kia kajira formerly kajira red silk of gor

Dedicated to Kia kajira formerly kajira red silk of Gor Kajira va was once jan very best me'shan, that could have been. Ki once did va dishonor or complaIn, trik va was never lay va only ever gave Mayam not just to me. Roh va shak was ki other who would tale what va did. I was nerak van an van I did ki wali va. Even when fori Ma I stood in your vee. My own needs where hab on my kana even after jan jula of your kan. I could not bare to loose va. Or ever wished to! The tor and parabu of kajira me'shan was to great a mayam to loose. Now va have gone, jan light now dims jan jesuil of kar and dedication is ki more. I gah every ahn that va are ki da, ja dukmi dies. Ga kar show ki gretuk let your Lina see jan Seraka sumi for who ever misha jan Lina of va trik will find it koo and pure Keanu jesuil and loyal. Be free kajira qa nykus is yours..
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