Master takes misty to the Porn Theatre, May 2009

My Master is a big guy; at 6 foot 2 He towers over my insignificant 5 foot 4 frame. I love to wear flats around Him when I feel the need to be “overwhelmed.” He is well built with strikingly intense blue eyes that turn an icy blue and seem to spit fire when He feels I have disobeyed Him for one reason or the other. Despite this, He did not realize the enormous control and power He had over me until the day I surrendered to submissive sex with Him at the local porn theatre.

As we drove there, Master instructed me to take off my bra and panties and leave them in my purse. He then ran His hand up and down my well toned legs and thighs while erotic scents of Chanel No.5 and pussy wafted through the car. I could see His excitement by the pulsating bulge in His pants.

When we arrived, Master paid for the tickets and e****ted me inside. Everywhere you looked, there was porn playing; on TVs outside of the theatre, in a small room where a bunch of guys played pool and in the theatre itself. The atmosphere was dark and smoky; it smelled musty inside. I was nervous and excited at the same time.

We took our seats a little toward the back and a few seats in. There were two people fucking each other on the screen in front of us, but Master was excited for a different reason. The way these men looked at His slave in her black stiletto heels and short black cotton dress with her long red hair flowing wildly down her back aroused Him intensely. I assumed not many females frequented this place.

Once we took our seats, Master grabbed the back of my hair and kissed me passionately and deeply, sticking his tongue all the way down my throat. His tongue felt electrifying and went straight to my clit where I felt a gush of wetness hit the seat I was in. His one hand had me pulled protectively to Him while His other hand travelled up my legs that lay open across His lap, to my aching pussy, where he moaned with pleasure at how wet His slave had become. He inserted two fingers inside and teased my G-Spot, while His thumb worked my clit over. He then pulled the dress I had down to my shoulders to expose my perfectly formed tits, leaned me back and put His hot wet mouth on my nipple. His tongue and teeth tantalized one tit, while His other hand squeezed the other and I couldn’t help but moan with excitement. It was then I sense something else in this darkened room. Although I had my eyes closed, I could feel eyes on us as well as the unmistakable sound of masturbation and it excited me to think these men who had come here to watch a regular old porn movie, where getting a nice unexpected surprise by looking at “live” porn. I decided to give them a show.

I innocently extracted myself away from Master’s grasp and explored His mouth with my tongue while unbuckling His jeans. His shaft was hard with anticipation as I expertly pulled His throbbing member from His pants. My dress still exposing my tits, I leaned forward, wet my fingers with my pussy juice and rubbed His engorged head. He moaned. Once that was good and moist with my taste, I inserted His cock in my mouth. I heard Him sigh with relief. My tongue travelled around the head and deep throated the shaft several times until I gagged and came up for air; my eyes tearing and saliva dripping down my chin. Master gave me a look that told me I was not finished with Him. I went down on Him again and this time I felt movement around me. Again and again, I deep throated Him as I heard Him moan, continued to lick up and down His shaft and teased the swollen head of His cock with my tongue. The second time I came up for air, the movement I had felt was men sitting in back and in front of us watching me go down on my Master while they jerked off. Since Master didn’t seem to mind, (in fact, he seemed quite pleased!) I continued satisfying Him with oral favors.

As we were being watched, I licked and sucked His cock making it nice and wet with my saliva and going down on Him as I also jerked Him off. I could feel Him getting close to exploding. His breath was getting shorter and more rapid and His hands quickly caressed my back.

I heard him groan, “oh misty!” as I felt His cum travel through His cock underneath my hand that rapidly stroked Him and shoot into my mouth. I teased His now sensitive head with my tongue as he held my neck down to get me deeper inside. He was happy and relaxed immediately and as I finished cleaning Him off, men were still jerking off around us.

By now, my pussy was so wet and my clit was throbbing, aching to be satisfied by a f***e all its own. I knew I had to ask permission first. I seductively whispered, “may I cum Master?” and he replied, “yes, misty, as long as you don’t mind an audience.” I shook my head “no” and he instructed to get up and follow Him into the room with the pool table. He asked the men in there if they wouldn’t mind having His slave masturbate in front of them and of course they said “no!” He lifted me onto the pool table, told me to spread my legs open wide, knelt in front of me and lapped up my juices. I closed my eyes, arched my back and moaned. Master asked, “do you want to be tongue-fucked misty?” I couldn’t speak but shook my head an enthusiastic “yes” and felt His tongue go deep inside, tasting me and sucking my enlarged clit. He commanded me to lie on the pool table and play with myself while everyone watched and I begged Him to please insert two fingers in me. He did so willingly and my pussy gripped His fingers as I manipulated my swollen clit. My body tightened and I exploded, along with several eager bystanders. Moans and groans were heard throughout the room.

Master then flipped me over, lifted my skirt and bent me over the pool table where His eager cock slipped inside my tingling pussy. My pussy was wet and warm as His cock stroked the inside of my walls. Almost immediately He came from the excitement of the day and lay against my back, exhausted and sweaty.

Always a gentleman, he thanked the men around Him for being polite around His slave, buckled up His jeans, lifted me off the pool table and ushered me out to our waiting car.

Believe me, it was an experience I’ll never forget…and neither will Master…
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3 years ago
Well told, Sandra :-)
3 years ago
Wish I was a 'fly on the wall'.
4 years ago
amazing story i am still stroking thinking about it now
4 years ago
4 years ago
Excellent story!
4 years ago
Great story, Misty: and you look lovely in your pics too. Wish we had good old fashioned porn cinemas where I live... xxxx
4 years ago
what a lucky master he is
4 years ago
Nice next time let me know I could of fucked mommy better and harder than he ever can!
5 years ago
Obviously I need to spend more time in porn theaters!