Birthday Whore

I would never forget the time I finally got my dick in some ass and pussy for the very first time. My good buddies at a private white boarding school arranged this huge surprise party for my nineteenth birthday party. We all met at a stripclub about five miles from the school-which was totally off-limits to us- and had a whole lot of alcohol, beer, champagne & cheap wines. I was getting pretty tore up when my roommate , Hank, told me it is time to cut the cake. I stood up at the head of the table and looked around for a cake, but I didn't see anything. Then , across the room the doors came flying open and a group of the guys hauled in this giant cake, complete with candles. I'd never seen anything so damned huge and wondered how the holy hell anybody figured we'd ever be able to make even a big dent in it. Well, they started sang " Happy Birthday," the cake started to shake and the top popped off to reveal this totally prime chick with shoulder-length brown hair and knockers the size of basketballs. I just stood there mouth open and gaped like a big dummy, my cock hard as a frigging rock. This lady smiled and blew me a kiss, then climbed out of the cake. All she had on was a thong, red mesh stocking and high heel shoes. Her bush was as tan as her hair and huge nipples were a tasty chocolate. My eyes and my dick just kept getting bigger and bigger as she did the nasty bump-and- grind down the table till she reach the end in front of me and my prick. My mouth was about two inches from her delicious pussy and cute ass, then I was nose-deep! Two whiff was all it took to convince me that was what I'd been waiting for my whole life. I remove her thong and stuck out my horny tongue and tasted her musky and bun heat.She moaned and her cunt & butt twitches, tightening down around my quivering tongue. I ate her pussy out and lick her ass till I was so dizzy, then I reached up and lifted her down to the floor so I could get at her gorgeous tits. While I was sucking on her sweet nipples , she had her hands so busy, fishing my white dick out of my shorts. She went on about how huge I was and rubbing my knob up and down against her slit till my nuts damn near snapped up into my armpits. I leaned against her till she was flat on her back on the table and my cock slid into her. This woman was very talented, let me tell you. Then I buried my face in her boobies and started humping, right out there in front of all my friends and the other guys in the club, They all stood around, egging me on and watching plus making cracks about my technique. I didn't give a fuck. I was on the very verge of losing my cherry load of cum nothing else mattered to me man. I fucked her from every angle I could think of and all the nosie she was making, she was loving it as much as I was . Her nipples got hard and tight, the lite points of flesh turning dusky ebony and I continued slamming deep into her holes. She kept on getting more juicier and hotter as I went, finally dissolving in a series of shuddering whimpers under me .That did it for me . Watching her cum got me off as well and I pumped enough cum up her snatch to drown her good. When I was all done, she sat in my lap and whispered in in my ear that the boys had paid for this one, but if I'd drive her home, she'd give me another piece of her on the house and on her. She was the very first black lady I ever fuck !

100% (9/0)
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5 months ago
nice story about first experience in real fucking....
and avesome she was in public place with brilliant
black woman fucked by white dick.... amazing .... congrats
5 months ago
Wow.. That's a nice story
6 months ago
6 months ago
Yes it did happen to a new friend of my back 98 bro !
7 months ago
I meant "HOT STORY"
7 months ago
Hot sory. This really happen?