Pussy Worship

Here is my story to answer a curious person on my blog at ifounddaddy.tumblr.com:

smallwhiteguy asked: yeah i think u should let your friend your worship your pussy and how is your friend going to worship your pussy? did the guy fuck u really good? [He is referencing another guy I fucked earlier that day in the second question.]

Me: Thanks for keeping my tumblr fresh with some stories I might not have told, and drawing all the details out. You are in for some loooong answers.

Well, turns out that I did see my friend. How does he worship it, well, he starts by letting me sit on his face and take a little ride on his tongue. He is a very hungry wolf… to say the least. He says every time he masturbates (5-6x per day) he thinks of eating my pussy. And banging it out with me too. He could fuck all day and night and I believe that. He had a schedule in mind, it included some naps and eating time of course.

After I rode and gushed cum continuously on his face as long as he wanted, till my thighs finally got a bit tired, he pounded me. He made me cum again, and I felt like he made me squirt, because his magical dick filled me up so much he was pressing everything in there, lol. He says it’s 9 to 9.5. He says my body is built for how he was fucking me. Some girls can’t take all of him, he’s “too much”.

He ate me some more while I laid back, he fucked me some more, all in all, I like his style. He works harder than anyone I have ever met, evar. His work sure does pay off too! He has such physical strength and stamina and technique but most of all he has enthusiasm which makes all those things that much more intense. I wanted to tell you everything about this because I sort of think it is herstorical.

He made me cum so fucking hard several times and often to that point where it is just wave after wave after wave of orgasm with no end in sight. I don’t stop someone if that is where they are going, I ride it out and sometimes end up going places I never thought possible. He drove me absolutely insane and I seriously am blown.

However, I often need rough sex. That was sort of nasty love making, and so damn hot but I need my hair pulled and to be slapped, and to have all manner of unspeakable things done to my body. And he wouldn’t ever do that to me.

I never once had to suck his cock. What a change. lol. Think I did last time just to sort of say “Howdy do!” to such a big member.

I said at one point how he sure likes to milk the cum out of me, doesn’t he? “Mmmphmm!” he eagerly replied from somewhere under me. Ooh, and he wishes I had milk for him to suckle, which about drove me mad.

He worships my thighs, softness, and now, it seems, my personality. I have done this with him once before, and he knows it is a special arrangement. However, he is overly enthusiastic about me.

My VERY favorite line of his was, “You’re such a hard worker, and I think that’s so sexy!” and he even went on to talk to me about what “tremendous respect” he has for me. I think he dreams of spiriting me off to costa rica to live a life of beachcombing, fucking, cooking & eating. So, even though we have an arrangement, I didn’t realize how intense he was about me until now. I might have to end the arrangement, even though he is so skilled. He is totally having warm, gushy feelings about me now.

He and I have a trade worked out. So, we are both pretty happy now. He fucks like an advanced race of breeding champions. So all in all, that was the best part of today.

The guy earlier and I have a different arrangement and he only ever has time for a quickie. He pounds me okay but it just gets going and has to be done. He gets points for how he fondled me from behind to work me up and had masterful fingers and hands for proper groping and fondling of breasts.

Guess everyone has their good points!

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man how i would love an arrangement with you! im in arvada