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I was conversing with an awesome person here on xhamster who was curious about other's sexual experiences and how they got introduced to the world of sex. I answered with this to start:

When I was about 6 my neighbors were my best friends. The girl was my age, the boy about a year older. He would have his friend over sometimes. The boy was m*****ed by his uncle and would always be trying to rip my clothes off and attempt to "****" me. His parents always stopped this. It seemed to be a game to him, as he never tried when he could have gotten away with it. Anyways… the two boys, and us two girls showed each other our "down there"s one day. Their junk flopped around and us girls said, "Ewww!"

I learned a lot about sex from television and movies. I did not have a very censored upbringing. I would watch anything I wanted on cable in the basement. I always loved how sex looked and wanted to do it, from a very young age. I began masturbating on my own around 9. I would lock myself in a room and do it for hours. My favorite way was humping. I would put something like a scrunch in a pillow, straddle the pillow and ride the little bump, dry humping till I had an orgasm. I did it a lot, for the next few years.

By far the best sexual exploration I did was with my girlfriends. I read that this is a very, very common thing and most young women experiment sexually with each other first before they do with boys. As a very young person, maybe 7 or 8 I was already sexually attracted to women- both genders were hot to me. Blame it on the movie The Labyrinth, with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. Both of them made me want to have sex with them! lol

So, a game my girlfriends and I played when we were about 10-12, we called it "acting"… One person was the victim and the other was the r****t. There would be a scenario like walking home in the dark or something. The r****t would grab the victim and f***efully "rip" her clothes off (no clothes were removed), slap her, shake her, hit her (all too gentle to hurt, just play acting), and hold her down. The victim would pretend to be crying and screaming and refusing her captor. We would lay down on the bed and pretend to fuck. We'd be rubbing clits through our clothing, and go at such a pace that both girls would cum. It was pretty hot, and we knew we were doing something others would think were wrong, so "acting" was a big secret. It was between myself and two other girls that did it.

That ended in 6th grade. In 7th grade I was a devout christian and would not do sexual things with my boyfriend- he dumped me on my birthday for a slutty girl who would do more than kissing and making out. By 8th grade I was out of my christian phase and met an older boy through my crazy friend. She was bipolar and would always be running away from home, doing d**gs, screwing much older men, like up to their 30s and 40s. She thought she was the shit.

Well, she called her boyfriend from my home one day. He called me not long after because it was the number she called from. But really, he knew I was her friend and he wanted to get to me too. I would later learn that he preyed on virgins, especially younger girls like me. Somehow, over the phone, using his voice and powers of manipulation, he convinced me to finally meet him to lose my virginity. Keep in mind, I am 13 and he is 17.

We planned it all. On a school day, I skipped and took the bus the hour to his place. He met me, walked me to his dump of a home he lived in with his dad. He took me to his basement room and fucked me all day. There was some bl**d and discomfort, but for the most part I was hooked, he had me wanting to have sex all the time.

Somehow, my eerily obsessive dad figured out where I was, and there was a persistent knock upstairs, and he was saying he would get the police and come back if he had to if he wasn't let in. I was pretty much naked, and hid in the basement room that had the water heater, just behind it. Not any real cover. My father barged in to search for me, the young man let him, saying I was not there and hadn't been. My father searched everywhere but for some strange reason when he went in the room I was in, he missed me. I though I would die, being caught naked the day I lost my virginity by my father.

When my parents did come pick me up, they were freaked out and my dad took me to the hospital for a **** examination. I was all the way up on an exam table, crying and begging them to take me home and insisting I did not have sex, when my dad gave in and they took me home. Close call!!!

I never saw that boy again. The next boy I screwed would be my puppy love and the man I married and had a son at just 15 (preggo at 14). We were so obsessed with screwing, we would forget to show up when it was time to get a ride, getting in trouble for that.

We would fuck anywhere we could- because we couldn't at our homes. Behind some bushes was where we first did it. Another time he snuck in my window and stayed with me all night. We found this bridge and a tunnel which stayed dry in fall and winter, we would go inside there and screw. We found a room that street k**s used to be able to access to wash laundry and he screwed me on the washer. We screwed in the hallway behind a movie theater when we were supposed to be watching the movie. Best of all- while my father was at basketball practice at church and we were wandering around we managed to screw in abandoned rooms at church, in the crawlspace, in the nursery bathroom and in the actual baptismal pool where people were baptized!

Posted by Missy_X 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Damn. Thanks for sharing such HOT memories.
2 years ago
You are awesome. Post more. Post more and more....
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing. That was some experience.
2 years ago
wow. that was quite a start for you.
2 years ago
my kind of girl