnt have been so rough. He put the condom on and slowly began stroke his hard cock against my anal. Prior to this he was fingering my. Started out with one finger then 2 or 3 i guess. I was grabbing the bed sheets in excitment. But back to the intercourse. He was rubbing himself against my anal and he now began to slowly insert his rock hard dick in to my ass. I was loving it untill we got in to the swing of things. I told him it hurt and he stopped. He let me adjust to it and told me to breath in deep and relax myself. I was okay and he bagan thrusting again. I guess considering this was my first time, we shouldnt have been so rough. And all tho it hurt i loved every minute of it. He pulled out and as i was trying to get off the bed i realised i was num from the ass cheeks down, but it was SOOO worth it!
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