Dream (all parts)

part 1
she receives a text early in the morning. "When I get home, you are to be knelt at the front door, naked, with the belt and bath brush laying in front of you." she shutters at the text, knowing she is in trouble.

she takes a shower, shaving her whole body, because she knows that He likes her like that. she puts His favorite meal in the slow cooker and turns it on low. she starts a load of clothes and sets the alarm on her phone so she knows when that load will be done. she goes to the living room, pulls out her pillow, sets it in front of the door and gets the belt and bath brush. she lays them in front of the pillow, facing the door. she returns to the bathroom, making sure she hasn't missed a hair one on her body, making sure she is totally bald except the hair on her head.

her alarms goes off and she goes and moves the clothes from the washer to the dryer and starts the process over again. It's about an hour before He gets home, so she goes and does her make up, making sure it's perfect for Him. she goes to the living room, takes her clothes off, folding them neatly beside her pillow and kneels, waiting on Him.

part 2

As she kneels on her pillow, awaiting His homecoming, she ponders on what He has in mind for her. she has been a good little girl for Him lately, so she doesn't know the need of this spanking. As she is waiting, her alarm goes off again for the laundry. she looks to her phone, seeing she will have just enough time to switch the loads and get back to her pillow before He gets home. she rushes to the laundry, and as she is putting the detergent into the washing machine, she hears His truck.

she slams the lid and runs back to her pillow. As she kneels, she fixes her hair, puts her arms behind her back, pushes her breast out forward, and bows her head. He turns the knob of the door as her chin touches her chest, she barely got back in time! As He walks in, He smiles, seeing His girl where He told her to be and with the belt and bath brush waiting for Him. He sets His keys on the side table and walks to her side.

"Unlace My shoes lil one and remove them." she does as He asks, without a word. "Now put them beside your clothing and follow me on your hands and knees with your head down." He says to her as He heads to the kitchen. she follows Him like the good little girl she is and when He stops in the kitchen.

"Make Me a plate and then kneel at my feet until I am ready for you." she fixes His plate, sets it on the table, along with His nightly glass of wine and silverware. she takes her place at His feet and waits.

Part 3

she sat and listened to Him eat and drink. While He was eating, He stopped to take a sip of His wine. "Get under the table and give Me a blow job while I finish eating."

"Yes Sir" was all she said. she went under the table, undid His belt, feeling the nice leather. she then unbuttoned His pants and brought His zipper down.

He moved a little so that she could bring His cock out and start suck on it. she took it into her mouth and slowly licked the head, while stroking His large cock. He moaned and pushed His cock further into her mouth. As she took Him further into her mouth, He thrust forward quickly and He was all the way down her throat. she started swallowing to allow His cock full access to her mouth. He laid His silverware down, grabbed hold of the table and started thrusting His hips into her face, fucking her face good. He sped up and then reached under the table, grabbing her head and holding it in place as He slammed down her throat, shooting His load straight into her throat. she tried to swallow it all and was still swallowing as He pulled out of her mouth.

"That's a good little girl to take all of My cock and swallow all My cum. You may fix yourself a plate now and sit and eat my lil one."

part 4

she raised up from under the table and fixed herself a plate. "you may use My lap as your table my lil one." He said to her as she walked to the table.

"Yes Sir" she said, kneeling back to in front of Him.

He rubbed her face and played with her breast, pinching her nipples hard, making them become hard pebbles under His touch. she moaned at His touch, pushing her breast further into His hand. she stopped eating, laying her plate on the table, and looks up to Him, with want and need in her eyes. He smiles down at her and takes her by the hand, raising her to her feet and walking back to the living room.

As He is walking, He points to the belt and bath brush. she knows that He wants her to get them and bring them to Him. she gladly does as told, and comes to His side as He is sitting down on the couch. As she hands them to Him, He sees how hard her nipples are and tells her to go get some nipple clamps. she gasp, her hands automatically going to her breast, and He pops her behind with His hand.

"Do as I say little girl or there will be more added." she lowers her head in shame and turns to go get the clamps.

As she walks away, He smiles and starts stroking Himself, watching her creamy behind sashay away. He hears her drop the clamps on the floor and she says 'Motherfucker'. He starts to frown because she knows His rule about her mouth and she has broken His rule yet again.

Standing up, He zips His pants back up and picks the belt up, meeting her as she walks out of the bedroom door. she bumps into Him and stops dead in her tracks. He spins her around and lays five quick straps across her bottom. "To the bathroom NOW!"

Part 5

she scurries to the bathroom and stands there, waiting for Him. she knows He heard her say the cuss word and knows what is coming. As He walks into the bathroom, she starts tearing up and whispers

"Your girl is sorry Sir."

"SORRY?!?! you have been punished how many times for cussing?"

"Four Sir."

"That's THREE too many, now isn't it lil one?"

"Yes Sir. Please Sir, Your girl is REALLY sorry...."

"Sorry doesn't cut it. Open your mouth wide." He tells her, getting the liquid soap off the sink counter. she opens her mouth, with tears running down her face. He puts three squirts in and tells her to shut her mouth.

"Now little girl, you know what the cussing gets you, don't you?" she nods her head.

"Get into position then, don't make Me have to wait." she goes and bends over, holding onto the tub side, with her legs wide apart. He stands behind her and taps her bottom with the belt.

"Now, you know the rules. Your mouth is not to open, and you are to take these 10 licks without moving. If you mouth opens, or you swallow that soap, we start again." She nods her head yes to him. He gives her the agreed amount. she stands her ground and obeys the rules, taking this part of her spanking. He lays the licks all down her bottom to the tops of her legs. The last lick, He lays straight across the top of her thighs, and her legs shake.

"you may spit the soap out, but do not rinse. you have earned corner time, which is to be in the living room, in front of the bay window window, bottom facing the window, hands on your lil head. Get to it"

Part 6

she waddles to the living room, opening the blinds in the bay window and turning around so her bottom is facing the window. she puts her hands on her head like she knows He demands and spreads her legs. Before closing her eyes, she sees Him coming down the hall, holding His belt over His shoulder, and His hand on His pants button. she closes her eyes as she hears Him unzip His pants and sit down on the couch. she isn't allowed to watch Him pleasure Himself while she is in a time out. Even with not being able to see Him stroke Himself, she can hear Him as He does it and it gets her wet.

"Now little girl, why did I have to start your punishment early?"

she hangs her head and whispers "Because Your girl said a word that You don't allow Sir."

He stands up, walks over to her and pinches her left nipple. "I can't hear you young lady. Why did I have to start your punishment early?"

she winches as He pinches her nipple hard, making her wetter. She says louder "Because Your girl said a word that You don't allow Sir." He rolls her nipple, making it hard before pulling the nipple clamp out of His pocket and puts it on her nipple. He then runs His hand between her legs, feeling how wet she is and strokes Himself while bringing His mouth to her other nipple, sucking it in. When He does this, she sucks a breathe in and her whole body shutters as His tongue runs across her nipple. He smiles against her breast, sucking it harder and taking His hand up to her honey spot, slipping a couple fingers in and starts pumping her.

"you are not allowed to cum, am I understood?"

"Yes Sir" she says as He starts pumping His fingers into her pussy hard and fast.

He bites on her nipple and sucks it hard as He feels His cock got rock hard. He slams His hand into her as she starts quiver with the need to cum. He removes His finger from her pussy and bites her nipple one last time before He removes her nipple from His mouth and puts the other nipple clamp on. He runs the clit clip to her already hard clit and clips it on. she moans as He does that and involuntarily moves her legs together. He takes the belt and brings it down hard on her thigh and she moves back to position.

He sits back down and says "Come to Me." she goes and kneels in front of Him, with her legs wide apart, part of His rules while the clips are on. He pulls the egg viberator out of the side table and inserts it into her vagina and turns it on low.

part 7

she moans as He inserts the egg and starts twitching as His turns it on. she is already so close to cumming that she has to put all her mind set to keep herself from getting off. He smiles, seeing her suffer and turns it higher.

"So little girl, was that word worth starting your punishment early and being punished with sexual denial?"

she trembles as she answers Him "No Sir. Your girl is extremely sorry Sir, please forgive me."
He turns it up on high, watching her squirm. "Lil one, why do I have the rule of no cussing?"

she quivers, on the brink of losing herself to the vibration. "You have that rule Sir because it is very unlady like to let such dirty, filthy words come from my mouth, the mouth that belongs to You."

He sees her losing her control and brings the vibe down to low and lets her breathe a little as He starts to stroke Himself more. "Yes you are right my sweet girl. I do not like hearing that nasty stuff come from My girl's mouth. I only want to hear and see sweet things come from it. Now come to Me and open that pretty mouth for Me."

she comes to Him, crawls between His legs and takes His long, hard, throbbing cock into her mouth, and starts sucking Him slowly.

Part 8

she takes Him all the way into her mouth, deep throating Him fast and hard like He loves. she sucks hard on His shaft as she takes His balls into her hand and softly kneads them. He grabs the back of her head, pressing His cock deep into her mouth and pulls her head up and down to the beat He wants. He fucks her face hard and fast and stops right before getting off.

"Lay on your back My little one." He tells her. she lays back on the floor and He straddles her stomach. He takes her hands and brings them to her chest. "Hold your breast together tight, and bring your mouth down to your chest."

she does as He ask, positioning herself for Him. With her breast tight, He pushes his cock in between them, fucking them slowly, pushing His cock into her mouth as he thrust forward. she moans as He enters her mouth, and He holds her head where He wants it and starts fucking her breast faster.

"you have been naughty lately, haven't you little one?" He ask her as He fucks faster. she looks up to Him as far as she can with her head at her chest, with questions in her eyes. "you haven't went to work lately have you?"

she gasp, losing contact with His cock as he thrust forward and He pushes her head down further. "you didn't think I knew about that I take it. Well, I do. And that is the reason for your punishment that that is coming."

As He says coming, He slams his cock up hard, past her breast, straight into her mouth and explodes. He holds her tight as He pulsates into her mouth, her drinking His seed as it pumps out. He pulls out of her mouth and lets go of her head, standing up. she looks to Him, trembling, scared that He knows and wonders what He has in store for her.

part 9

He takes her by the arm and pulls her into a standing position, then walks her to the bedroom. He takes the nipple clamps of her chest and off her clit, smiling at how hard all three still are.

"Now little girl, you are to get dressed in just panties and a bra. Once this is done, you are to get the belt, bath brush, cane and wooden spoon. They are to be laid on the bed. You are to then go to the corner and wait for further instructions." He says to her, watching her tremble with fear of what is to come. He walks out of the room and goes to pour himself another glass of wine.

she slowly moves, doing as He has asked. First she gets out the beautiful pink lace bra and panty set He bought her for their 10th wedding anniversary. she slips them on and tippy toes to the living room to get the belt and bath brush that He forgot in there. Luckily, He is too busy with His wine to see her and she scurries back to the bedroom unnoticed. She lays the the belt and bath brush on the bed and moves careful to get the cane out of the closet and the wooden spoon out of His night stand. As she is laying them down on the bed, she hears His phone ringing and moves silently to the door, opening it to listen.

"Hey man... No, there is no way I can come out tonight. There is a situation here at home I have got to take care of.... Yeah, she knows I know about her skipping work.... Man, she is gonna be so sore tomorrow, she will be begging to lay out of work, but you know Me, it's not gonna happen.... Alright, see you at work tomorrow."

she gulps and closes the as softly as she can and hurries to the corner. As she gets her nose to the wall, she hears His footsteps coming down the hall.

part 10

As He opened the door, He smiled at her, seeing her standing where He told her to. He walks over to her, and pats her already sore bottom.

"That's a good lil girl. Dressed and ready for her man." He leans over and kisses her cheek. "Now, come and lay over the end of the bed young lady"

She looks to him, tears already forming on her lashes, "Baby, i am SOOOO sorry for laying out of work! Please, don't spank me anymore! i promise i will not lay out of work anymore, ever again!"

He shakes His head, "Sorry is not good enough young lady. you know My rules about work. Now, get into position before I add more to your punishment."

She sighs, laying over the end of their bed. He walks over and starts rubbing her back and bottom, feeling the heat He has already put into her bottom.

"Now, we are going to have a session over the panties, then a session on the bare. I will start with my hand, then to the bath brush, followed by the belt, then the cane, and last the wooden spoon. If you move out of position, the whole spanking will start over, am I understood?"

She gulps as she says "Yes Sir." knowing she has no other choice.

He rubs her bottom one more time before He starts peppering her bottom with his hand. He lays around 100 to her bottom, feeling the heat rise as her bottom becomes a darker shade of pink. He leans down and lays two kisses to her bottom and picks up the belt. He lays 50 stripes across her bottom and she jumps a lil with each smack.

"I saw those jumps missy. You will be getting 5 extra swats to the back of your legs with the cane for them, and if there is anymore jumps, I will take the panties down early and rub some nettles on your bottom." He tells her as He picks up the cane. "You are going to receive 15 stripes with the cane. Stand still young lady."

He taps her bottom, and she tightens her bottom. He lays the first few lines on her bottom, then lays one of her legs. She pushes her legs out and He smiles, glad that she reacted the way He wanted her to. He continues the pattern, a few on her bottom, then one across her legs. She has started crying lightly, knowing she has earned every lick that He gives her.

As He lays the last stripe across her legs, she sobs loudly and He leans over and hugs her. "Baby girl, I know those hurt. I am proud of you for taking them like a champ." He lays the cane down and picks up the spoon. "Now, spread your legs wide lil one and get ready for the spoon. There will be 60 of these. 20 to each cheek and 10 to the inside of each leg. Hold your position and these will go by fast."

she nods and He starts laying the swats to her bottom and legs. She grabs the covers, holding on tightly so that she doesn't break position. He lays the last four hard, one to each butt cheek and one to each leg. she gasps loud and buries her face into the covers. He lays the spoon down, and goes and gets the lotion, to apply to His marks as she lays on the bed still. she grits her teeth as He rubs the lotion on, knowing that He does it out of love and care for her skin.

He picks her up, sets her on her feet and takes her face into His hands and kisses her tenderly.

"You have done good lil one. Now go to the corner, hands on your head until I ask you to come back to Me." She waddles carefully to the corner and places her hands on her head, tears falling down her cheeks with shame of doing wrong.

Part 11

He watches her, as the crying starts to shake her whole body. He continues to watch her, and sees that her legs are about to give out on her. He jumps up and catches her before she hits the floor.

"Baby, I think the rest of this punishment will be done with you laying over some pillows." He says to her, picking her into His arms. He lays her on the bed, then places the pillows in the middle of the bed. Tapping her side to motivate her, she moves over the pillows.

"Now baby, I am gonna take your panties down. We are gonna go with the same rotation. Be My good girl and stay in position and it will all be done soon." He tells her as He rubs her back

she nods her head, the crying starting to lessen as He talks. she knows the tears will be back soon, but is grateful for His loving touches and caring as He speaks to her.

He stands up, and starts rubbing her bottom, her wincing as He does. He leans over and kisses her cheek and then starts laying into her bottom. He decides to do half the licks of the spanking over the panties, but gives them twice as hard. He lays 50 to each cheek, making sure He gets the sit spots well.

"Okay lil one, the hand spanking is over." He tells her as she starts crying softly again. He gets the lotion and applies it to her bottom again, as is His routine when doing a bare bottom spanking.

He picks up his belt and runs it across her bottom and the back of her legs, making her shiver.
"Only 25 this time My girl. I don't have to remind you what will happen if you jump or move during this, do I?"

"No Sir, Your girl will be good." she says weakly.

He runs the belt across her bottom once more and starts laying the stripes across. He runs them from the middle of her bottom, all the way down to her mid calf, zoning in on the sit spots. She slightly moves on the licks to her legs, trying her best not to move. He lays the last stripe across her bottom and she sobs loudly, grabbing another pillow to stifle her cries into.

"Baby, it's half way over. Please don't start crying that hard yet...." He begs her, knowing that she is taking this punishment well, but to the heart totally. He repeats the lotion and lays His head on her back, rubbing her back, letting her calm down some. She starts calming down, feeling His love for her.

she turns her head to Him, "Your girl is ready to continue."

He sits up, nodding, and kisses her shoulders. "Thank you baby for being such a good girl. Only 5 with the cane and W/we will have that part over with." He picks up the cane and taps her bottom, "Are you ready?"

she nods her head, not able to talk as a sob gets stuck in her throat. she buries her head in the pillow again, and with each sting of the cane, she gasp. He lays three straight across and makes an X with the last two. As He lays the X, she bites into the pillow, refusing to cry out loud. He throws the cane to the side and picks her up into His arms, holding her tight.

"Baby, you have had enough. For being such a good girl, I will not be giving you the spoon anymore tonight. I am so sorry I had to punish you lil one, but I had to get the point of not laying out of work into your thick, lovely skull." He says into her hair, rocking her.

She breaks down into a full on cry, soaking his shirt as she cries. She throws her arms around his neck, snuggling under His chin.

"Baby, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry! Please forgive me for laying out of work! I will be a good girl and never do it again!" She snubs out. "I will not even stay out of work when I am sick anymore, just please never spank me like that ever again!"

He smiles to her, "Baby, I am sorry that I had to spank you like that. It hurts me to see you in pain like that, but you and I both know that you deserved every lick you got." He lays her on her stomach, putting a heavy dose of cream on her bottom, letting it soak in. "Now, I am gonna go take a shower while that cream soaks all the way in. I expect you to lay there and let it soak it without messing with it."

"Yes Sir." she said to him smiling. "Thank You Love for this."

"you are very welcome My sweet girl. I love you and I will always care enough to correct you." He says as He strips in front of her.

Part 12

she watches Him as He strips, smiling at His sexy body. she feels herself getting wet by just looking at Him. He walks to the bathroom, leaving the door open and turns the shower on. she starts to reach her hand up to her bottom, watching Him to make sure He wasn't watching. she rubs the sit spots, helping the cream rub in as He steps into the shower. As the shower steams up and He can't see, she rubs it in more, making sure to leave enough so that He can't tell that she did it.

As He gets into the shower, He peeks a look at her, seeing her rubbing. He smiles and steps on it, deciding that she is gonna get by with it this time because He is ready to make love to her once He gets out of the shower. He laughs at Himself, taking a shower, just to get dirty again. But He wants to be nice and clean for her. Then T/they can take another shower together. He finishes His shower and gets out quietly, watching her.

She doesn't hear Him getting out of the shower as she has started touching herself, making herself even wetter. He tiptoes over to her, and swats her legs and she jumps.

"I thought I said no touching baby?" He says to her laughing, going over and helping her rub the cream into her bottom.

she gasp, not knowing she had been caught until then. "i am sorry baby, I just wanted to hurry the cream up, was getting turned on..."

He smiles "As I want it to hurry up too, I am ready to make love to my loving, caring, obedient wife." He says to her, rubbing the last of the cream in.

she smiles back to Him "And I want to make love with my wonderful, loving, caring husband."

The End.
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