A Letter to Master


Every inch of skin on my body aches for you; to be licked, to be touched. As your body engulfs mine, each muscle is tense, straining to be restrained by your dominance. My skin burns with the lust I feel for you, being under your command and I wish I could sear your skin with my burning desires.

Uncontrollably, my body twitches and trembles under your hands. You have me completely under your control as my Master; my most passionate and deviant fantasies come true under you and leave me scared, anxious, and thrilled all at the same time. My breath shakes and is uneven…under your command I am afraid to speak because I would undoubtedly say the wrong thing and feel your wrath. I feel excited and helpless – you are all consuming when you are this close to me.

My fingers tremble as they touch your own naked skin; I can close my eyes and know every crevice of your neck, shoulders and back. I watch your face as I touch you and know you enjoy my hands caressing you all over.

Juices seep from the crotch of my panties and trickle down my thigh; desire drips, glistening on my flesh. My fingers scoop out all that sweetness and I smear it all over your lips and kiss you, tasting myself.

You are my intense erotic fantasy that demands fulfillment deep to its core. When you are like this with me, I will agree to anything you ask, I want you so much.

Don’t make me wait to be your slave again…every inch of my skin is addicted to you.

misty xxxxoooo
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2 years ago
Good girl... as it should always be. Addicted to your Master and a complete servant to his will. I am impressed and you don't even belong to me. You're Master is a very lucky man.
3 years ago
Beautiful details describe the scene well... Excellent....