Master takes misty in the Dungeon, February, 2009

I did not resemble a slave that day, no collar, no chain; Master requested professional attire. As I stood on the street corner in my black business suit, black bra and stockings underneath, along with my black stilettos, I felt anxious and very submissive. A new fantasy was about to come true; a visit to a sex shop was in order today, complete with a dungeon below.
I watched as Master got out of His blue jeep; He was strikingly handsome as always in a dark blue shirt and black pants. The shirt matched His beautiful blue eyes which sparkled with excitement. His body towered over mine as He approached me; He gently turned my chin upright toward His face and kissed me full on the mouth, greeting me. I was immediately overcome with happiness, Master was here! He then took me by the shoulder and led me thru the doorway.
Inside, it was strange. Some people were talking to each other while they were topless, trying on boustierres, bras, and such, almost as if it were a normal everyday thing. A woman tried on ballet stiletto heels. One submissive male walked around in a leather collar with a chain hanging from his neck, while his Master led him around and ordered him to try on leather pants, chaps and vests. There were people of all shapes and sizes, ethnic backgrounds and ages. My Master seemed completely at ease in such a bizarre atmosphere and I felt increasingly more and more submissive, which I know He enjoyed. We certainly did not look like either one of us belonged there in our business suits. One blond woman with huge tits and a chain link bra approached us and introduced herself as “Duchess” – she asked if she could help us in any way to pick out something from their wide variety of sex toys. Obviously, she had dealt with many different kinds of people over the years, to her; she probably didn’t think our attire was strange at all. Master shook hands with her and introduced Himself and then He motioned His hand toward me and said proudly, “This is My slave.” His intense look told me to introduce myself to the woman. I averted my eyes, stuck out my hand, bowed my head and in a soft voice said, “Hello Duchess, I am Misty Raven. I am very pleased to make your acquaintance.” I knew Master was pleased as Duchess raved about what a good obedient slave I was. Master commented that we would be looking around and He would send me to get her if we desired anything. Duchess nodded her head toward Master in agreement.
Master and I stepped into the back room and He ordered me to pick out something that I would enjoy. This is a rarity from Master; on very few occasions do I get to do anything without His explicit permission. I picked out a hot pink Warburton wheel, the spikes on the end are used to roll across sensitive areas of the body and I knew I would have many hours of pleasure and pain with it. Master was pleased with my choice, but had one small suggestion: He wanted it in silver because it looked more “medical”. I happily obliged. For His choice, Master picked out a paddle with the word “SLUT” imprinted on it. It was supposed to leave the word on tender flesh as one is spanked and humiliated with it. Master paddled my ass quickly with the paddle and remarked that he would need a more “private area” to do this. He ordered me to purchase the items and also to ask Duchess if we could take a tour of the dungeon. I eagerly went out to go look for the blond women in the chain link bra and found her behind the counter helping a paying customer. She bagged the items for Master and myself and then handed another collared submissive a key and ordered him to take us to the dungeon.
I followed the submissive to the back room and told Master that this gentleman would take us to the dungeon; Master introduced Himself and then ordered me to do the same. Again, I stuck out my hand and bowed my head as a soft voice came from my mouth saying, “Hello Sir, I am Misty Raven. I am very pleased to make your acquaintance.”

The submissive guide led us down a dark and winding staircase to the dungeon. Ever protective, Master stood behind me with His hand on my shoulder, so as to make sure I did not fall in my heels. I expected the dungeon to smell dank and musty, but surprisingly it did not – it smelled like leather, wood and fresh paint; reminiscence of my grandfather’s garage while I was growing up. At the bottom of the staircase, there were wooden stocks, used in medieval times for torture, public humiliation and punishment. Our guide was very knowledgeable and explained everything to us in detail as we walked through. There were a number of suspension cuffs on the walls and ceilings, along with various torture devices such as whips, floggers, canes and paddles. A Saint Andrews cross was nailed up against a wall complete with shackles for the arms and legs of a disobedient slave, as well as a “throne” for foot worship and other fetishes.
A gynecological table with restraints was set up in another room off the main area with many different types of devices for opening and torturing one’s pussy and clamping nipples. An array of agonizing objects (made mostly of metal) hung from the ceiling of that room and my eyes widened with shock, fear and delight. Master watched me and I knew He was thrilled with my obvious vulnerability. Our guide pointed out each item and explained what type of pain or pleasure it would inflict and how severe. Lastly, an interrogation room completed the dungeon with blinding lights to make any submissive agree to anything.
Once the tour was over, Master told the guide to “leave us”. Respectfully, he agreed to my Master’s request. Again, I bowed my head and submissively shook his hand in farewell.
Once our guide was gone, Master kissed me deeply, His tongue probing every crevice of my mouth. I could tell He was just as excited as I was to finally be alone in the dungeon. He unbuttoned my suit jacket and pulled down my lace bra as His mouth hungrily attacked my nipples, making them wet and hard with His saliva. Master then ordered me to get in the “stocks”. I bent over as He locked my head and wrists into the device. He lifted my skirt and my ass, between my garters, was exposed for only His pleasure. He could now take me as He wanted. He gently kissed it and let His tongue explore my sensitive flesh, licking the top of my asshole and then allowing His tongue to probe the sweetness of my pussy juice that had now dripped uncontrollably down my legs. I quivered. He inserted one finger in my pussy and massaged my G spot as I softly moaned. I could feel myself on the brink of an orgasm, but that was not in Master’s plan…yet.
He positioned Himself in front of me, His huge and tasty cock at my eye level. He inserted His throbbing member into my mouth and fucked it as my tongue caressed His head and sucked enthusiastically on His shaft. He pushed His cock deeper and deeper into my throat, making me gag and unable to breath; my eyes watered, spit spilled non-stop from my mouth. I was completely restrained and helpless; all I could do was submit to Him.
When His cock was satisfied, He blindfolded me and walked behind me. Now the only sensation that was of any use to me was sound. I was dependent and powerless only to Him, vulnerable, I could only hear what He was about to do. I heard the crinkle of the plastic bag and Him unwrap the paddle we had just purchased. I then heard Him take a cane from off the wall behind me. He whispered to me in a stern but soothing voice that I was to be quiet and surrender to Him completely. He also explained that sometimes He needed to do this, so I would continually be a better slave to Him and never forget my place. My only desire at that moment was to please Him, so I nodded to show Him I understood.
The whack of the cane across my ass sent an unbelievable amount of pain thru my body and made me gasp. I felt welts immediately begin to form on my skin. With each crack, Master stopped for a moment, rubbed my tender skin and hit me with another blow. I softly whimpered as I knew I would be caned harder if I cried out. My eyes welled up with tears from the pain and soaked my blindfold, but I knew if I endured this for Him, Master would take good care of me. He paused for a moment and stood in front of me, wiped my tears from my face and assured me I was being a dutiful slave and He was very pleased at how controlled I was for Him. Thru the blindfold, I could not see Him, but I could smell Him and I eagerly sucked His tongue as He placed his mouth on mine. I was overjoyed at the thought that I was pleasing Him. He then went back to His business of humiliating me.
He took the “SLUT” paddle and rubbed my already broken flesh with it before given me two hard smacks. The leather made a snapping sound across my skin and again, I felt raised welts. This time, Master made me count to 10 – with each stroke, my voice was barely audible while I counted; my throat was raw from swallowing my tears of pain. When He was done, He rubbed my red and raw ass with His hand. He remarked what a “pretty shade of pink” my ass was and His touch comforted me, relaxed me. He then inserted one finger in my pussy and massaged my clit with the other. I was incredibly wet and I am sure His fingers were saturated with my sweetness. My clit felt huge underneath His touch and I moaned over and over again, hoping He would permit me to cum. With everything He commanded me to endure today and the excitement I felt; I knew I was close.
Finally, He ordered, “Cum for your Master, Misty!” and an overwhelming orgasm made my whole body shudder with relief and desire. His fingers probed my soft velvety inside and the intensity I felt was overpowering. He then inserted His fingers in my mouth and rubbed my juice on my lips. I could taste myself and He eagerly kissed me, tasting my sweetness too.
Once again, He walked behind and inserted His hard cock into my willing, drenched pussy. His lust was uncontrollable and I knew he was a bit crazed and very turned on by the events of the day. With a few quick strokes, His jizz shot inside me like molten lava – hot and thick. He moaned my name over and over again (which I love) as He held onto my hips and thrust Himself inside me deeper and deeper until He was spent. Then He released me.
Upstairs, the usual goings on continued…topless people trying on sexy clothes, people buying their next pair of sexy shoes, various discussions, people shopping for their deviant toys. In our business attire, Master and I looked like your normal, everyday couple. But, we are not. No one was the wiser regarding what happened to me in the dungeon, except Duchess, I think she knew. She had that knowing smile across her lips that told me we were not the first couple to enjoy the pleasures of the dungeon. She thanked us for stopping by as we handed in the keys and said she hoped we would be back again. Oh yes, I thought, I am sure we will… ;-)

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1 year ago
very hot!!!
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Huge turn on Misty! Your a great erotic writer.
3 years ago
Loved it
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