Master & misty: Return to the Porn Theatre, Ju

Having been a slave for nearly 6 years, I am now convinced of the fact that once you fulfill a fantasy in the Master/slave relationship, you will always try to top it. Just when Master and I didn’t think we could out do ourselves, we suddenly did.

I sweated thru my black cotton dress in the heat and humidity of the city. Master and I met, crossed the street and ducked back into the porn theatre we had visited 2 years ago for public sex. I remember it exactly the same way; smoky with a musty smell. Small TVs in the front of the theatre played porn. The pool table was in the same place. Everything seemed very familiar. Little did I know Master had a plan already laid out for me; a fantasy this time HE wanted to make real.

I followed Master cautiously taking our seats toward the back and off to the side. My eyes had trouble adjusting to the darkness and I was afraid I’d fall over in my heels. The screen played a woman with huge tits and black man fucking her from behind. I could feel the bulge in Master’s pants as we turned to face each other. I started to pull down the top of my dress, but he stopped me. “Relax,” he instructed and kissed me full and deep. I completely trusted and surrendered myself to him; I knew he would keep me safe. Master unbuckled his pants and guided my head down to his thick, veiny cock. “Blow me,” he ordered. I stuffed his member in my mouth and sucked him hard. Like the last time, I started to get the distinct, uneasy feeling that people were watching us. My heart started to beat very fast as an overwhelming sensation of helplessness came over me. I heard Master say, “Yes, yes, it’s OK.” The air of his hand waved people over to us. To strangers he commanded, “Touch her.” My dress lifted from me and unknown hands started to stroke my back, my leg and my ass. My right leg trembled uncontrollably. I clearly heard the ‘tap, tap, tap’ of my heel on the floor of the porn theatre. One man reached over and squeezed my left tit, while Master squeezed the right. I heard him moan as I violently jerked his cock up and down first with my hand, and then my mouth. Moaning, I heard him say to me, “You suck a great cock baby…you’re such a good little cum-whore…you please your Master well…” and then to my audience, “isn’t she the best little cocksucker you’ve ever seen?...her mouth feels so good on my cock…” By now, Master was ready to cum and in between moans, he whispered to me, “get ready for my warm juice down your throat…” I started to slow down on his cock as he exploded his hot jizz in my mouth. The men around me warned him to quiet down. “Shhhhh….shhhh…” I heard them say. Once he came, he gestured the men away and they obeyed him without question; they let us relax for the moment to watch a woman do exactly what I had just done on screen. I sighed and rested against Master’s chest, happy to have pleased him and enjoyed the show.

After a few moments, Master reached down between my legs and began to play with my pussy. His fingers inside me, he moved his thumb up and down my slippery clit. I moaned with the built up frustration I felt inside as men started to surround me again. That sensation of vulnerability was back. Just like before, Master allowed them to touch me as he played. “Not her pussy, not her mouth,” he ordered and again they obeyed him. This turned me on even more; the fact that he had such authority over everyone. I closed my eyes and completely submitted myself over to him. He was in control. It sounds strange, but I knew he would not let any harm come to me. I had undeniable trust and faith in him.

Strange hands continued to touch my face, neck, back, arms, shoulders and ass as Master continued to tease me. I could hear the moans on screen and moans from the men around me. One man kept whispering in my ear how gorgeous I was and I felt them jerking off to me. “Good girl…good misty, come for your Master…explode that pussy juice all over my hand,” Master encouraged as I squirmed between strange hands and Master opening up my pussy lips and exploring the inside of me…my leg continued to shake uncontrollably…’tap, tap, tap’ I heard in between ‘ohhhhhhhhhh….oh, yes’ and then my own voice saying “oh, oh, oh, Master!” My body jerked forward violently, my muscles tensed and then relaxed again as I poured sweet juices all over Master’s fingers. The men dispersed and Master let me lick his fingers clean. Kissing me deeply, he explored my mouth and tasted all that sweetness. His cock was still out of his pants and hard again. I stroked it as we kissed and the men returned. This time, my hand was not alone! I distinctly felt someone playing with Master’s balls as I stroked him. When I moved my hand down to stroke his balls, this hand moved up to his cock! In the darkness, Master asked me, “Are you touching my balls?” and I answered, “not me, baby.” We had a third and didn’t even know it! As we kissed, I felt a hand move under his shirt, touch his chest and arms and play with his erect nipple. The fact that Master was also being touched by unknown hands turned me on enormously and I pulled Master closer to me to kiss his neck, lips and chest. I moved my head down further to push his stiff cock in my mouth again. I licked underneath the sensitive part of the head and sucked hard while stroking him up and down. I heard Master groan; he was ready to cum again, but after a few minutes, he ordered me to get up and walk out into the hallway. Again, the men obeyed him when it was time to go. He had had enough … or so I thought!

We stayed in the hallway for a while watching the TV screens that played all different varieties of porn. I leaned my head against his massive chest and when I looked up; his mouth seemed very far away. I loved being so tiny against him and I surrounded myself with the secure and safe feeling that Master has always given me. I wanted everyone there to know I was with him and that he would be protect me. We exchanged naughty comments about the experience we just had and I innocently rubbed his back and the increasing bulge between his legs. Master held me close as he surveyed the area and smiled, “did you bring condoms with you?” I shook my head “no” but he e****ted me into the back where a metal table stood anyway. Paint was peeling off the walls, the floor was cracked and the room has a dank, musty smell like old water. He bent me over the metal table, hiked up my dress, unbuckled his pants and inserted himself inside me. His cock felt like a steel rod wrapped in my velvety soft pussy and I tightened my cunt around him. In an instant, we were not alone and by this time, the men knew exactly what Master would and would not allow. As he fucked me, he held tightly onto my ass, thrusting in and out and watched as complete strangers fondled my entire body. One man knelt below me to suck my left tit. Another tried to f***e his erect cock in my hand. Something severed inside me. I had to leave my body for a while; it was not my own. I get momentarily dizzy; there is a distinct darkening of the light. Physically and emotionally, I was helpless; I abandoned all control of my mind and body and gave it freely over to Master. It was a chaotic sea of hands, mouths and cocks touching me as Master rammed me over and over. The tip of Master’s cock was on fire. With one powerful thrust, he moaned, “oh misty…you are such a good fuck!” and I felt the heat of his come explode inside me and open up the walls of my pussy. He pulled himself free from my grasp and once again, the men dispersed, and began to walk away. “Clean my cock,” Master commanded, “I can’t go home dirty.” I obediently knelt below him and licked him clean. Cum dripped down my bare legs as I stood up. Master took me by the shoulder and guided me to the front of the theatre. On our way out, all I heard was, “Come back again REAL soon.” I am sure they are still waiting for us… ;-)

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2 years ago
This is a great lovestory. Even if it looks like fucking for anybody watching it is the fantastic love between a Master and his slave.
2 years ago
I wish they had some porn places in my area. Something about watching porn and having sex at the same time is so hot. It must be awesome to have a bunch of guys watching you while you get fucked.
3 years ago
A very nice story... I love that he delayed your exposure till outside the theater... Well played sir...