dorm mate series, Minka part 1

Dorm mate series: Minka Part 1

Prologue: I had a lot of fun crazy wild roommates in college. This might have been the most frustrating experience, but one of the best.

Preview: I was getting fed up. She has kissed me, sucked and touched my tits slept with me naked and now didn’t care if she tasted my girl gunk. I started to feel bad about all the guys I teased in the past, and than I remembered I was pretty easy.

Fringing or fringe is a term not a lot of people have heard of, I even know a few straight up lesbians who never heard of it. I only know it simply because I had two girlfriends who grew up in the UK and in Europe, I guess it’s rather popular there. The term fingering in the UK is more popular than masturbating, so it’s a combined word of friend and finger.
It’s basically when you masturbate when another woman, but you are in very close proximity, if you both have big boobs they probably will touch at some point. Many times one girl might have her leg over the others.
For whatever reason it’s popular in the UK. My one friend who first told me about it basically said it’s a play date or your pussy, or as she would say twat. You bring a new toy over and show her how it works and find out what she thinks of it.
It’s also sort of a how too, you are suppose to peak over at the other girl and see what she is doing. It’s not just simply two women who happen to want to get off and are stuck in the same room; it’s about masturbating with another women, having an erotic flare to your jilling off session.
I been told that most women who do this claim they aren’t bisexual, at least according to my friend. When your body does touch, both let it happen but neither are suppose to admit that they like it. It’s kind of like an unspoken naughty thing.
Oddly enough some women do something called “doing tits”. It’s basically just breast play, but the idea behind it is that if you suck or tug on another woman’s nipple it’s suppose to be just helping her out during her orgasm. My friend said it’s hard for Americans to understand since we are in touch with are emotions more. She says you have to have British emotions, you act indifferent towards it.
Please note she went to an all girls school, so honestly I don’t know actually how common this is, but as she says British schools are famous for the invention of the circle jerk and this can be the female version of it. But she will state that she fringed with girls outside of school. There are actually British porn sites that are all about this. I guess it’s about the intensity of it not happening. I believe she told me she did this back in the UK with about 8 or 9 other women and only once it became a straight up lesbian experience. Many of the women who do this are extremely curious about being with another women but aren’t comfortable with someone in their crotch. Wither this is true or not, a lot of British women are leery about letting anyone go down on them.
Luckily for me, or I should say my roommate Minka who was from the UK I knew something about this practice. Minka was a punk rocker, a lot of people thought she was an emo chick, but the British are still stuck a few phases behind us. She would get annoyed if people asked her if she was an emo girl.
She had bright pink dyed hair and even went as far to dye her pubic hair the same exact color, now that’s commitment. I knew her d****s matched the carpet within-I don’t even want to say five minutes of meeting her as my dorm mate. I’m pretty bold girl, but this chick had a set of preverbal balls on her. We did the whole hello I’m Missy and Minka thing, and to be honest I was rather shocked that my roommate was this pink haired British chick, it was something I wasn’t expecting. I thought to myself if I turned out the lights would her hair glow.
Minka was very pretty and had a great body on her. Yet I wasn’t thinking about her body, bright pink hair was all that went through my mind. So instead of staring at her blankly I decided to put my clothes away so she wouldn’t think I was giving her the freak show look. Yes I know I’m very nice.
I look up as I’m putting something away, what it was I forget. I see Minka pulling down her booty shorts crotch towards me and there it was, her pink haired vagina. I didn’t really get a good look at it, it hit me that it was strange that she was so open with her nudity and of course that her pussy wasn’t just pink on the inside. She kept talking, what she was saying I have no clue, I was in awe. She kept talking as she put her jeans up and gave them a tug when she got to her hips, with no panties.
This is something what I would have done, meeting someone and having my vag face forward as I changed without missing a beat while speaking. As soon as her jeans went up I really didn’t think much of it, you are going to see your roommate naked and hopefully in some compromising positions if she is any fun at all. To see her cooch in under five minutes was a new one for me.
Over the next three days I found out that Minka was an inconsiderate loud mouth, foul speaking, hard drinking, super slutty horny as can be perv. Needless to say I loved her right away.
Minka slept in the nude and liked to orgasm before bed. Generally I would have a wide on and join in, I always found an orgasm before bed helped me go to bed. In fact 98% of the time I cum before bed. I took care of myself during the day. Plus I found during college I was more prone to watching girl on girl porn, I guess my pervy side while in the locker room always got the best of me. It was like a free peep show. I include porn as a masturbation aide more times than none. Oddly enough I was tired the first week of college, but I respected that she took care of her sexual needs and approved of her not caring what I thought.
I didn’t join a sorority for the sole purpose of sex and orgasms. Five to eight girls in a room doesn’t provide you with much privacy, and I value my privacy. I don’t mind boinking in front of a cool roommate, but with that amount of estrogen flowing you will always have a prude.
If I don’t cum every day I’m bitch. My daily goal was to cum before I actually did anything of note; I built my schedule around having an orgasm whither it be from a person or high fiving myself.
I like to think Minka really appreciated my behavior when it came to her self serving and being naked or half naked most of the time in the dorm room. We got along great, even though the way she said ass with an “R” (which I refuse to write) did annoy me. Having a friend that grew up in the UK did allow me to understand some of her British slang and more importantly be tolerant towards it.
There was two suites on ever level of the dorm, the RA got one and the other was always up for grabs. They were bigger, and had it’s own shower. Two guys got the room but decided college wasn’t for them so it was up for grabs. I have heard about this before Minka did and already put the bid in, though it was going to cost another 150 dollars a month. I might have jumped the gun, but I figured I could pay the 150 myself if Minka wasn’t able to pay more.
I was on my bed reading a book, when Minka came in from the locker room. She threw her towel on the bed and was shoveling through her draws looking for something to wear. I said something to the effect: “Hey Minka, I put a bid on the suite, it’s like another 150 a month but if you have an issue with it I can cover it.”
Minka turned around and looked up for a minute counting on her fingers. I thought the extra seventy-five dollars might be a stretch for her, but it turns out she was just converting pounds to dollars. “Fuck yeah, I’ll be able to wash my gash out in peace”. She went on to say the girls on the floor must have dirty kooters because she never saw them wash down there.
We were chatting about how great it would be to get the suite, she was making jokes about how we are probably going to have to in their with a mop to clean off all the jizz since two guys had the room.
The whole while we are talking she is topless, which of course didn’t bother me. If you can’t hang around naked with a friend who can you with. Our conversation was still going and all off a sudden her hand goes into her undies. Bisexual or not, it’s a little strange when someone you haven’t had a sexual relationship sticks their hands down and appears to be masturbating.
I think my line of vision started to fixate more on her crotch area it was just so strange. I decided I should address this. I asked her what she was doing.
Minka started to laugh. “Are you are tart?” I knew a tart could sometimes mean a lesbian or a girl that was into other girls. I don’t like to lie about my sexuality but I was getting free shows nightly, and even though she was brash I wasn’t sure if she would be okay with the idea of having a bisexual roommate. Before I could answer she said “One of my best friends is a big old lez. It’s fine if you are.”
I took a chance and told her that I was into girls as well. She really didn’t care, actually she liked it. She said something in a joking form that she doesn’t have to worry about walking around naked without me complaining.
Minka explained she wasn’t touching herself in “that way”. She had a clit stud and said she had “bug cunny lips” and that she has to adjust it or it digs into her. I mentioned I had one but had to take it out because ever time I would cum I would squirt. Her eyes went wide and if possible perhaps her hair got pinker.
“Fuck me, you can do that!? I got mine done because I heard that it makes you gush. We had a whole conversation about squirting or gushing as she liked to call it. I even told her the time I came at thanksgiving, luckily no one really realized what happened. After that I decided it was time to take it out.
She was very impressed how I could actually squirt almost as will. She impressed me right back but showing me her stud ring. She showed off how flexible she was and stuck her leg right out and tilted her other leg side ways, I could see her vertical smile. She did actually have really big lips, her “pink” pussy was very pretty. Her lips along with her well defined slit made it look like she had her cooch wrapped up with a cute little bow. Of course she had to make a joke about not getting me hot and bothered.
Minka asked me if I knew were a “book store was”. I thought she meant the school store. She asked me what Americans called porn shops, mind you Brits use the word shops more than stores. I responded by telling her that we call them a variety of things.
She asked me to go with her and said bi and lez girls always know the best toys. I have an embarrassing amount of sex toys, from pussy pumps, vibrators, and more didlos than I can count. Even in college I had my trusty strap on and arsenal of sex toys.
I decided to let her in on how serious I take my masturbation very serious. I didn’t expect her to use any of my toys but I knew I had a toy still in a box that I neglected to try out. “I told her no need.” I opened my top draw, removed a few pairs of panties and took out a vibrator still in the box. I heard “You little trollope!” followed by a spank on my ass. “You have a enough cocks in here to satisfy a whore house.”
I told her she could have this vibrating dildo that I haven’t used yet, but she was like a greedy k** in a toy store. Wither or not she found something called courtesy or thought I was just a filthy girl, she kept hesitating to touch my collection. When I told her that they were “clean” she felt free to pick them up, though she didn’t ask.
“What does this tinker toy do.” Or “What does this do” she kept asking. Which is kind of a silly question when you first hear it, but one of m or thought I was just a filthy girl, she kept hesitating to touch my collection. When I told her that they were “clean” she felt free to pick them up, though she didn’t ask.
“What does this tinker toy do.” Or “What does this do” she kept asking. Which is kind of a silly question when you first hear it, but one of my jackrabbit vibrators has 17 different modes.
It was the first time I saw Minka a little shy, Minka was a little meek. “Do you mind if I barrow some of your toys, it’s been a while since I had a proper self-session?”. I told her to go for it and tried not to make it a big deal, and left the fact out that this wasn’t the first time my toys played with another vagina.
As she went through and picked out what she wanted to try she turned to me and simply said “Will you teach me how to gush?” I have taught even some straight friends how to masturbate and some of my bisexual girls how to squirt. Honestly the best way to squirt when you aren’t prone to it is to let someone else take over down there, but I was willing to try this out…To be honest I was hoping that all of a sudden she decided to like other women and spend the rest of the year going down on each other and sharing guys. I knew she probably was a firecracker in bed.
Minka got every towel she had and put them on the bed. She had two piles three or four towels on top of each other, as if we were suppose to be right next to each other. “Are we fringing” I said with a coy look on my mug. She had a strange look on her face, cute but strange. “I have to see how you twit your twat down there… I’m surprised you know that fringing is?”
I told her how one of my friends grew up in the UK. She wasn’t interested because she was already on the bed, I already joined her with my weapon of choice and an obscene bottle of lube as my shield ready to battle the orgasm monsters.
Minka was comfortable from the get go. I remember are boobs slightly touching and her leg going over mine. I asked her if she wanted some lube, she made an awkward face because she already inserted a toy into her. “I have rather runny cunny”.
After seeing Minka nude so often, I never noticed how ruff her nipples where. They looked like tire rubber; I knew right away she was into nipple play.
I believe Minka was using a jack rabbit, but more like a dildo. She was wet, I could hear pussy making that slurping sound. I tried to explain to her what you have to do to gush but I think the intensity of the vibrator got to her and she just went to town. When she was about to cum she was half way on top of me. I told her to put a vibrator right on her clit, formally having a clit ring I knew sometimes that did the trick.
She came…That was obvious, perhaps the whole dorm heard her…which trigged my own orgasm which was powerful enough to squirt, but I held back. Over the years I have learned how not to squirt. It takes a lot out of me and makes a huge mess.
Minka started to curse, she knew she didn’t follow directions but admitted to just wanting to cum, yet she wanted to see my squirt. I had another one in me, I warned her I can make a mess, but she became my cheerleader. I was doing myself from the behind so I could explain to her what I was doing and so when I did I wouldn’t get it on her.
I came fast, but held back. I didn’t exactly soak the sheets, but my demonstration impressed her. She kept whining and complaining how she has only done it a few times. Even though it was a light squirting orgasm it still made my head swim, I didn’t really notice her helping me clean up and bringing me to her bed. She opened up her covers and looked at me funny. “Well get in it’s cold?”
“Huh” I probably said still dumbfound from my orgasm. “I’m not gonna make you sl**p in our mess.”
This is where everything got frustrated for me. She put my hand right on the bottom of her tummy, and laughed about how “nice” it is to feel a pair of tits on her back. We feel asl**p quickly, atleast I did.
Minka and I moved into the suite in the next few days and this became a norm for us. She got home rather late and we would go at it, well go at it on ourselves. Things progressed. She told me if I wanted to touch her tits while we did this it was fine, she use to let her lesbian friend feel her up, I declined till she asked me bluntly to suck on her nipple, more like chew. She told me to pretend her nipple was like bubble gum. This led to neck kissing and sometimes a kiss here and there.
I got more frustrated as time went on, since now we had our own shower, we often showered in the morning, she had no problem washing my back and laughing as she smashed her boobs against them, and kind of expected me to do the same.
One night we were watching a porno and she said “If woman doesn’t have a pretty pussy it ruins for me.” She went on to say how she liked to see big bobbed natural women with a big ass (again with the R). In the same night we she was explaining her perfect porn scene the girl on girl scene came on, there is always one. She made a quip about not flipping through it because she knew I liked it. Honestly I think most girl on girl scenes are lame, but she was still going at it and came.
When we first started to share toys, by now I had a few more and she had some as well she asked if she wanted me to make her use a condom on my toy. Now we were at the point where I would switch toys and she would proceed to use something that just has been in me into her own box. I often said “hey I’ll wipe that down.” She gave much of a response.
I just wanted to fuck her! Yes it was fun but between simply masturbating and her intentional and tensional teasing it was getting a little much.
One night she came in like a bat out of H-E double hockey sticks! She took my book out of my hands and started undressing. “I think my I’m going to squirt tonight, big!”
“What’s gotten into you?”

“I was blowing my boyfriends big cock in his SUV while playing with myself, I felt it.”
“You have a boyfriend”

“Kind of, we started dating about two weeks ago?”

“How come I didn’t know about this?”

“Where do you think I been” Minka replied.

“Class.” I said

“That’s only two days a week.”

“Oh okay.” I was a little shocked by this news. “You know you guys can bang here, I can hang out in the lounge”

“We haven’t had sex yet, in fact it’s the first night we did anything major.” She paused briefly. “Black men are huge!”

“He’s black?”

“Oh, you are one of those. It’s just skin color you know.”

“Nooooo I didn’t mean it like that.” I paused. “I been with black guys before.”

“Really now, yeah I can see you doing that.” Every time I got the balls and told someone I been with black guys they always reacted like it was a big deal and very surprised. “My friend said if you ever want a proper fucking get on top of a black pole.”

She went on to tell me how she gagged and couldn’t swallow his cum, she showed me her bra with a semen stain on it, like it was a badge of honor.

We had a lot more in common than I previous thought. Though she was a black cock version, she was into it. She asked me a ton of questions which if I talked about it would be another whole two more pages. I remember her grabbing her crotch and saying she always wanted a porno sized cock, but her little beaver was afraid.

I told her a few stories, some of which I posted. I told her about a few more while we both masturbated. By now I must have masturbated with her 40 times, and yet not squirting on her part.

There we were both going at on ourselves when she picked up a black didlo that was in me just a few minutes ago and was trying to explain to me how rough the blow job was.
I had to laugh. “You know that was just in me.”

“I know! I can taste your cunt juice on it. I tasted you before.”
“When did this happen.”

“I don’t know, I think you didn’t wash a piddle toy off before. Don’t worry you don’t taste bad”

I was getting fed up. She has kissed me, sucked and touched my boob slept with me naked and now didn’t care if she tasted my girl gunk. I started to feel bad about all the guys I teased in the past, and than I remembered I was pretty easy.

All of a sudden she got the bright idea for me to face her. Minka said maybe if she saw it happen close up she could “squirt off.”

“You know, I’m going to get in on you?”

“I don’t give a flying elephant fuck, we have a shower now.”

Five to eight minutes later I’m spread-eagled. I gave her one last warning but she only moved closer. My hips started to gyrate, jump, and twist like I was making up some new dance move. Next thing I knew her body was now her body gleaning with my girl juices. Her nipples had a few droplets fall off, and her hair got a little damp. She had a look of shock and awe, it was rather big gush.

To my surprise she was still going at it, I seen lesbian women get a little perved out by getting a fem facial. “FUCK IT!” She shouted. “You do it, I want to cum like that.”

Minka threw her self back while on her knees, still masturbating. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I dove right in, I skipped any type of fore play because I knew if I could make her squirt right here and there that we would be eating other out and sharing guys for the rest of the term like I said before.

I was so set on making this little pink bitch squirt, that I didn’t take time to really explore her vagina or get a firm handle on her taste. I did that come hither motion on her g-spot and licked her clit as fast as I could.

She became a monster, “Eat my snatch you b-I-t-c-h” she said sounding like she was vibrating. Her hands pushed me deeper into pussy, her hand was on the back of my head. Minka dug her nails into my head and sort of lifted me up like one of those claw games. She took over and said “I’m fucking squirting keep your head there.”

Gush out of gush came out of her pink haired pussy. It was thick, not creamy, but thicker then normal girl juice. She kept saying “take it take it” before shoving my face back down there. She totally soaked my hair, it was dripping onto my back.

She got up, her knees were trembling and fell on me, but pushed her way down to my own pleasure spot. I came in about a minute; finally this pink haired punk rocker gave in. I didn’t return another squirting orgasm.

After I came, Minka crawled on to of, both of us soaked in girl cum. She laid her head on my breast and laughed a little. “I guess I know why guys like to cum on our faces.”

We kissed almost the entire ten minutes, but honestly lying in two big girl loads, more so when your hair is soaked in it makes you want to take a shower. It took her a minute to get her balance before we could walk to the shower.

Again we kissed, I felt her jab a finger into me, I knew she would need some training. “I always wanted to do a threesome, might be a good idea if we do it with my boyfriend, I don’t think I will be able to finish.”

The night ended, I think we had every intention of exploring each other more, but we were tuckered out. We got into bed and I asked her if she was serious about doing a threesome.

“Fuck, we just fucked. Yes.” She yawned. “Maybe we should go to the lingerie store and buy the same outfit.” With that said she pushed her tits on my back and cupped my pussy and went to bed.

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1 year ago
Fun story (check my vids, have some fringing) and really felt like I was there! Bravo!!!

So, now I have stories to read, in addition to questions to answer, videos to watch, and galleries to peruse...*sigh* sure are a handful, Mizz Missy!!!!

Thank you ~ ~ ~
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
Super sexy! Check your messages please. :)
2 years ago
Hey Missy! Loved your story.
Check this out and let me know what you think:

Keep smiling!
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That was awesome my dear
just loved it
2 years ago
This made me tingle
2 years ago
When will you be posting part 2?
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very hot, thx!
2 years ago
Loved the story Missy - learnt some new terms as well!! Two girls lying together, slightly touching, and masturbating but not having sex with each other is a fantasy of mine, so you really !"touched the spot" so to speak!!

I had to take a couple of times to read it all, if you understand my meaning.........but what surprised me was that you were able to just masturbate together so many times before you actually had sex with each other - you must have been well and truly frustrated I would have thought.

Finally, you might like to have a look at a couple of my stories, a bit more "basic" in the language, but several women have enjoyed them, so you might too.
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Thanks Missy, Tim xx
2 years ago
I do not know hey I like it and the guilt of sex can be so real like after all this bed time shower time floor time study hall flashing each other is it love or just fucking
2 years ago
very hot and naughty a real turn on loved it
2 years ago
like it!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Nice messy sexy story, Missy! ;-)P - porn poet Pete
2 years ago
Very hot story. ;o)