The Sheriff and daddy and I

This happened last summer to my dad and I. It was a lazy kind of day during the first part of June, it was on a whether warm Saturday that turned into a very hot day. My dad was at work in the morning and at around 10:00 am he called me. Dad asked me “ Hey princess what are you doing?”
I replied “ Just sitting here being bored. “
Dad then said, “ I just talked to Uncle Rick who told that they were pulling some pretty good walleyes from the lake. “ “ How about you and I go out and try our luck later today at around 3 or 4 this afternoon?” Dad went on “ It will be rather hot by then so I was thinking you could maybe show off that new swimsuit of yours.”
I told dad “ That sounds wonderful but if I wore my new bikini he was going to have a hard time catching any fish as you know you are going to be watching me and not your pole.”
Dad replied with a laugh “ You let me worry about catching the fish and you can worry about my pole. “
I told him “ Ok but don’t get mad at me when I catch more than you do. ” “ I will be waiting for you to pick me up. “
Now I had just gotten a brand new bikini it was just a tiny thing. I went into my room and tried it on. I stood looking at myself in the mirror. I thought to myself dam you little slut it barely covered my tits, when I turned a little bit side ways you got a good view of my big bulging breasts from the side. I had been working on my tan at the local tanning bed for a month my new wet bikini showed off my tan very good and with no tan lines it looked hot on me.
I turned this way and that thinking how I could tease dad on the lake. I bent down to make sure my 36 c’s kind of just flowed over what little there was to the top of my bikini. My breast jiggled back up into place when I stood back up. I remembered that I had a spray bottle nearby filled with water so I retrieved the bottle and sprayed my bikini top with the water. I noticed my nipples were starting to poked thru the fabric so I couldn’t help myself and took an finger and ran it around my nipples making them grow harder against the fabric. I took both my hands and played with both of my breast till my nipples were profoundly poking out.

I glanced into the mirror checking how the water had made my top transparent. The wet top just clung to my breast showing what it was trying to cover up. You could the see the outline of my areola around my hard nipples as they strained to poke out thru my top. The water had beaded up on my full breast and was running over the sides dripping as it did. I thought good that would get to daddy you slut.

I was feeling all hot as I checked my self out in the mirror I turned around and checked my butt in the mirror. Good the bottom of my bikini was more like a thong that just kind of slipped up into my butt cheeks when I bent over showing off my golden tanned ass. I turned back around and checked out the front view of my bikini. It showed my camel toe off very good but I was going to have to do a little trimming of the hair around my pussy as some were showing around the edges.

I went into my bathroom and took out the razor and some shaving cream and returned to my bedroom. Were I removed my bottom and lathered my pussy with the shaving cream. The cool cold cream felt lovely on my pussy as I rubbed it in I could help but play with my pussy. I lie back onto my bed and rubbed the cream in little circles around my pussy.

I dipped one finger between my pussy lips touching the inside; I pushed that one finger deeper. I brought my feet and legs up placing my feet at the edge of the bed; I spread my legs as my finger toyed on the inside of my pussy. My pussy was already wet but the shaving cream made it even wetter. I added another finger and I moved my two fingers slowly in and out of my pussy.
I worked my fingers faster and deeper into my now very wet pussy I took my other hand and started to rub my breasts. I started to open and close my legs around my hand and fingers that were invading my moist pussy. I pinched and tweaked my nipples as I fingered myself.
I felt my orgasm approaching so I removed my fingers and rubbed them on my clit as my orgasm shook me from head to toe.

I just lay there shaking as the warmth filled my body as my orgasm flushed thru my body. I took a nipple in between my forefinger and thumb pinching it hard as my orgasm over took me fully. I moaned loudly as I felt my pussy go into convulsions as my pussy started to squirt my
Love juices from it.

I just lay there for a while till I had regained my composure. I took some cream and rubbed it into my pussy hair once again. I had to restrain myself from playing with it again. I took my razor and started to take the hair from my pussy. I left just a little patch right above it.

I dried the cream and my juices from it and pulled my bikini bottoms back on. I looked into the mirror once more to make sure it was ok.
You could just make out that little patch of hair above my love hole. My pussy lips even showed up better giving me a fuller camel toe than before.

I jumped into the shower to wash my love juices from my pussy, thighs and legs, as I wanted to be fresh for daddy. I put my bikini back on and covered myself with a black beach pull over dress put on my sandals and waited for daddy.

My dad showed up right on time and when he entered thru my front door I raced into his arms. I threw my arms around his neck as he bent down and our lips locked into a deep passionate long kiss. My tongue entered his mouth at the same time his entered mine.

Dad broke our kiss and said “ Whoa there princess keep that up and we aren’t going to make it to the lake.” Dad stepped back and asked, “ Well let me see that new bikini you told me about. “

I kind have laughed while giving him a sexy look and replied “ Whoa there daddy if I do that we won’t be making it to the lake. “

Dad and I headed for the lake in his big ole truck. Now dad just loves to fish, he had taught me everything there was to know about how to catch fish. I most say I got pretty good at it to. I learned how to cast, bait my own hook and even how to remove my own fish. I could always hold my own when it came to just who was the better fisherman or fisherwoman. Besides if dad was a couple of fish ahead of me I had the best lure on the market. That being my sexy little body, which I wasn’t afraid to use as some, added distraction.

We got to the lake and as we were leaving the dock with our boat dad looked over at me and asked “ Princess aren’t you hot in that black dress?

He was right I was very hot in it as the temperature was still around 85 degrees or hotter. I looked at him and replied, “ I sure am daddy but I am waiting for just the right time to come along before I removed it. “

Dad just gave me a puzzled look as we motored across the lake. I had asked dad just where Uncle Rick had said that they caught all the nice walleyes. Dad had told me up just off of the flats in the main part of the lake. So I knew that my dad would have to navigate the boat thru a part of the lake that had a no wake zone and there were normally a lot of boat traffic there.

Dad throttled downs the boat, as we entered the no wake zone. I looked around and my suspicions had been right there were a ton of boats in the area. I made my way up to the bow of the boat where there is a seat used for fishing from the bow. I sat down in it and kind of spun around surveying the boats out and also checking to make sure daddy had a good view of me.

In the distance I spotted just what I had been waiting for. I saw three guys in a small boat. I could see that our boat would pass almost right along side of them. I turned to my dad saying “ Hey how about turning the radio up. “ Dad cranked it up loudly as Whiskey Girl by Toby Keith started to play.

As the three guys in their boat got near enough to see I stood up. I turned to my dad and while singing “ She’s my little whiskey girl “ I pulled my beach dress up over my head exposing my new white little string bikini. I bent forward a little toward my dad giving him an eyeful of my tanned breast as I bent over to get my tanning lotion.

My tanning lotion is in a spray bottle so I stood there spraying it on my arms, my breast and then my midsection. I placed my leg up onto the seat and sprayed one leg then the other. I put the bottle down and started to work the lotion into my arms. I turned my attention from dad to the three guys in the other boat. I saw the one guy poke his buddy and point toward me. Good I had an audience I thought.

As their boat was almost along side of ours I started to rub thee lotion into my breast, which were barely covered by my bikini top. I rubbed it into the top of my breast and as I rubbed it into the sides I kind of jiggled them at the three guys in the boat. I glanced back at my dad who was just standing there behind the steering wheel of our boat shaking his head.

The small boat was almost right next to us when I heard one of the guys say “ God damn will you look at those fucking tits! “

I looked over at them and said, “ Move along boys nothing to see here. “
I shook my breast at them once more and turned around so they had a good view of my butt and I bent over as far as I could. This caused my white string thong to be sucked right up between my butt cheeks giving them an eyeful of my golden tanned ass.

They all were whopping and yelling as our boats passed I turned around and asked dad “ So do you like it? “ as I gave him and the guys in the small boat a couple quick different poses up in the front of our boat.

Dad looked at me and as I saw the sparkle in his eyes he replied “ You look amazing in it princess. “ Dad gave a quick look behind him and turned to me and said, “ It looks like a few other guys think so too. “
I looked to the back of the boat to see that the guys in the small boat had changed their course. They had whipped their boat around and were now following us. I moved back toward daddy making sure I gave them a good show as I did. I got on the seat next to my dad on my knees giving them another good shot of my butt cheeks as I put my arm up on daddy’s shoulder and cuddled against him.

I thought I heard one of the guys yell out “ Damn I would walk thru an mine field to taste that ass if only I had a spoon. “

Dad gave out a little laugh so I must have heard it right. Dad looked at me and said, “ Tell your friends goodbye princess. “

I saw we were about to get out of the no wake zone so I slipped from the seat and turned toward them and lifted what little bikini top there was and exposed the girls to them and shouted “ The girls are telling you bye.” as I shook my bare tittys at them.

I pulled my top back down as dad took his seat. I turned back to the three guys in the boat who all were standing and yelling something. But I couldn’t hear what as dad throttled the boat up and we quickly pulled away from their smaller powered boat. I ran my hand over to my dad’s swimsuit and put my hand on his hard throbbing cock knowing that dad had enjoyed my show and so did I.

Well Uncle Rick was right about the fishing cause they were on a feeding frenzy. We mostly trolled around the flats thru the rest of the afternoon. Hell we were having so much fun fishing we didn’t even make it to our favorite hide away cove for sex. As to who caught the most I did, as dad would have caught up if he would have caught that last fish but I think maybe me using my pole handle as a dildo just distracted him a wee bit.

By the time we got our boat back to the dock and put away night had fallen. It was almost 1:00 am by the time dad and I climbed back into his truck to head for home. It was a very warm night so dad just had on his swim trunks and me I had put my beach dress back on for the ride home.
As we drove from the lake I cuddled up next to dad telling him how much fun it was today and sorry that I had caught more walleyes than him. I kind of ran my hand up over his cock thru his swim trunks as I said “ Maybe you should find a parking spot so I can take care of this pole. “ I could feel his cock stirring in his trunks as I rubbed it.

Dad looked over at me and replied, “ I know just the spot. “ A few minutes later dad whips the truck down a curvy road that had dark forest on both sides of it. It dead-ended into a circle type parking lot.
Dad shut his truck off and turned his lights out.

Now I had been out parking many times before with other guys I had dated since I was 16 and more than a few times the guy and I had been caught by the police, Sheriffs kissing or feeling each other up but never feeding the kitty so to speak. Each time I had ever been caught it was always the same their final word would be “ Now you folks move along. ”

I just sat there for a minute or so listening to the sounds of the night. There were tree frogs croaking, crickets chirping and I think I even heard an owl. I kind of got on my hands and knees, stuck my head out the opened window and looked up into the clear dark night. The moon was full, the stars shined brightly against the black sky. As I gazed at the night sky wonders I told dad “ I have never seen so many stars out like this and the moon is like a big flashlight.”

Dad reached over and laid his hand on my ass saying, “ Yes the moon I see is so very lovely. “ Dad leaned over and started to kiss my butt cheeks with his lips. Dad would plant a kiss here then give my butt a lick there. Dad pulled my thong to one side while he used his tongue to explore up and down my butt crack.

I just stay where I was looking up into the night sky when I felt him start to kiss right on my butt hole. Dad started to run his tongue up and down thru my butt cheeks. It felt so good and it started to send small shock waves thru my body especially when he pulled my butt cheeks apart and buried that lovely tongue of his deep into my ass.

I left out a loud rather a****listic like moan as I felt dad poking his tongue in and out of my asshole. Dad slipped his hand under to my pussy that was already leaking juices as he jammed 2 fingers into me from behind.
I just moaned louder as he curled his fingers inside my wet pussy and started to finger fuck me as he poked at my asshole with his tongue.

Dad’s fingers made my pussy give off wet sloughing sounds as he worked his fingers in and out. Dad buried his fingers deep into my pussy and I felt them bump against my G spot. Dad wiggled his two fingers against my G spot just as he buried his tongue deep into my ass. Once more an a****l like loud moan escaped my lips as I pushed my hips back against his tongue and fingers. My pussy convulsed on his fingers as I felt my butt hole kind of to start wink at his tongue as dad drove it deeper up my ass hole. Many small powerful orgasms rippled thru me causing my pussy to squirt its liquid love juices out onto dad’s seat.

I was breathing heavily as I spun around and told dad “ I want your cock so badly in my pussy. “ I kind of rubbed my pussy thru my thong bottom, which was soaked in my juices as he watched. I told him lets get in the back of the truck as I brought along a blow up air mattress to use on the boat. Him and I got out and headed for the rear of the truck.

The mattress needed blown up so while dad blew his air into the mattress. I pulled his trunks down and wrapped my lips around his hard pulsating cock. I used my tongue to polish his cock head as he filled the air mattress up. It had to look cool me blowing him and him blowing the air mattress up.

When he had it full of air dad tossed it up into the back of the truck. I stood up and pulled my beach dress off over my head. As it fell to the ground we locked into a passionate deep kiss as dad reached up and untied my bikini top. I pulled back a little and I left it fall to the ground. Next dad helped me slip my small tiny white thong off.

Daddy said softly into my ear “ Why princess you have soaked your bottoms ” as he helped me up into the back of his truck.

I took the air mattress and kind of half laid it against up against the rear cab of the truck so I kind of had a backrest. I turned around and sat down with my back against the cab and pulled me legs apart spreading them wide for daddy to see my wet hot hole he was about to enter.

Daddy crawled up into the truck pulled his trunks down some and he just took hold of my legs placing them high up on his shoulders. Daddy rubbed his cock on my wet pussy for just a second before he drove it deep into me. I left out a small scream as I felt his cock entering so deep into me on that first push.

I threw my arms around his neck and whispered in his ear “ Fuck me daddy give me your cock deep and hard into my pussy. “

Daddy didn’t waste no time at all he started to pile drive that lovely cock of his deep, fast and hard into my pussy. You could hear our skin slapping together and the wetness’ of my pussy as his cock slipped in and out. I just lay there with my eyes closed holding on for dear life as daddy pounded my pussy with his cock.

Suddenly we both heard in a loud harsh voice “ Excuse me. ” Dad rolled off of me and pulled his trunks up in one move. I opened my eyes to find two very bright lights shining onto us. One of the beams of light was brightly illuminating my pussy. I looked around for some thing to throw over myself but there was nothing so I covered up my boobs and my pussy the best I could with my arms and hands.

As my eyes adjusted to the light I saw two Sheriff figures at the back tailgate. The bigger older one shined his flashlight on my dad and asked “ What the hell are you…“ he only got that much out when he said “ John is that you? “ He turned his flashlight away and put the light out.
The other young looking deputy just kepi his light pointing to my bare legs and boobs as I tried my best to cover everything up.

My dad looked and replied “ Yep it be me Bill “ as he slipped down from the back and off the tailgate of the truck. Dad stuck out his hand.

The Sheriff’s hand met his as he said, “ How the hell are you? Been a long time.” The sheriff looked over at his partner and said “ It’s ok Sam he is an old friend.“ then in a rather harsh voice “ Get your damn light off her cunt Sam! “ and he shook his head.

Dad asked Sheriff Bill “ Can the wife have something to cover up with? Sheriff Bill replied with a laugh “ Sure don’t want her making any more of a impression on Sam here as she already has.”

As my dad bent down and picked up my beach dress and tossed it to me. It came to me my dad had called me his wife. I love it when he does that to people from time to time especially ones that didn’t know us well and I had never seen this guy before. I slipped it up over my head, which exposed my tits to both of the Sheriffs. I noticed that after I pulled it down and saw them both staring at the girls as I slipped down from the truck to stand beside my dad who wrapped one of his lovely big arms over my shoulder and pulled me tightly against himself.

Sheriff Bill looked at my dad and with a little laugh “ Shit me and my deputy Sam here were parked a little ways up the road when we heard these a****l like screams and moans and we figured maybe we had better investigate them. “ Sheriff Bill looked my way tipped his hat and said “ Excuse me Mrs.----- but you are quite the screamer aren’t you now. “

The younger Sheriff deputy looked at me and asked, “ Aren’t you two a little old to be necking out in the woods here? “

I was just about to tell him to kiss my ass when Sheriff Bill said “ Hell Sam your just jealous cause you don't do it no more." “ And your wife isn’t half as lovely as this fine lady here.”

About that time we heard a call come from their radio that Sheriff Bill took on his radio by his shirt collar. Sheriff Bill said, “ Com on Sam we got us a real call. ” He looked at my dad and said “ I will have to catch up with you two later.” and he tipped his hat to me as we turned and walked away.

The young Sheriff deputy came right over to my dad and I and in his best manly voice said “ Now you folks move along. ” as he to tipped his hat to me and ran to catch up with Sheriff Bill.

Dad and I stood there for a few minutes till we heard a car start up and their overhead lights came on. We saw that they had only been about 100 yards up the road and with it being a clear night they had to have heard my moans and screams really good.

Dad and I laughed about it all the way back home especially at the fact that when he also had ever been caught parking with my mom when he was younger they also said the same thing “ Now you folks move along.”

We haven’t been parking since but you know I may just have to see if he is up for it. Lol

Hope you have enjoyed. Will be back soon with a brand new fresh recent fun adventure that just happened this weekend and I think you are going to enjoy it as much as I did.

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super tale
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Never fails to deliver a great hard on! Thanks!
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nice one
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another amazing story very hot and naughty looking forward to the next one
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Great story.