I don't know what the hell prompted me to do it ,but on New Year's Day I decided I wanted a black hooker bad to keep me company while I watched the football games. I'm not such an addicted fan that I don't like to take a little break now and then. What better way to celebrate your team's victory or forgot their loss than by fucking? I drove downtown to the strip where I knew I could find a sexy whore for not too much money. My luck was really running that day because the first one that came over to my car said we'd have to hurry because she was planning to watch the ball games. When I explained my plan, she hopped in the car faster then a kickoff! Keisha couldn't have been happier when I told her I wanted to fuck and suck during halftimes. Once we got to my apartment, we sat around drinking beer and gin and watching TV buck-ass naked ! I have to admit Keisha was a damned gorgeous distraction with her big tits and lovely fanny. I kept telling myself she was going to be my personal half-time entertainment. As soon as the second quarter ended, we were on the floor going at it. We started off with some very uninhibited sixty-nine that was so noisy we could barely hear the band music over our enthusiastic slurping. Keisha had just the kind of cunt I like, shaved except for a little brown patch and very, very wet. As a matter of fact , after a few minutes of intense cuntlapping, my face was covered with her pussy nectar. Keisha was doing a very good job between my legs, too . I watched her head bobbing up and down, my stiff dick plunging deep into her mouth as she sucked me with an amazing amount of energy. Her mouth was real hot and as wet as her juicy pussy . She slurped my big white cock up like she was starving. I was in heaven when she tongued my fat balls and jacked my cock with a real determination. I responded by licking her clit so intensely that she was writhing uncontrollably and moaning that she was cumming. I told her I was cumming, too and gave her mouth a flood of thick cum just as the announcer told us it was time for the second half of the game. We sat up and smiled at each other, each wiping juices off our mouths. Keisha giggled and said she'd sure like to fuck after the game was over. Before I could tell her that was so fine with me , she hastily added that it would be " on the house .'' This was turning out even better than I'd expected ! The second half was even more exciting than the first offscreen as well as on. When our team won by a narrow margin, I decided there was only one way to really celebrate. I broke open the champagne and sprayed it all over Keisha naked black flesh while she squealed with delight. When I licked it all off, she squealed even more and said if I didn't fuck her soon she was going to go nuts. Keisha was as good a fuck as she was a cocksucker. Her very wet cunt was surprisingly snug and as I pumped, she clenched her muscles and sort of massged my plowing pecker. She wrapped her long legs around my waist and held me tight, pulling me even deeper into her hungry coochie. We were sweating from the intensity of our fucking and the excitement of the football game. I knew I had exactly half an hour before the next game started, so my goal was to bring us both off before the kickoff. Keisha suddenly pushed me onto my side ,threw a leg over my ass and told me to fuck her deep and hard that way awhile. I'd hardly gotten used to that position before this wild woman rolled on top of me and rode me like she was breakining a mustang in. She bounced up and down on my dick and just when I thought it was time to cum, she put us in another position. This continued until I completely forgot the time. Not until I heard the announcement that the next bowl game was coming up in five minutes did Keisha carry us both to victory. I pumped her full of jizz while she screamed and covered my face with kisses. It was one helluva way to start the New Year !
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5 months ago
Happy Alll New Years to you and celebrate them alwayd with a lot other fuckable cunts like is it written in this hot story....